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The Invisible Internet Project - i2p
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PostPosted: Tue 20 Mar 2018, 20:59    Post subject:  The Invisible Internet Project - i2p
Subject description: the network to share files privately and securely - VPN optional

If all (or a lot) of torrent users moved over to I2P, I2P would be the central source for file sharing. I2P is designed for file sharing and communications. It has its own IRC servers, Jabber servers, torrent trackers, iMule (emule client for I2P) and many eepsites. Clearnet should not be used for anything that you don't want you government/mom/pastor? to know. Reddit

Introduction :
I2P is a Distributed Peer to Peer Anonymous Network Layer. It allows you to send data between computers running I2P anonymously with multilayer end to end encryption. I2P derived from IIP (Invisible IRC Project) which was one of FreeNet's sister projects. I2P focuses on exclusively internal communication and not proxying to the regular Internet. I2P uses garlic routing which involves clumping packets together into bigger packets. The combination of garlic routing, multilayer encryption and random padding on packets makes analysis of the content and detection of the origin of I2P traffic highly impractical if not nearly impossible. I2P currently has 9,000 to 14,000 active machines depending on the time of day. Most of the nodes are either European or Russian.

The best use for I2P is for peer to peer file sharing and a replacement for the regular Internet in the event that it gets bad enough to warrant such action.
Source : https://null-byte.wonderhowto.com/news/anonymity-networks-dont-use-one-use-all-them-0133881/

How strong is i2p?
I2P claims to be strong enough to stop your mom, your ISP, or you government from finding where you connect. While I question the last one, I decided to test it for myself. I opened up Wireshark to sniff my packets while I did some surfing the net. Not only could I not see the websites I connected to, I couldn't see myself connecting the the I2P network either. On top of that, there was no http traffic shown. Mostly TCP packets that were blank or UDP that were only full of garbled text.

I decided to visit a site to try to reveal my ip and user-agent. What came back was an ip address on the other side of the globe and a user-agent string that claimed I was using Windows. This adds another level of protection as determining an OS is usually one of the first steps in an attack.


i2p's design is more of a replacement for the IP layer or an IP overlay than a TCP overlay such as Tor. In this way, i2p is more diverse and possibly more resilient than Tor, as UDP applications are able to utilize it nativity, and TCP applications can be coerced through a TCP stream layer. Another focus of i2p is decentralization. There are few central points of weakness in the i2p system: unlike Tor, which bootstraps nodes from a central directory, i2p has a distributed database which it uses for lookups, bootstraps itself off of a distributed system, and even holds the source code in a distributed framework.

Another design strength of i2p is the fact that all participants are fully anonymous. i2p lacks mass outproxy support, and in effect the network functions as a fully anonymous internet, running on an anonymous IP implementation. This, combined with i2p's variable-length chains, allows for a large amount of diversity in usage. Modified clients or other projects exist to provide distributed forums, jabber servers, IRC servers, email, and even high-bandwidth p2p such as BitTorrent.

Using these tools, you are only as anonymous as you allow yourself to be. Doing things like logging into your personal Facebook account or checking your personal email while using these networks will remove a good chuck of what is protecting you and keeping you safe. It's wise to keep a few guidelines in mind:

Think of your 'clear' net identity and your darknet identity as two separate things. Do not mix the two.
Avoid using any personal information or distinguishing remarks on the network—remember to be someone else. Don't leave clues as to who you really are.
You should never use your normal browser to view resources through the networks, only use the bundled browsers, or manually turn off those services. Flash and Java are especially good at betraying your location and IP address to servers. Turn them both off.

Source : https://null-byte.wonderhowto.com/how-to/tor-vs-i2p-great-onion-debate-0133642/

i2p is vulnerable to the some of the same attacks as Tor, with the exception of timing attacks, due to garlic routing. i2p is powerless against an observer who can watch every node in the network, and i2p is also weak against brute-force denial of service attacks more so than Tor, due to it's Java implementation. i2p has not received the peer review or attention as Tor, so developer error could be a possible factor.

Closing Thought
i2p is a great anonymity system for those that are willing to make certain sacrifices, mostly in speed. Java is not a fast platform, and i2p knows this. However, i2p has many benefits that make it possibly more resilient to attack than Tor. Anyone who needs anonymity should not play systems bigot, but instead familiarize themselves with everything that might help them, and i2p certainly will.

i2p's use as an IP overlay is especially important. Currently to the author's knowledge, i2p is the only system that will enable anonymizing UDP applications.

