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PostPosted: Tue 26 Nov 2013, 18:05    Post subject:


From your image I can see, you are using the DE version. So, we might better go to the DE Forum for this.

Please post there and include some data, like:

- Type of Computer
- - include data of hardware plus date of construction/build
- Type and version of used USB Stick

You can use PupSysInfo (use View summary report standard) for this.

PostPosted: Tue 26 Nov 2013, 15:22    Post subject: Lazy Puppy
Subject description: Installation on USB

I'm booting from CD, so it mounted from the beginning, I think.
But as you can see from the screenshot [/img], the file manager shows the CD, but there are no icons for any usb sticks.

Today I found even more that there are no network drivers loaded.

Thanks for your help!
PostPosted: Mon 25 Nov 2013, 16:53    Post subject:

Can you please, post a screenshot of your complete desktop with plugged in usb stick?

Got an usb drive icon on the desktop?

If so, mount it before running the installer.

Got used any USB 3.0 stuff?

Won't work.


Got an usb drive icon on the desktop?

If so, mount it before running the installer.

He he, shit.

No, don't do this!

Mount the CD drive !!!

Sorry for confusing...
PostPosted: Mon 25 Nov 2013, 16:18    Post subject: Lazy Puppy
Subject description: Installation on USB


Lazy Puppy looks very good, so I wanted to install it to a USB stick.

I followed the instructions, i. e. made a CD with the ISO.
Booting from CD was okay, then I tried to install Lazy Puppy to the USB stick.
But LP does not detect neither USB sticks (nor any SD cards, only solid disks), so the installation process stopped.

What's wrong? Any hints?

Thanks in advance!
PostPosted: Mon 25 Nov 2013, 15:04    Post subject:

RSH wrote:
the last saviour wrote:
Lieber RSH
I only download this one and found it doesn't work at all.

Ok, I will check this.


I have made some testings and have found out:

- it seems not to work, when the music files are stored inside a sub-directory of the submitted/used directory
- it seems to work fine, when such sub-directory is submitted/used

If this will not work, try to use the original versions (those to install) from rcrsn51.

The SFS is just a collection of those original files with some icons added and .desktop files edited for DE users.
Nothing was changed on the original scripts.
PostPosted: Wed 20 Nov 2013, 15:25    Post subject:

the last saviour wrote:
Lieber RSH
I only download this one and found it doesn't work at all.

Ok, I will check this.
the last saviour
PostPosted: Sun 17 Nov 2013, 04:45    Post subject:

Lieber RSH
I only download this one and found it doesn't work at all.
PostPosted: Mon 04 Nov 2013, 23:59    Post subject:

Ok. Just checked this out.


I should not have done this!

I'm still online with this EN version, as I have noticed yet, the Easy Online Updater is telling me, there is no internet connection available and therefor the search for updates was exited.

Though, it should have found some update packages provided.


Might have to check this later - much later.


He he. That's just somehow funny to use this "long time no seen" LazY Puppy Version in EN...
PostPosted: Mon 04 Nov 2013, 22:07    Post subject:

MochiMoppel wrote:
RSH wrote:
Please, do have a look again into /etc/rc.d and you'll find 3 (three) rc.shutdown files.
As there are:
I'm using this to switch a option to create a save file (if wanted), which is able to be switched on/off by LazY Puppy's Shutdown-GUI.
I used your shutdown GUI. I selected to reboot and I also selected the create save file option: The screen went black and the computer became unresponsive. Had to do a hard reset. Again my point: You replaced a perfectly usable standard solution with a ...OK, never mind.

Coming from the "A vote for a modular use of Puppy Linux" thread.


This could have been possibly a not yet reported bug in the EN version, since I'm developing in DE and then turning it into EN.

Reason of "not yet reported" could have been strictly modular use (as I suggest) by LazY Puppy users or even nobody is using LazY Puppy.

I doubt, it would be the last! Laughing

Ok. Just checked this out.

Booting LazY Puppy 2.0.2-005 EN Version, installing my GPRS USB modem, connecting to the web, loading Firefox 7 and entering murga forum, quit Firefox, doing a reboot (activated option to create a save file in Shutdown-GUI).

