Welcome to RSH's LazY Puppy 2.0.2 Final - Menu Categories! 

 LazY Puppy 2.0.2 Final is a very special Remaster of Lucid Puppy 5.2.8-4. 
  - Already built in Applications are updated 
  - New Applications and Development Tools added 
  - Menu refined and restructured 
  - Menu Suite available to edit and configure the Menu 
  - 4 different User Modes available 
  - containing LazY Puppy SFS P.L.U.S. (Powerful Live User System), build and use SFS files 
  - containing LazY Puppy LazY Remaster Suite, to comfortable build a new LazY Puppy Live-CD 
  - 100 SFS files available to download from the web for LazY Puppy 2.0.2 Final 

 LazY Puppy 2.0.2 Final, 15. June 2012! 

 Note: this file has been completely updated and some new Informations added. 

LazY Puppy 2.0.2 Final - Menu Categories

This file includes full Information to the LazY Puppy Menu Categories and its entries in a .desktop file. This information could be found also at /etc/xdg/menus/hierarchy. Do use the names presented at the outer right frame, to set the program (its menu entry) into the desired menu categorie.

Note: LazY-Puppy-Menu is different to the Original-Puppy-Menu.

LazY Puppy 2.0.2 Final - Menu Categories - full List

Menu   (FbPanel, Openbox, IceWM, JWM) Categories

LazY Puppy Original Sub-Menu Entry in .desktop file

Workstation Desktop Settings X-Desktop, DesktopSettings, Screensaver, Accessibility
Desktop Country X-DesktopCountry
Desktop Applets X-DesktopApplets

System Config System, Monitor, Security, HardwareSettings, Core
System Memory X-SystemMemory
System Schedule X-SystemSchedule

Setup Entry X-SetupEntry, PackageManager
Setup Wizard X-SetupWizard
Setup Utility X-SetupUtility

UserModes PuppyUsers PuppyKids, PuppyBeginner, PuppyIntermediary, PuppyAdvanced
UserTools PUserPrefs

Shutdown/Help HelpStuff PupHelpStuff, PuppyHelpStuff
ShutdownStuff PupShutdownStuff, PuppyShutdownStuff, PupMenuRefresh, PuppyMenuStuff

Guides Bash BashGuides, DevelGuides
GtkDialog GTKDialogGuides, GTKGuides
Lazarus ProgrammingGuides, LazarusGuides
Diverse PuppyGuides, AllGuides, Guides
LazY Puppy LazYGuides, LazyGuides

LazY Puppy SFS P.L.U.S. MySpecialPup, MySpecialPuppy
SFS Tools MSPTools, MSP-Tools
LazY Puppy Favorites MyBestPup, MyBestPuppy
Programs MyPup, MyPuppy

Favorites Documentary XFav-Documentary, Documentary
Creativity XFav-Creativity, Creativity
Logically XFav-Logically, Logically
Others XFav-Favorites, Favorites

SFS Applications Suites SFS Suites SFS-Lazy, SFS-LazY
SFS Favorites SFS-Favorites
Audiostudio SFS-Audio, SFS-Midi, SFS-Music, SFS-Score, SFS-Scores, SFS-MIDI
Office Suite SFS-Office
Development Suite SFS-Devel, SFS-Development
Graphics Suite SFS-Graphics
Network Suite SFS-Network, SFS-Internet
Mediaplayer Suite SFS-MediaPlayer, SFS-MusicPlayer, SFS-AudioPlayer, SFS-VideoPlayer, SFS-Mediaplayer, SFS-Audioplayer, SFS-Videoplayer
Tools Suite SFS-Tool, SFS-Tools
Videostudio SFS-Video, SFS-Videos
Wine Suite SFS-Wine, SFS-Windows
SFS Mixed SFS-Other, SFS-Others

Utility Utility General Utility, Viewer, Profiling, Translation
Utility Tools UtilityTools
Utility Archiving Archiving
Utility Development Development, Building, Debugger, GUIDesigner, IDE
Utility Console TerminalEmulator, Shell

Filesystem Filesystem Filemanager FileSystem, FileManager
Filesystem Mount X-FilesystemMount
Filesystem Tools X-FilesystemUtility
Filesystem Find X-FilesystemFind

Graphics Graphics Layer X-Graphic, X-Graphics, LayerGraphics, 3DGraphics
Graphics Vector VectorGraphics, Presentation
Graphics Raw Raw, RawGraphics, RAW
Graphics Raster RasterGraphics, 2DGraphics, Photography
Graphics Viewer Graphics, GraphicViewer
Graphics Utility X-GraphicUtility

Office SIAG Office 3 SiagOffice, SiagOfficeSuite, SiagO
KDE Office 3 KDEOffice3, KDEOffice3Suite, KDEO3
Libre Office 3 LibreOffice3, LibreOffice3Suite, LO3
Open Office 2 OpenOffice2, OpenOffice2Suite, OO2
Open Office 3 OpenOffice3, OpenOffice3Suite, OO3
Document WordProcessor X-Document,WordProcessor,WebDevelopment
Document TextEditor TextEditor
Document Utility X-DocumentUtility, Dictionary
Calculate Calculate X-Calculate, Finance, Spreadsheet, ProjectManagement
Calculate CalcUtility X-CalculateUtility
Calculators Calculator
Personal Management X-Personal, Calendar, ContactManagement, MindMapping, Chart, FlowChart
Personal Utility X-PersonalUtility

Network Network Network Network,HamRadio,RemoteAccess
Network Dialup Dialup
Internet Web X-Internet, WebBrowser, Email
Internet Tools Telephony, IRCClient, FileTransfer, P2P, News, InstantMessaging, Tuner, TV

Multimedia Mixer Mixer, Volume
Lash Audiostudio LashAudioStudio, LashAudio
Jack Audiostudio JackAudioStudio, JackAudio
Audio Audio, AudioEditor, AudioEditing, AudioRecorder, AudioRecording, Midi, Sequenzer
Video Video, VideoEditor, VideoEditing, VideoRecorder, VideoRecording, Film, Movie
Player AudioPlayer, VideoPlayer, MP3Player, Player, Music
Multimedia Audiotools X-Multimedia, AudioVideo, MediaConverter, Converter, Ripper, Tagger, MP3Tagger
Multimedia Burn DiskBurning, DiscBurning, Burning

Entertainment AdultsGames ActionGame, AdventureGame, ArcadeGame, AdultsGame
KidsGames BlocksGame, CardGame, KidsGame, SportsGame
Fun AllGames AllUsersGame, Game, BoardGame, Amusement, RolePlaying, Simulation, LogicGame,S trategyGame, WastingTime

Science AstroPhysic SC-Astronomic, SC-Science, SC-Physic
EduTec SC-Technic, SC-Education
Utility SC-Utility, SC-Tools, SC-CAD

Windows Emulation Portable PuppyPortableApps, PuppyInstalledApps
WinApps PuppyWinApps
WinConfig PuppyWindows

LazY Puppy 2.0.2 Final - Path's to Menu Files

LazY Puppy 2.0.2 Final

15. June 2012 by Rainer Steffen Hain - (RSH @ Puppy-Linux Forum)

When creating LazY Puppy 2.0.2 i tried to work as carefully as possible. Of course i'm not immune to make mistakes, so if an error is detected, or any suggestions for improvements to make: contact me via the Puppy Linux forum (you have to be registered to the Forum to do so).