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PostPosted: Sun 10 Mar 2013, 07:56    Post subject: This is a Premium Day ! ! !
Subject description: Today's first use ever of the LazY Puppy Easy Online Updater

Hello, dear LazY Puppy Users!

Who ever, where ever and how many ever you are...

Today we have a premiere, the premiere of the first use ever of the LazY Puppy Easy Online Updater (Automated-Update)!

I have uploaded the first update package for LazY Puppy 2.0.2-005 which includes fixes and modifications on the Remaster Suite, Menu Suite, LazY ECo and: the Easy Online Updater - plus a new feature: the Favorites Manager (managing entries in menu Favorites).

So, if you don't have set the Easy Online Updater for automatic search, go to the LazY Puppy Menu and check for it - it will be worth it.

You will get online information to the Update Package and also a screenshot of the new Favorites Manager - just select the PET and click on the buttons for Info or Image.



@ eyes-only & greengeek
Thanks for your nice words, it's much appreciated over here. Smile

@ vicmz
Sorry for the delay, but I'm currently working very hard, so all possible actions on future translations of LazY Puppy has to delay...

But just to say: at a first step i wouldn't need a translation of standard puppy applications - first step should be to translate the specialized LazY Puppy Applications like Remaster Suite, Menu Suite, so, everything that is NOT in a usual Puppy - which is a lot (you did already some like LazY FReD).
PostPosted: Wed 06 Mar 2013, 08:22    Post subject:  

I fully agree with greengeek: Congratulations are in order for your great success here RSH ( and others who likewise helped ) in this wonderful project in furthering Puppy as you have done.

Congratulations for a job well done! -big applause!-


"L'Peau-Rouge d'Acadie"
PostPosted: Mon 04 Mar 2013, 14:09    Post subject:

Congratulations! Great effort!
PostPosted: Mon 04 Mar 2013, 13:32    Post subject:



I will reply to your post a little later. First I have to do a

Short Report from the German LazY Puppy Development
The success of about 16 months work

On Fri 25 Jan 2013, LazY Puppy has been installed on 6 Computers at the Realschule Lemgo in Germany. German Forum Member der-schutzhund (like the-security-dog) is a teacher at this school and his intention is to use Puppy Linux as a possible full replacement for Windows. He was trying to do this approximately since the end of 2010 or the beginning of 2011 and has chosen to change from 431-de to LazY Puppy on Thu 29 Mar 2012
nachdem ich nun über ein Jahr versucht habe alle meine Programme mit 431-de zum Laufen zu bringen werde ich auch versuchen auf dein Lazy zu wechseln,

RSH translation wrote:
After I've been trying for more than a year to get all my programs to work in 431-de, I will also try to use your LazY Puppy,

This has been the beginning of the development of LazY Puppy 2.0.1 - right after releasing 2.0.0 incl the new Menu-Suite. The beginning of SFS P.L.U.S. and the logically next step of the LazY Puppy main SFS handling from version 5.2.8-4.

On Fri 22 Feb 2013 he submitted a post in the German forum including some Information from his work with and on LazY Puppy at home and at the Realschule Lemgo

Inzwischen haben insgesamt ca. 100 Schülerinnen und Schüler der Jahrgänge 7 bis 10 damit gearbeitet. Keiner hat es geschafft, das System zum Absturz oder zum Aufhängen zu bringen!

RSH translation wrote:
Meanwhile, a total of about 100 students from classes 7 to 10 have worked now with LazY Puppy. No one has managed to get the system crashing or to hanging up!

LazY Puppy is now installed on 20 Computers and he submitted two Main Problems!

1. The single mouse click on Desktop-Icons and Files in Rox
2. The Linux Filesystem Structure ( /mnt/sda1 instead of C )

Ok, I can live with that Laughing (btw. thanks a lot to 01micko, playdayz and all who did help to get the Lucid up to build 004). Smile

In den letzten Jahren habe ich mich genau auf 2 Puppys festgelegt: 431de und Lazy. Das war genau die richtige Entscheidung!!!!