Save file was successfully created. No black screen. Reboot offers the Firefox already loaded, online after plugging in GPRS modem and connecting via GPRS connect.

Don't know what was going wrong as you did try this on the your computer.

Currently posting from the rebooted LazY Puppy 2.0.2-005 EN version, previous created save file in use!

/etc/rc.d/PUPSTATE wrote:
#ATADRIVES is all internal ide/pata/sata drives, excluding optical, excluding usb...
ATADRIVES='sda sdb sdc '
#ATAOPTICALDRIVES is list of non-usb optical drives...
#these directories are unionfs/aufs layers in /initrd...
#The partition that has the StArtLPx2save file is mounted here...
#(in /initrd) ...note, /mnt/home is a link to it.
#this file has extra kernel drivers and firmware...
#complete set of modules in the initrd (moved to main f.s.)...
#Partition no. override on boot drive to which session is (or will be) saved...
PostPosted: Sun 27 Oct 2013, 07:36    Post subject:

Yo.... the joy of modularity. I even can share my slax modules with puppy 4 now and even the save is an sfs..... we are obsessed.

You iz not stopping (or hiding so others do the work for a while Wink ) you are evolving

PostPosted: Sat 26 Oct 2013, 22:08    Post subject:


Just for your interest: I have uploaded some new SFS Modules.

LP2_AutoAdjustPhoto_GUI-2.0.sfs - can now work with single and multiple files
LP2_Ease-0.4-full.sfs - a presentation program, which reminds me at powerpoint (needs XorgHigh installed)
LP2_IconFinder-1.4.sfs - latest Version from SFR just as SFS Module
LP2_PEasyMM-Suite-1.0.0.sfs - Audio, Video, CD and DVD Media Suite, containing the Applications written by rcrsn51
LP2_QTGain-0.9.5_i386.sfs - a QT based MP3, OGG, AAC and Metaflac Gain Program


Lots of postings meanwhile happened...

mikeb wrote:
Well have fun RSH.... irrepressable....

I do! Laughing

Markups added by me.
Pelo wrote:
LazyPuppy loaded on precise ?
I usually now load on the fly oldest puppy on recent distros.
I am running lazy puppy with Precise.
Why ? I am far from my home and only wifi works. Lucid cannot connect wifi with my computer, but Precise does.
I only load the Lazy SFS on the fly and with the desktop program, i choose a lazy pup theme and background. The result is a distro in french.

Pelo wrote:
Menus are in french.
As Precise is upgrated with french language, even lazy programs are translated ! Foolish, no ?
Menu is a sum of both distros.

greengeek wrote:
Nice work! How do you get this to work? (How is it possible to run the Precise sfs and the Lazy sfs at the same time without something like virtualbox?). Thanks.

No, I don't think this is foolish - as long as it isn't done while using the favorite personal save file. I did use this "art of using sfs files" first in the beginning of LazY Puppy. Used sfs was the main sfs from Muppy 08.3F (had to convert it to squashfs version 4 first). Did grab some applications from the Muppy for the use in LazY Puppy. Was a good way to figure out, what will work and what won't.

Just run the Puppy and load LazY Puppy's main sfs by sfs_load. That's all.

But not all .desktop files will appear in the menu, because of the specialized LazY Puppy Menu Categories!

All "Open With" entries should be there, so one can use the SFS P.L.U.S. functions by right-click action!

By the way:

This is exactly the way I do usually update my Osiris Studio, which is a LazY Puppy Derivative with XorgHigh, Jack-Audio and all necessary Audio Applications (like Ardour, Audacity, Rosegarden etc.pp.) installed.

When developing I do use my private LazY Puppy which is around 130 MB in size. The Osiris Studio is around 300 MB in size. After development is finshed I do a remaster of LazY Puppy, booting the new remastered LazY Puppy again, loading the Osiris Studio main sfs file by sfs_load and doing a remaster immediately - which works very well, because of the same kernel versions (

sunburnt wrote:
Sorry to hear your variant is gone RHS. And another one bites the dust...

The ISO and SFS files are still available to download and will stay as long as possible. But I will not publish a new version.

