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ASRI éducation
PostPosted: Sat 09 Feb 2013, 18:30    Post subject:

@ antilet
Thank you for the link.
PostPosted: Sat 09 Feb 2013, 17:57    Post subject:

ASRI éducation wrote:
@ antilet
Do you have a link to a thread that will allow us to better understand the situation?

Here's the link with the mentioned Posts. It's all in german.
I'm not sure if this is helpful for understanding...
ASRI éducation
PostPosted: Sat 09 Feb 2013, 16:46    Post subject:

@ antilet
Do you have a link to a thread that will allow us to better understand the situation?
PostPosted: Sat 09 Feb 2013, 15:48    Post subject:

As his posting may suggest, he's a victim - he's surely not.
He named other users crackpot and to be stupid, and posted infos other users gave him by PM in confidence.
He may be a very talented guy but he really lacks a good and social behavior.
As you may have noticed, he deleted all the files as a punishment for the evil, evil guys, who not wanted to sing a big glory to HIM.

...just to put it in the right light...
PostPosted: Sat 09 Feb 2013, 12:59    Post subject:

Chez moi on dit :

personne n'est indispensable, et si quelqu'un veut partir, qu'il le fasse !
bonne route ! Wink
ASRI éducation
PostPosted: Sat 09 Feb 2013, 10:03    Post subject:

I agree with Eyes-Only and backi.
I don't know/understand what happened, but I know that your scripts are appreciated by many users.
I hope that your absence will only be temporary.

PostPosted: Sat 09 Feb 2013, 04:53    Post subject:

Hi RHS !

I do not know what happened . .... but sounds sad ..-

I appreciated your " non linear " style and a few of your cool apps and clever insights ... your are a talented guy ...

sounds sad to me ..... please !...." don`t leave us this way " ....

Hope to see you further here on puppy !

Regards backi !
PostPosted: Fri 08 Feb 2013, 21:47    Post subject:  

I'm really very sorry to have read all of this RSH... I very truly am! Crying or Very sad I have really come to enjoy your postings around here on the forum, your very unique insight into solutions and problems that many had with various puplets and programmes - and I always appreciated your help, wisdom, and true dedication to the Puppy Community at large.

Yes, the Community will be suffering a very great loss with your departure.

Are you sure that this is a situation that cannot be resolved by perhaps sitting back from the computer ( a metaphor for "all things pertaining to Puppy" ) for a week or two, if not more in order for a "cooling off period" to ensue? Sometimes this permits the mind to clear and allows us to realise that in the larger scheme of things such problems are truly minor when compared to the true goodness of Puppy globally and how much any and all efforts towards that means/end are appreciated?

I have found this to be true in my case every time no matter how severe I believed the transgression to be at the moment. And I say this because I truly hate to see a valued member such as yourself who contributed so much to be lost. Crying or Very sad This was the German forum? Then why make the majority of we who speak French & English and use Puppy suffer? - or the future generations who would find such work valuable and now won't have a clue because it will over time fall by the wayside?

I guess I've spoken my two pieces of wampum. In case what I have said doesn't change your mind RSH then it has been a pleasure knowing you, gaining further insight into Puppy from reading your threads, and enjoying using your programmes, etc. I wish you much luck in the future my fellow Puppian friend!


"L'Peau-Rouge d'Acadie"
PostPosted: Fri 08 Feb 2013, 21:18    Post subject:


After some strange differences in the German forum between mainly my person and a few German forum members, I have made a decision that unfortunately will involve any other Users of LazY Puppy - even new Users, if there would have been some.

I don't want to work for such guys even if they would pay me 50,- Euro per hour, and so, I don't want to work for them unpaid and unappreciated.

That's why I have decide to remove all LazY Puppy files from my account at I'm sorry for all who will miss now LazY Puppy - your credits are going to those German users.

I will not come back!

