Graphical User Interface to X/Kcompmgr & Transset-df 

    - Functions of buttons and widgets are displayed on mouse hovering.

         'Shaddows & Fades' tab:

        Check/uncheck X/Kcompmgr options. Some pre-configured options can be displayed in and launched from right click context menu of tray icon  (visual effects activated ).
        Changes will take effect after clicking on 'Apply'.

        'Transparence' tab:

        Check/uncheck Transset-df options to be displayed in and launched directly from right click context menu of tray icon (visual effects activated )
        Changes will take effect after clicking on 'Apply'.

        'Tools' tab:

        Manage profiles:

       You can manage as many profiles as you wish. Right click on the available profiles list to open context menu that lets you save current profile or delete any item(s) from.
        These profiles (therefore you can restore default parameters this way) are loaded while clicking on the button 'Load a profile' at the bottom of the window. They are displayed in and can be launched from the tray icon right click context menu (visual effects deactivated )
        Note: Loaded this way, a profile only stays during the session. For it to be loaded definitively, use the button 'Load a profile' then click on the button 'Apply'. Right click context menu of tray icon (visual effects deactivated ) lets user directly launch 2Pfx.
        Per convenience, buttons let user edit directly files that have to be modified to run visual effects/2Pfx. These files should be handled with care and backups are strongly recommended...).

        1) xorg.conf modifications:
        Copy-past (at the end of the file):
Option        "Composite"  "Enable"
        inside Section "Extensions"
        Section "Extensions"
           Option       "Composite"  "Enable"
        ... if this section does not exist.

         2) .xinitrc modification:

#run 2Pfx
if [ -f /root/.2Pfxrun ];then
/root/.2Pfxrun &

... just before:

rox -p /root/Choices/ROX-Filer/PuppyPin

 If you already configured this file to use xcompmgr ou kcompmgr, delete ou comment lines relating to.

#composite & transparency
#xcompmgr -n &


Xlock is known to freeze when xcompmgr or kcompmgr is activated. To turn round this problem:
3) Modification à apporter à /usr/local/apps/Xlock/AppRun:

killall 2Pfxtrayicon;killall kcompmgr;killall xcompmgr; /root/.2Pfxrun &

... at the beginning of the file, just before variables list. Back to your session, activate visual effects again by (left) clicking on the tray icon: =>
(Argolance - Octobre 2011)