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Back to Ubuntu? Arrrgh.....!!
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Joined: 04 May 2005
Posts: 664

PostPosted: Fri 02 Aug 2019, 22:06    Post subject:  

I have been playing with non-puppy distributions this spring/summer. Not particularly fond of Ubuntu. Lubuntu LXQt better, especially after I gave user root abilities. Some hoop jumping, but once done, not nearly as annoying. It still makes me use sudo sometimes, but then doesnt ask for a password. I can live with that. Typing in a password to give myself permission to use my own computer is about as stupid as it gets. I get the need for the hierarchy on shared computer where you dont want everybody to be able to make fundamental changes, but for your own personal computer its just PITA.

Right now I am using 32bit version LXDE spin of Debian 10 "Buster". I really like Buster, its got its quirks but it does at least let me log in and run as root. Also very stable. If Puppy didnt exist, this is what I would be using day to day.
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Joined: 03 Jul 2017
Posts: 56
Location: Bali, Indonesia

PostPosted: Wed 07 Aug 2019, 05:43    Post subject:  

Ubuntu? Hm... My first linux distro that I use, when I still in junior high school.

Yes, at the first time, I think using Ubuntu was easy, as easy as Windows. But, after tried to install one derivative of it (Linux Mint), I think Puppy is more more better.

On Pentium 4 machine, I only need less than 5 minutes to use Puppy Linux in live mode, and not more than 15 minutes to install it (full install). On the other hand, I need a half hour just to get Linux Mint running on live cd, on my old netbook, Acer Aspire One.

Installing software? In Puppy, installing software isn't hard. Just find a package, and install it. No sudo -su or changing files because missing repositories server (I experienced it). More easier compared with Windows, when I need to read a long (very long) EULA. Ubuntu? Installing apps into old Ubuntu, seems like a little distaster I think Very Happy
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Joined: 05 Aug 2015
Posts: 101
Location: Moskva

PostPosted: Wed 07 Aug 2019, 06:01    Post subject:  

Hi Mike! It was a real pleasure to read your success story. The mine is simple: somewhere in 2014 after had been checking alot of distros for few years trying to find the only one I came to the conclusion that puppy is 'my distro'. So at least 5 last years I'm on puppy half of my computer time (another half is on MaxOS X 10.8 -- the latest great OS from Steve). MacOS is very robust and convenient but puppy is much better. Its like a small wooden country house placed deep inside beautiful scenery far away from the concrete jungles with fireplace and flowers on the window and cat lying on your legs while you're writing a novel Smile

and yes.. this root access - I love it, I love JWM, rox and many many other bricks which puppy is built from.. But the most I love the community.. the best possibly one.

Ubuntu.. is just for everyone. The only two distros that I'd put right after our puppy are Void Linux and Porteus OS. I was impressed by runit (init) of Void as well as the maturityof Porteus alike puppy OS!
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Joined: 20 May 2005
Posts: 3606
Location: near Woof (Germany) :-) - 3 PC's: DELL SX280 750 MB Pentium4, Acer emachines 2 GB AMD64. DELL XPS15

PostPosted: Thu 08 Aug 2019, 18:01    Post subject:  

no mike, excuse me, I don't agree with you: It is too much not properly justified euphoria and newcomers ready that would probably find, that you mislead them.

yes, you are right concerning the direct access to the build in abilities.

yes, you are right concerning the use of binaries available in some Puppy depositories (note: sometime extremely difficult to find!)

yes, you are right concerning some limited old version out the time or other solutions

but here and at other places are the real problem beginning! I demonstrate it for you now with a very special edition out the Puppy world but, I know, an extreme case:

http://google.com site:http://murga-linux.com/puppy/ wary64-6.9.9

I use it each day for now a long time. I am in it now and write through the build in browser, not Firefox, it is in my opinion no Puppy browser (Puppy did very early decide to use the full Mozilla Suite after different hesitations with the Opera suite, and I see that BK continues to build the first one in his new productions in! I am certain that a lot of the old and constant followers of the Puppy community as I consider SeaMonkey as her browser).