Readers can have a complete overview at A Radical Introduction to Anonymity here : hor6372x6soyyts2.onion

Further reading (to introduce you to i2p) :


how to install :

i2p is one ot the better known darknet. To access it, you need to have installed i2p, i2p-router i2p-keyring from i2p repository :
deb http://deb.i2p2.no/ unstable main (see Youtube video)

Here i focus on i2p-bote, which i would describe as an email client for the paranoid, because of its built-in end-to-end encryption.

There is also a torrent client. It is not as fast as regular torrent clients, but if more people use i2p, traffic will increase, resulting in better speed.

The clearnet :
On the clearnet, email is the least protected means of communication, unless you take some course of action to harden it.

You can use Gmail, encrypting your email from you to the receiver, but for complete protection, sender and receiver must use Gmail (still, your emails are on Google's servers, so they can be accessed - and read for any dubious or valid, legal reason).

Using Proton Mail or Tutanota is better than using Gmail. Privacy and security of information are what they live for. But it is still clearnet, not your best option.

The darknet :
Using I2P-Bote on I2P network to send encrypted emails. Unfortunately, you have to have a network of friends or collegues who use it for I2P-Bote to be useful.

In order to communicate securely, you may have to go to this extent to be sure your emails are encrypted, anonymous (if you want), in a serverless approach.

You will find sending encrypted emails is not without inconvenience, but it is worth it if you deal with sensitive content. If you write to your grand-mother to ask about her health, don't bother. It's not for you.

If you are interested trying I2P-Bote and start sending encrypted emails, knowing no server will ever be used to send or receive them in the clearnet : https://thetinhat.com/tutorials/messaging/i2pbote.html

Encryption offered by I2P-Bote :
For encryption you have four options: 256-bit Elliptic Curve, 521-bit Elliptic Curve, 2048-bit ElGamal, and NTRU-1087. ElGamal is the most researched option, but is also weaker than the Elliptic Curve options. NTRU on the other hand is supposedly resistant to Quantum computing.

Further reading :
Guide to I2P and I2P services
IprediaOS - I2p-ready OS
Firefox, FoxyProxy and i2p
How to install i2pbote


For i2prouter to work, i had to change a setting : localhost changed to instead of in i2prouter as well as in Firefox (Network Settings) for HTTP traffic. Now access to i2p sites is possible. See screenshots.

You can turn your computer into an i2p router, and at the same time use Tor browser. There is no conflict between the two. With Tor browser you have access to regular network (HTTP/HTTPS) via Tor, and you can use i2prouter to access i2p sites.

All this on top of a VPN installed as a configuration file in openvpn folder renamed openvpn.conf, so your VPN starts as a service.

There is no conflict between i2p, Tor and VPN traffic.

Finally, if privacy really matters to you, start looking out of US and UK for a VPN. Instead go for VPN providers in a country with the highest respect for privacy (EU has a few of them), and privacy activists are your best bet, because not respecting privacy is morally and ethically wrong for them, the more so since the corporate world has turn the Web as a means to know everything about us, as consumers of goods and services.

Further reading :
Political consideration to take into account when choosing a country for its privacy law, referred to as key disclosure law.

Youtube video : https://youtu.be/kz4q06jdlCE
internet speed test : https://testmy.net/

Link to pup2p : http://murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?t=113091
Link to i2fox : https://sourceforge.net/projects/i2fox/
i2p links of interest : https://www.reddit.com/r/i2p/comments/3skdqx/i2pportable_and_firefox_addon_request_for_input/
Link to tutorials : http://www.tutorials.i2p.xyz/
Link to Vuze i2pHelper plugin https://wiki.vuze.com/w/I2PHelper_HowTo
Link to I2Pberry _ I2P for the Raspberry Pi : https://github.com/m6urns/i2pberry
Link to Kovri _ the first C++ implementation of I2P technology through user-friendly interfaces : https://themerkle.com/5-exciting-monero-developments-to-look-forward-to-in-2018/
Link to GetKovri : https://getkovri.org/
Link to Tribler _ open source Peer-to-Peer file sharing program : https://www.tribler.org/about.html
Link to Mofo Linux : https://mofolinux.com/ Under active development, Mofo Linux offers i2p, as well as Tor, OpenVPN, and many other apps for the privacy-conscious internet user. Ubuntu-based. For use on USB flash drive. Use Easydd script (from EasyOS) to install.
Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/i2p/comments/1lk49r/i2p_vs_freenet_vs_tor/