Btw.: I'm logged in as puppytutorial, which is a free login-user-option in the German forum, because I have changed my forums password in a non reproducible way, so I can't log in as RSH anymore.




No, I will not remove my applications, attached to the forum ! ! ! They are all free to grab, modify and to re-publish, if you like to do so.
PostPosted: Fri 25 Jan 2013, 08:36    Post subject:

The download was about 20mins for me. It was not going as fast as my connection allows but good enough. The md5 checked out so the download was OK.

Thanks for perservering with getting it uploaded, RSH.

If there are future builds to upload it may be worth thinking of splitting the iso up into chunks of a size that smokey can cope with and we can download it as a zip or rar library that reconstiitues the single file on extraction. I don't know how to split a file like this but have seen it done with other big files offered for download. It would save you some € too.

Now to have a look at this pup ...
PostPosted: Wed 23 Jan 2013, 21:54    Post subject: Download from Smokey's server
Subject description: Download was fast for me

RSH wrote:

Good news.

After around 75/80 Minutes LazY Puppy 2.0.2-005 has been successfully uploaded to (at 44KB/sec!).

I hope this will download faster than upload.


Downloaded the ISO in under 3 minutes
PostPosted: Wed 23 Jan 2013, 21:13    Post subject:


Good news.

After around 75/80 Minutes LazY Puppy 2.0.2-005 has been successfully uploaded to (at 44KB/sec!).

I hope this will download faster than upload.

PostPosted: Wed 23 Jan 2013, 18:49    Post subject:


I don't know what's the reason for this, but if I try to upload to it takes about 90 Minutes (+-50KB/Sec) and it mostly fails after 80 to 90 % of the file is uploaded. Also several times the file has wrong permissions after upload to smokey01, so I have to remove and upload again.

Each day, when I try to upload files to result is a cost of 5,-€ per day - no matter if I'm trying one hour or ten hours or 24 hours.

Small files are always Ok to upload - in speed and in result.

Upload to mediafire takes mostly around 40 Minutes, it checks the file after upload and I've had never a file with wrong permissions when uploading to mediafire. Also: I can use the cheaper Card, which has a cost of 1,-€ per day.

This is the most expensive Puppy ever!

I have tried to upload one hour ago and it fails after 108 MB has been uploaded. Did start a new upload now ---> 44 KB/Sec!!!

I'm sure it will fail again or will set wrong permissions to the file if successfully finished.

Someday's I'm dreaming of erasing the whole Data on the PCs Hard Drives and buying an old 16-Track Recording Machine!
PostPosted: Wed 23 Jan 2013, 17:41    Post subject:

Thanks RSH. You must take into account I don't fully know the ins and outs of Lazy Puppy yet!

I thought it might be interesting to download the recent update. I want the 005 EN iso.

Unfortunately Mediafire is extremely slow and only 003 EN is on smokey01. Any chance of getting the 005 EN iso on smokey01 instead of the 003?
PostPosted: Wed 23 Jan 2013, 12:03    Post subject:

ICPUG wrote:
I like the idea that you are making a complete list of sfs available on the front page of this thread.

LP2_Wine.sfs seems to be missing from the list though!

Yes, at first view, LP2_Wine.sfs seems to be missing. At a second view, not!

Title of SFS List wrote:
Complete List (251 files) of available single sfs files to download:

LazY Puppy has two sorts of SFS Files

1.) The LazY Puppy SIngle SFS Files
2.) The LazY Puppy SFS Suites

The LazY Puppy SFS Suites are the SFS Files from original LazY Puppy 528-4 (the first one). These SFS Files are sorted in Categories and including several applications from the category - like Audio, Video, Office etc.

The LazY Puppy Single SFS Files mostly including single applications - like the Rosegarden or Audacity SFS etc. These SFS Files are from LazY Puppy 2.0.0 and above, when SFS P.L.U.S. and its RunScripts are invented and created.

I will update and add the SFS Suites List to the post.
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