RSH translation wrote:
At the last years i was "hooked" on to two puppies: 431-de and LazY Puppy - and i was right!!!!

Meanwhile he has connected all 20 Computers to a LAN (Network at School) and has integrated an automated update function. If a Computer is shutting down, it searches on the main pc for new files, copies these files to the local pc and shuts down. At the next morning all Computers will boot up updated always with the newest version - automatically. Just doing a remaster and make one single copy to the main pc!

He did solve this within the last days with some help from vovchik, rcrsn51 who has been already a great help when trying to get network printers to work in LazY Puppy, and some further forum members.

Ok, one more quote:
Ich habe für mich mein Puppy gefunden und nutze es täglich im Unterricht mit Schülern von der 7. bis zur 10. Klasse!

RSH translation wrote:
I've found my way to my puppy and I do use it every day at school, teaching students from 7th up to 10th Class!

Yes, me one is using it every day as well. At home, at my drumming room and at my lovely girl friends home.

So, guys, girls, members: we do have a Puppy Linux Derivative here, successfully developed to a stage of usability and functionality that has made it worth to be used at a German Government School and as a (possible) replacement for Windows.

LazY Puppy 2.0.2 build 0.0.5

That's our work!

Our great work and shared help and knowledge on this so wonderful to have here forum!

It will hopefully be useful to make Puppy Linux in general a bit more popular... Question

PostPosted: Sat 02 Mar 2013, 20:01    Post subject: Re: LazY Puppy 2.0.2-005 Development finished
Subject description: Working on LazY Puppy 3 - currently my private Version

R-S-H wrote:

I'm still working on LazY Puppy 3 (108 MB ISO), but this one might never been published (if I don't find translators for French and Spanish Languages)

I'll do what I can to help. Since many translations aren't too different between Puppies, I can copy and paste what is the same and edit what is different. Unless, of course, that you're planning a new release based on Puppy 5.3 or later, in that case all what is needed is adding to the official Puppy langpack the translations that are unique to LazY PuppY, that's how some derivatives made it to the Hispanic community with some success (Lxpup, Dpup Exprimo, Precise NOP, ToOpPy, Upup Precise). If you're using a Lucid base, rodin.s has gettexted many scripts from Lucid some time ago, you may want to examine them (note that almost all of those scripts share the same TEXDOMAIN, I think it is better to use individual TEXTDOMAINs because one po file for all scripts is problematic in case the file gets corrupted, individual files save time from having to start all over again the translation of thousands of lines). You can also port Momanager to LazY PuppY like sc0ttman did for Akita Linux, if you are interested you can send a PM to him (it is not absolutely necessary to port Momanager, but it makes things a bit easier for translators). Once you setup a translation framework, those who wish to have your derivative in a language that is not available can translate to the new languages by themselves. It is important that the translation framework remains in and the resulting langpack is compatible with future versions, for example users who speak Italian and Portuguese collaborated in translation projects of former versions of Puppy, and then when a new version was released they were disappointed to see that for that unique version they had to start the translation process all over again, that's why currently there isn't much interest in translating Puppy to those languages, even if their specific threads make explicit mention of BarryK's current internationalization framework.
PostPosted: Sat 02 Mar 2013, 02:15    Post subject:

cthisbear wrote:
Smiley face from me to >>> R-S-H

but don't tell me mum that I'm being nice.

Cheers mate...... Chris.

Thank you very much Smile , and don't worry - I'll keep it as a secret! Laughing
PostPosted: Sat 02 Mar 2013, 01:13    Post subject:

Smiley face from me to >>> R-S-H

but don't tell me mum that I'm being nice.

Cheers mate...... Chris.
PostPosted: Fri 01 Mar 2013, 16:49    Post subject:

Hi, everyone.