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 Description   Interface is in french, but i2p-bote is installed. It is clearly indicated. Below, you have url of plugin i used.
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Joined: 13 Nov 2013
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Location: Canada

PostPosted: Thu 02 Aug 2018, 23:43    Post subject: i2prouter and Bionicdog
Subject description: i2p in bionic repositories

If you need i2p installed, now i2p is in bionic repositories. So for a Dog user, you install i2p and dependencies with this simple command in terminal :

sudo apt install i2p

You need to be in your puppy account to install i2p, not the root account. You may have something like libtinfo.so.5 not found if installing in root account.

So switch to your puppy account, install i2p, and start it with i2prouter start.

If you are a first time user, keep in mind that i2p does not work on your root account, and also you need to configure how Firefox connects to the internet, using manual proxy configuration. HTTP Proxy is and port is 4444. Then you will be able to access i2p sites, such as diftracker.i2p, and many others.

Finally, i find it more convenient to use one computer for i2p, a session can be as long as two, three or four days, even longer, and another one for the clearnet, but if i need to browse the Web on the i2p machine, i use Tor browser.

Enjoy the ultimate privacy.
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Joined: 13 Nov 2013
Posts: 1651
Location: Canada

PostPosted: Mon 06 Aug 2018, 11:22    Post subject: How to Seed Torrents Anonymously Using I2PSnark  


Step 2 Create Torrent

You have two options with this. You can take a .torrent file you already have along with its data and move it into:


Or simply move data you wish to seed to the same directory. :


Under Tracker, you may pick the one you wish to use, or add a new one altogether, depending on who and what you are sharing.

Click on Create Torrent.

Comment :
Nothing prevents you from using i2p, and specifically i2psnark. In the age of online surveillance, it gives you the ultimate privacy.

If only because you can not afford a VPN, and you do not want to use any free VPN due to privacy and security concerns, there is a way out of this conundrum : i2p network.

A side note for french-speaking forum members :
French material is about 50% to 70% of diftracker.i2p, thanks to Anonymous and a few other members. German stuff accounts for only a meager 5%.

Further reading :

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Joined: 13 Nov 2013
Posts: 1651
Location: Canada

PostPosted: Thu 30 Aug 2018, 15:11    Post subject: NTCP2
Subject description: a more secure transport protocol

0.9.36 contains a new, more secure transport protocol called NTCP2. It is disabled by default, but you may enable it for testing by adding the advanced configurationi2np.ntcp2.enable=true and restarting. NTCP2 will be enabled in the next release.

Have a nice browsing session with the most private network, so private you do not need a Virtual Private Network.

Further reading :
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Joined: 13 Nov 2013
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Location: Canada

PostPosted: Mon 03 Sep 2018, 15:57    Post subject: copyright trolling  


Swedish Internet service provider Bahnhof is a fierce opponent of so-called copyright trolling efforts. Where other ISPs have shared the personal details of allegedly pirating subscribers, Bahnhof hasn't, simply because it keeps limited logs. The company's CEO wants to know why other ISPs aren't following suit.

i2p is in bionic repositories, free to use. The most private network. Use clearnet to say hello to grandma or to share cat videos on Youtube.

Further reading :
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Joined: 13 Nov 2013
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PostPosted: Tue 09 Oct 2018, 23:49    Post subject: Kodachi 4.1
Subject description: i2p as the go-to network to share files privately

As an alternative to installing i2p to your computer, you can use Kodachi.
It comes with i2p 0.9.36.

Latest version of i2p is 0.9.37 with NTCP2 enabled.

As of now, Mofo Linux and Kodachi come both with i2p. To my knowledge, no other Linux OS is offering this network, ready to be used on a live environment.

i2p is the go-to network to share files privately, no need to have a VPN installed in order to stay invisible on the internet.

Youtube tutorials : https://www.youtube.com/user/i2ptutorials
On reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/i2p/

If you are familiar with uploading torrent using diftracker or postman, there is a lack of tutorials on the internet about it, so your input would be greatly appreciated. Youtube has one at above address.

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PostPosted: Wed 10 Oct 2018, 11:56    Post subject:  

labbe5, do you actually try out any of the things you post in this forum? Your instructions say to use sudo, which won't work in Puppy because Puppy runs as root.
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