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PostPosted: Thu 09 Apr 2009, 10:23    Post subject:

Our youngest is asking for SuperTux 2, he says it is a lot more fun (he has played it online), is that available?
PostPosted: Thu 09 Apr 2009, 01:45    Post subject:

You should have sound I think, check if you can turn it on in options.
PostPosted: Wed 08 Apr 2009, 23:03    Post subject:

It worked! Thanks!

"OpenGL not supported" so no sound ...

Fine with me as it gets old real fast but if they put on headphones they prefer the sounds.
PostPosted: Wed 08 Apr 2009, 16:09    Post subject:

OK, now I will have 6 of them! Smile

Thanks, will grab that and give it and the a try together.
PostPosted: Wed 08 Apr 2009, 15:56    Post subject:

I use this one:
PostPosted: Wed 08 Apr 2009, 15:44    Post subject:

I have 5 SDL's.

One includes the word "image" in the name, two include "mixer" in the names.

There is one simple, is that the one I should use?
PostPosted: Wed 08 Apr 2009, 02:17    Post subject: should work if you have SDL installed
Ver, 0.3 is developmental still, I did manage to run 0.3.1 from debian packages, but it needed lots of dependencies. Still, once installed it worked smooth.
PostPosted: Tue 07 Apr 2009, 21:59    Post subject:

OK, the children have a more specific immediate request - SuperTux.

I have at least 4 versions - which would be best to install under 4.2, please?


The laptop I'd most like it to run on is an old Panasonic Toughbook CF-27 which is WAAAY faster under 4.2 but hs limited resources: mobile Pentium MMX (System Info says 265.27MHz 531.16 BogoMips), 158MB ram
PostPosted: Tue 07 Apr 2009, 20:11    Post subject:

Anyone tried the many games posted here under 4.2?

Just upgraded two laptops and a desktop from 4.12 to 4.2
PostPosted: Mon 02 Mar 2009, 02:39    Post subject:

SpideyLinux solved the same Mega Mario problem with installing additional SDL libraries, see here
PostPosted: Sun 01 Mar 2009, 06:28    Post subject:

The only SDL package needed for mega mario is this one:
(Right Click -> Save Link Target as...)
After installing that it should run fine. Which SDL package did you install?
PostPosted: Sat 28 Feb 2009, 22:48    Post subject:
Subject description: missing dependencies

PostPosted: Sat 28 Feb 2009, 17:52    Post subject:

I'll take a new look at all of that - been in and out and all around with OpenGL and SDL so am no longer certain what is and isn't present! Smile
PostPosted: Thu 26 Feb 2009, 00:44    Post subject:

Lobster I downloaded the tar.gz file, clicked on worldofgoo file but It won't execute. I have bad luck running games.

Make sure you have OpenGL if required and SDL (whatever that is)
also (I am sure you know this) make the program executable (right click from rox and then permissions)

Some of the flash games can be great fun Cool
PostPosted: Wed 25 Feb 2009, 22:31    Post subject:


I'm not sure about the dependencies, but I had the same issue on a new install. After loading SDL libraries, it worked.

I'm still learning Puppy, the other thing was that I finally installed an NVidia driver and enabled direct rendering/3d accel? (I guess they are the same thing).

After those two items, Goo ran.
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