bwp (browser word processor) (/ its box1 file spun off as box1.1, the emergency word processor (ewp))

last minute edit for ewp--just tested out the download template feature and it seems that no matter what box's Save As button/field is selected, ewp (and possibly bwp) will only download from the first one, so disregard anything that contradicts that. copy and paste the templates, help files and other tools into the first box, customize, name, and download (ctrl a, ctrl c, ctrl work confined to the boxes).

here's the new first box (now the main box):
Text to Save:
Filename to Save As:
Select a File to Load:

rest of the file continues as originally conceived (still worth having as a way to preserve and load the files that make up the bwp--loads faster this way (which i guess is relevant only if you can stand to read html). anyway, i've got little experience with this stuff and none with java, and it now appears i can't use that bit of text and brackets the way i had originally hoped, but here's the rest of the emergency word processor (last file's the most succinct version of the thing as a whole--7k):

[for the ewp (emergency word processor--the all in one file version of the bwp), these links will be dead (though you can open this file up in one of the blank boxes at the end of this page to grab the formatting for links and tables of contents from it) and accompanied by a downloadable versions in the boxes the rest of the document will talk about like they're blank (ewp gets two or three blank boxes at the end--this is the first developmental run of the ewp)

ewp's main interface (box1.1 at the moment--this file) will allow you to download the styles, formatting, and info sheets as well as the other four templates (either set should be enough of a word processor replacement for most jobs, but together they're stronger and will help you make your custom templates more easily).

the general tips in this file are still applicable (tabs spaces are harder than expected to enter; you grab formatting from a tab that you can edit and download as pdf or html--that's the short (emergency) version), but the ewp specific tips that precede the download boxes allow you to make the various templates from one or two base templates.

other versions use serif at line and a half as default, but this one is more school paper oriented, so adjust the 200 to change the line spacing and swap the serif to change the font (use mono or sans, and for single it's 100 percent spacing--150 will put it back at line and a half).

start bwp from /usr/local/bwp:

spell check enabled (spchk)
no spell check (nospchk)
Styles (also help, formatting, and special characters)
Styles2 (help and formatting, updated)

first preloaded box for the ewp is Styles,Scrap2--open in a browser tab after downloading to the location of your choice--it's one of the two main paragraph and formatting pages--also some additional colors and special characters:

Text to Save:
Filename to Save As:
Select a File to Load:

to preload the boxes yourself, look for the text arrow left, arrow right bits (bowties) and paste between them. next box is the original styles sheet (it's also huge compared to the base templates--11 times their size and more than double the updated version's (but they're not mutually exclusive and the first version shows the development and has more of the thank yous and latin diacritics)):
Text to Save:
Filename to Save As:
Select a File to Load:

from /root/my-applications/bbwp:

in this section, instead of working links, the Emergency Word Processor gets the downloadable templates for spchk and nospck--still at line and a half for now:

Text to Save:
Filename to Save As:
Select a File to Load:

no spellcheck, not justified:

Text to Save:
Filename to Save As:
Select a File to Load:

links to templates from earlier versions:
from my apps bin:
from nwp:

copies of those went into usr/local/bwp with

use the styles templates to grab (select or copy) formatting (colors, font, paragraph, etc)
to paste (ctrl+v) or middle click into your working document. copy the u, i, and b from the
underline, bold, and italics bits to have them available from the clipboard (less moving
about between tabs to format your document--those shortcuts vary by clipboard, but the
cut, copy, paste, redo and undo all work as expected).

download your working template/s as html, open and bookmark it/them, and use the print menu to save your work as pdf.

thanks to
for this page's download box, and thanks to this pcworld article for the editable tab code (data:text/html, <html contenteditable>)
the whole thing depends upon. (paste it (without the parentheses) into the address bar of your browser for a wider page view (more of a note-taker as most pasteins won't work as well as in the templates)).


some of my related projects and threads down at what i find to be a friendly and helpful forum,