To publish a new version is too much work for me to do and would make me responsible in a way, I don't want to be responsible - because: I'm still a newbie and there is these and that what can't be done by myself. Just running out of knowledge...

sunburnt wrote:
I appeal to you to preserve the "details" of what you have created here.
Much custom code has been created for LazyPup that shouldn`t be lost.

It`s truly unique, steps further in development than ChoicePup which came before.

This is exactly what I'm currently trying to do.

By now I do have a 19 MB LazY Puppy SFS file. When loading this sfs file by sfs_load into a fresh clean Puppy, I'm allowed to use around 95% of my private LazY Puppy's functions (which is currently a lot of more than the 2.0.2-005 WebVersion has installed).

The last 5% are added after installing a combined Openbox-Tint2 PET. It would be ready then for a remaster to be named LazY Puppy. Laughing

What doesn't work is the LazY Puppy Boot Options, because this needs to edit the initrd.gz. Though they aren't really needed anymore.

My target is to make the modular concept of LazY Puppy available for any other Puppy (execpt FatDog) just by a SFS Module!

Actually it works really fine, but lots of scripts are still only in DE. So, still much work to do...

Beside this I'm working currently on a WebPage for LazY Puppy and its related stuff (found this option by the LxPup Thread).

sunburnt wrote:
### A newer version based on Raring would be the next step.

# Perhaps a new partner will step forward and offer to take up the banner?
Providing the effort and any new code required to make a Raring variant.

It would seem not too difficult for someone familiar with Pup builder scripts.
Like anything, the first few are the learning phase, and then it`s old hat.

Newer version should then to be build easily by anyone who knows how to load a SFS, doing a remaster and keeping stuff from /etc and /root when remastering - hopefully (works over here already) Very Happy Laughing

So, the user can choose his Puppy (on whatever OS based) to use all of this and I'm not responsible for the issues of the used OS. Just for the SFS's Applications.

If there will be any new Puppy in the future... ... ...

mikeb wrote:
@sunburnt...the neat stuff is used here on a daily basis

Exactly! Laughing

sunburnt wrote:
Puppy is for the most part a one-man-show. Many of them...

Yes, and so is LazY Puppy.

sunburnt wrote:
Doesn`t it seem that cooperation for common good is best?

Could be best, but is not necessary the best generally.

I doubt, LazY Puppy would be LazY Puppy if there would have been a LazY Puppy Development Team or Group.

On the other Hand, some of LazY Puppy's benefits could be possibly way smarter as it actually is, with some more efficient programmers joining such LazY Puppy Development Team.

mikeb wrote:
How much of the ideas in Lazy puppy will actually ever get utilised in precise??

Actually NONE.

mikeb wrote:
Are we off topic


the last saviour wrote:
I'd just noticed a funny calendar in Pwidget.

I remember having this already in September 2012... Laughing

mikeb wrote:
A toast to Lazy Puppy ... I always liked the name

For about one year I did nearly daily think about to change its name. Luckily I didn't do it. Very Happy

smithy wrote:
Sometimes it might be better to programme alone, and my thinking is that RSH could have been sidetracked by comments and suggestions which might have diminished his vision of what the Lazy Puppy system was to be?

This might have happened, when there would have been a LazY Puppy Development Team. Though, while I'm programming alone, I've had almost an opened mind (and opened eyes) to suggestions made somewhere on the forum. What did fit into my vision and/or looked like a useful addition, I did try to adopt to LazY Puppy.


- the User-Modes and Menu-Suite are a result of a suggestion made by diggs
- the SFS P.L.U.S. Applications are a result of a suggestion made by der-schutzhund (it just took LazY Puppy 528-4's SFS Handling to a next level)
- VarioMenu is made by der-schutzhund and SFR


Thanks for all the interesting posts an insights...

PostPosted: Thu 03 Oct 2013, 07:42    Post subject:

Sometimes it might be better to programme alone, and my thinking is that RSH could have been sidetracked by comments and suggestions which might have diminished his vision of what the Lazy Puppy system was to be?

the biggest problem of 'going public' easy to end up pampering to someones pet desires or deal with someones weird mess of a setup that wont work properly.... i see it on such as puppy and slax...probably happens with all the smaller distros...
'my icons want to be 10% bigger' overrides.... 'the devx is broken for kernel module building'. One has to have a suitably selective ear...