Thank you for all your kind works!

Do I need to install first or should this work live too?

Yes, it is strongly needed to install LazY Puppy either on USB Flash, USB HDD, or internal HDD.

LazY Puppy is different to any other puppies - especially in the case of using it from Live CD.

The downloads are predefined to be stored automatically into the LazY Puppy boot directory (do mount boot partition first). You can do a right-click on a .xcf (GIMP Image), choose to open it with GIMP 2.6.12 and it downloads the GIMP SFS, loads the GIMP SFS, executes the GIMP Application and loads the Image ! ! !

But you can never use the LazY Puppy full featured without to install it on USB Flash, USB HDD or internal HDD!!!



Do mount the CD drive before starting to install LazY Puppy and if you do remaster, mount LazY Puppy boot partition first to remaster and build the iso; it remasters without CD or mounted ISO, just needs to mount the boot partition!

If you do remaster without monted boot partition, it remasters only the xxx.sfs file - NO ISO is made then, though it's not necessary, if the new OS is not renamed at remastering
PostPosted: Fri 01 Mar 2013, 15:27    Post subject:

Thanks RSH - It looks excellent. I have downloaded 202en005 and am trying it live. I was able to connect to my wifi without problems, but when I try to use firefox or seamonkey it attempts to download them, appears to be successful (I can watch the byte count increasing in the console display), then says that it "failed to download them from the web".

Do I need to install first or should this work live too?
PostPosted: Fri 01 Mar 2013, 05:09    Post subject:  
Subject description: Glad to see you back RSH!! :)

I'm glad to see you back RSH and that you are back to developing your LazyPup, etc. You were missed on the forum. I hope that from here on out it will be smooth sailing and that all will go well. Many of us appreciate the work that you do for the Puppy Community - unfortunately we don't express this thanks nearly often enough ( if at all for that matter ) so that development work can oft-times seem to be a very thankless job. Just forge ahead realising that many truly do appreciate your efforts - as well as the efforts of other contributors to Puppy - even if they fail to express that thanks.

Well... I guess this ol' Native American has said more than his two pieces of wampum. lol!

Once again: Good to have you back RSH! Cool


"L'Peau-Rouge d'Acadie"
PostPosted: Fri 01 Mar 2013, 02:51    Post subject: LazY Puppy 2.0.2-005 Development finished
Subject description: Working on LazY Puppy 3 - currently my private Version


all files are again available to download.

All Links are reactivated!

Development of LazY Puppy 2.0.2 is now finished - Build 0.0.5!

I'm still working on LazY Puppy 3 (108 MB ISO), but this one might never been published (if I don't find translators for French and Spanish Languages).
PostPosted: Sun 24 Feb 2013, 10:44    Post subject: update and bugfix for variomenu
Subject description: update and bugfix




PostPosted: Sat 23 Feb 2013, 17:45    Post subject:

old text that is not true anymore. Teh iso is now
where RSH tells you. Look further down or first post
PostPosted: Sat 16 Feb 2013, 15:01    Post subject: Re: Lazy Puppy Based Lucid 528
Subject description: Data base Collection

Pelo wrote:
I am trying it with Tellico, found in LegacyOs. I was believing that Tellico was In Lazy Puppy too. No.
Can I find something similar in Lazy Puppy.
Pelo: it looks like Lucastar and kooliepup are into that kind of thing. Did you see this post: it's worth PMing them?
PostPosted: Sat 16 Feb 2013, 14:53    Post subject:

Hi RSH/puppytutorial,

I am sorry to see you go, and I hope you can come back to help us again sometime in the future.

I really wanted to put LazY to use on a full-featured music PC for my son to use but I was too slow to keep up with your fast development (and the language barrier held me back too...). What you have achieved is an awesome piece of work.

I suspect there are many others who, like me, were waiting for "the final english version". Anyway, thanks for the great amount you achieved!
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