A NWP/A NWPUS--A Noob's Word Processor and Utilities Suite
nwp32/64.8 uuord processor and ultimatesque utilties pack. updated 1/1/17 (~8mb)

"noop," nwp, anuupus, nwp/pwn, pwp and many similar things referenced in the help/info/grab some formatting files
relate to the above, and vtg, vgt, cauliflower machue, cauliflower mchue and similar relate to the thread below:
Geany as Launcher, Bookmarks Manager, and Word Processor
open programs, files, folders and web sites; reshape and resize windows; process words

an update of an update of a mini version of the nwp (pwp) came from a thread made for one of the nwp's utilities:
Make Concurrent Copies (and optionally label the versions)
now also a tiny word processor (12-99 kb depending on version)

i tried out the ideas here before the above:
Add A JWM Bookmarks Menu or Submenu/Messing Around With JWM
button, menu, key, and tray tweaking

spins~572, p575, and p57577: three spins/updates of Precise 5.7.1
10/2/16: updated and forked as ~6t4.0 (based on tahr64, ~254mb)

here's a link to my repo (pupli repo) and its support thread:
thirty gigs of stuff...
my attempt at putting together a repository

here's a link to a subfolder inside the word processing folder in the repo.
it's a support site of sorts for the nwp and vtg: nwp+vtg

and here's a link to the audio, graphics, video, studio, QT section of pupli repo, just in case
you'd like to hear tubby lou's sick device.

(alter the box templates and/or the html files through a text editor or the box window
(change the name, tweak the colors and formatting, etc)).

---puppus dogfellow, 4/18/18

here's that box again:

Text to Save:
Filename to Save As:
Select a File to Load:

you may find your tab key is locked into browser functions, so to get a tab
space, copy and paste in either of the following two lines:

that should approximate/scale to a tab space (if you like, you can then grab it
from the clipboard (like the other formatting you've selected) so you don't have to
return to the box tab for it).


(last updated 4/26/18)
almost about to paste the box again (it's 5/13) to celebrate the the mini standalone version (bwptmc, which this file will bloat up a bit/give the ability to change the tab tag title (as opposed to file name or what you name it with the internal tag, which may be in fact a completely unnecessary bit of code) and manually force pagebreaks without a text editor. that folder gets these boxes with the code for page breaks displayed in browser view and a few additional tips:

<par style="font-size: 8pt; color:white; page-break-after: always"></par>

in text editor view wherever you want to force a page break.

in additional to using it change the internal names and force page breaks (and do other html stuff, but i'm here most concerned with what you need to make the bwp a replacement for a typical word processing program in the way it's typically used (while being lighter, faster, and at least as reliable as the most reliable)), use

the text field box to change

contenteditable="" from "" or "true" to "false"

to disallow browser editing of the file and/or reverse to toggle it back (it's at the top of the file), or swap in fonts and line spacing not covered (you can triple or quarter space most of the files by swapping 100 for 300 or .25--i just have templates for double, single, and line and a half).

if you don't like the new look compared to 1.3 or the original bwpt/bwptmc, change the font size (again at the top of the file) back to "2rem"--it's set at 1, which makes things more paper-oriented in scale, but 2 might be better suit you, and 3 is a bigger view still (but you can zoom and i like this better so it's the new default).

enjoy and/or find useful!

p. dogfellow, 5/18

(box two is now a bit different and has become the legacy box. and box1 will be replaced by box1.html so it doesn't get picked up as a plain text file when you point a browser to a directory of templates/bwp files (happens in palemoon--haven't tested the phenomenon much).

blockquote template available in box#.html file (use text editor view or upload box.html to box itself. another tip: you can preload templates in the boxes so when you open that webpage you can quickly adjust line spacing, font, name, editablity, etc from it as if it were the formatting menu of working document (but remember to save one and reload the other before you begin working in it or the changes you made won't yet be reflected in the loaded document).