Well have fun RSH.... irrepressable....

PostPosted: Thu 03 Oct 2013, 02:40    Post subject:

The all new RSHs LazY Puppy OS and Software Development Web Page
PostPosted: Wed 18 Sep 2013, 14:33    Post subject:

Epic post.

Sometimes it might be better to programme alone, and my thinking is that RSH could have been sidetracked by comments and suggestions which might have diminished his vision of what the Lazy Puppy system was to be?

Them pesky aliens eh.... Wink
the last saviour
PostPosted: Wed 18 Sep 2013, 07:48    Post subject:

Lieber Herr RSH;
I'd just noticed a funny calendar in Pwidget. As you can see the last coloum should be one row up.
I know that LaZy project is finished, but in case you will still continue Pwidget in other release.

This is also an argument to change my focus. I don't want to be responsible for problems and issues that are results of remastering a puppy and/or adding/removing stuff to the OS etc.pp. My responsibility in the future should only be related to the programs developed and published.
---- This is the indication that you need a team work!

Believe me: not a single second was wasted!
---- I believe that. But your time value will be markedly increased if you product is appreciated by a bigger scale of users.

Before I continue I have to correct a mistake, very sorry for this;
From If it's for their personal use that's should be fine.
To If it's for a group of users that's should be fine.

Did this come from an office memo in the Mc Carthy Witchhunt Trials of the 50'
---- Sorry, I've never heard of that story.

the last saviour; Expressing one`s self. And helping others.
---- As God has assigned me to be the Last Saviour, helping others is my duty definitely. Smile
I don't express myself, but I did interpret my 5th dream. God had already created 5 colourful dreams for me. 4 dreams had already become true. And I will not surprised if the last one will be true, it's more colourful than others.
Dreaming is the most important method for divines to give information to somebody since the ancient time. Normal dream is the outcome of data hidden in the subconscious. But because of the limitation of memory and they're going to be destroyed(forgot), all these data are incompleted. So the normal dream is B&W and fragmented, while the continuous colorful dream is going to be true, because some divine creates that dream for you. This is the major method that God gave information to someone in India. Thus many truths are hidden in Hindu scripture. But there are also many mistakes because of the wrong interpretations.
I found this website 3 months ago, firstly it couldn't convince me. But now I believe in some information.
If Rockyfeller's cars are pink and sky blue. Then I believe that the building I saw in my dream is the Rockyfeller building. And they are not ET but chipped.

What makes Debian and Ubuntu work? Lots of folks each doing a small part.
They aren`t one-man-shows, like it is here at Puppy.
But as many say... This is probably all Puppy will ever be.
---- I believe Mint, Fedora, Mandriva and Android also has a team work. Not to mentioned that MS, Apple, Samsung, Nokia etc. hires dozen of programmers. One-man-Puppy is only for a group of users not for the top commercial market level. But team-worked Puppy can achieve the top commercial market level.

Because they vainly hope it will bring in new ideas but eventaully they realise that having it for your own use is as far as you will get.
---- Yes, it will bring the new ideas. But the new ideas can be etiher better or waste of time. I had tried many variants of DM&FM in Linux and found KDE+Dolphin to be better than MS, and XFCE+??? is slightly better than MS.
Should we spend more time to create any new idea of DM&FM to be better than KDE+Dolphin?

Puppy is at the top of it's class for a minimal sized distro. The creativity and innovation shown by the community has been nothing short of phenomenal.
---- But as CPU speed can be double every ~5 years and media storage can be double at a faster speed, there's no significant point to pay attention to OS size and speed. MS has used the same DM&FM for >20 years. Is there any user complain of this old DM&FM? MS only adds more features and fixed those bugs. And users enjoy MS because of the vast variety of softwares and hardware friendly. As you probably know that many Puppy users still use MS because of features of software and hardware support is better.

At last I have to inform you that there's a big knocking of unknown source in my room while I explain about alien in this comment.

Best regards.
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