block quote above links back to the source of the formatting.
if you've got the ewp, the links won't work (but you can look up the code by loading this document into one of the boxes or a text editor and use it for bookmarks or a table of contents).

use the styles templates to grab (select or copy) formatting (colors, font, paragraph, etc) to paste (ctrl+v) or middle click into your working document. copy the u, i, and b from the underline, bold, and italics bits to have them available from the clipboard (less moving about between tabs to format your document--those shortcuts vary by clipboard, but the cut, copy, paste, redo and undo all work as expected).

seems i was mistaken and the formatting itself can't be grabbed from the past cut and pastes you've done. an additional point i should have brought up: to make it easier to paste in formatting you may need to add some slots (/returns--press the enter key) to both the areas you paste to and for what you're grabbing from (paragraph formatting more often than not (i'm learning it as i put it together) seems to rely on the line breaks being copied over to work, and even then it may be overridden by the target's formatting. the extra carriage returns are more space to work with and an assurance against grabbing the last bit in a go-to area you've been using. of course, once you copy in a template that represents how you work and what you work on, most of that is done and the only problem becomes the copy-paste you need to do to manually force a page break, and the tab space issue, which essentially (at least at this stage) forces the same thing (though you can ignore it and substitute in line breaks for line breaks with tab spaces in text mode after the fact. an upcoming version will have a template that auto indents paragraphs, or one of the extisting will be adjusted for it).

puppus dogfellow, 5/20/18


^new set of templates that gets spit out with "bwpt" in the terminal.

box1 and box2 are again copies of one another.

saved you an empty download/note-taking box in the middle. this last one for the ewp/box1.1 is the double spaced serif version of the bwp1 versions of this word processor. any can be recreated from this one by adjusting the font and spacing through the box before downloading. use the box to change the name that appears in the tab, the internal name (could be thought of as a prominent comment), force a page break, add custom colors, etc. each from the bwpt is supposed to be a stand alone word processor in its own right, but this file gives you more control and options. download and open in a browser (and optionally, a text editor):

Text to Save:
Filename to Save As:
Select a File to Load:

(you can always blank a box, dowload your input, then refresh the page to get the box content back--all the boxes are potentially still blanks, or can function as such).

basic instructions is adust the name and title(s), download a version (i recommend the last as the smallest possible stand alone), make a copy, and open both with a browser. use one as your main copy and the other to hone formatting and technique, and to adjust for your own custom templates (all but the box tabs are editable--you may find a different layout (more stuff, less stuff) suits you better. download them all and bookmark the directory--wherever they are becomes a quick launch page through the browser tab--you don't need to make links for your own files (though an html file without the extension will likely get picked up as non-edible text window full of code rather than an editable page full of more natural language (that doubles as your formatting tools).

puppus dogfellow, 5/20/18

(just tested last one through palemoon--had to reenter my name choice (don't forget the extension) in the pop up despite filling out the boxes. everthing else worked as expected).
edit two: only need to adjust for font face beyond sans, serif, and mono as i've included those in the sample formatting. spacing is set for double, but the 200's can be find-and-replaced in the box before downloading and the spacing set to whatever you like. (keep the bits you like, delete the rest, save as document or template/tool bar).

puppus dogfellow, 5/21/18

(probably still easier if you swap in a global font choice if using that last one)

... html folder in bwp folder usually has fairly up to date version of the files the boxes download (and i'll try to get a few screenshots in there in the next few days). leaving in old target --use as a template. next version will have the link--those files are older than these, but here's Styles,Scrap2/bwp help and info, which is a sort of online version of styles2 (but much longer and charts changes and musings)(have decided not to make this a hidden comment).

here's the folder with the files (sometimes ahead, sometimes behind):
html and bwp1 subfolders already there, screenies forthcoming



seems only the first box downloads so paste your choices into that one (i'll add a new blank box to the first slot)

sorry for any convenience.

--p. dogfellow