But I did forget
a. to copy the thread(s) about it at the right time (because at this time, my main computer was on with Pentium and not AMD64, at this time was this ISO not interesting for me!)
b. to copy some devx file if there were one!
c. to copy the blog pages from BK and all seems to be away now.
d. to note under which name(s) this project did start or be named in the discussions or publications.

only one details is real: the name of the ISO (probably, I never change those names in my private depot where it was since parution because I have an old not really used laptop (bad screen) wiht AMD64.

(today, I use the computers that I have differently as our house have different floor levels and our children don't live any more with us, so I have to live with a mixture of computers and operating systems, all Linux excepted a test with ReactOS and a test to return to Windows 95)

it is very difficult
1. to locate the Puppy depositories excepted for an hand full of named official versions (*1
2. in some cases to find out the adequate threads, and, with them, the important companion files especially the exquisite devx (not included in the Iso else it would be the most rational way to avoid an incomplete system...)
3. to use parallel on different computers depending of the CPU exactly the same environment

and, oh terror,

4. to reinstall some oldies being important for you, that you did use for a long time, as the (now old) release of puppy was new, with success for your specific jobs and you file formats, and did have really to abandon to follow the progress of new puppy versions (ok! it is often the same in Ubuntu, and also sometimes in Debian but it is no MUST in the Debian world.

- try to use some KDE Rolling Eyes
- try to install some Children environment software like Scratch2

I did use both years along IN PUPPY and loose them in the new versions, exactly as lot of other goodies being more and more difficult and cryptic to install now in new Puppy's (if you have luck and can find them), like the map building system merkaartor, the genealogy software gramps (or all the other shit depending of the from the Linux world prefered software Python), computer languages, independant (from the terrible «firefox clan» or «google clan») browsers.

Your problem with porting file from Ubuntu personal environment under user name to is probably a trick from Firefox. I would say, with Seamonkey, you would not have that problem and maximal loose some figures like content of the bookmarks bar. But you would probably have to erase your ~/.adobe, your ~/.macromedia and your cache and re enter into your browser IN THE ORIGIN SYSTEM, Ubuntu, before you copy (with the -a option, it is very important, and you have to quit completely your browser before you copy with cp (no hidden little download manager or other window open!!!) if not you disturb it because it can't be correctly opened as you restart and begin to use your old files!) the subdir ~/.mozilla into your Puppy (for those reading this message: if you will do it into the reverse direction, from Puppy into some for ex. Debian, you have, before you try to open the (other) browser preferently to install the same version of the browser, the mozilla depositories for Seamonkey continue to offer all old releases Exclamation , and, very important, use chown on the copied subdir Idea :

sudo chown :R myself:myself /home/myself/.mozilla

(adapt the 3 "myself" to your effective username in the target system as it is probably different! Porting from Ubuntu to a Puppy system where the browser works under username, for ex. my actual version of Quiky 64 requires probably the same precautions)!


to use Ubuntu, a distro without CD / DVD series and erasing old releases about completely (not really: I did read there is some kind of rest of each release, perhaps only for the long time ones, in the web. But difficult to find) is pretty stupid as you have with Debian the security to dispose at home on all the stuff on DVD for cheap price or with Deepin the security of great compatibility of software through all versions. I would in all cases prefer the one with the always accessible software collection Rolling Eyes .

(I have in my Deepin actually chrome, chromium, SRware Iron, I never install Firefox but it is proposed, but I did install Seamonkey of course 49.4 the actual version, palemoon, luakit (a really fascinating very small browser requiring some experience in VIm, but with good build in big help screen), xombrero initially with webkit3 but reinstalled with webkit first generation (only to avoid the double installation of webkit; it would allow to install more on it as TazWeb from Slitaz or the vimprobably if I would find a 64 bit binary als well as the early midori, not the most actual release based on the most recent webkit), merkaartor, scratch2, gramps, and more and more and more including the Chinese WPS office, the Microsoft office compatible office, is better if you want to exchange with other you files!)

I can not understand the choice of the most Puppy developers to use Ubuntu and if possible Laughing not the long time versions!

(*1 it would be easy possible to always create also in Puppy deriv. from Ubuntu/Debian an /etc/apt subdir and write in it the url of adapted depositories, for ex. in a README.depositories.html with active links - never one would have to search! As well as it would be possible to always include le devx file in each ISO to avoid the propagation of ugly systems without development ability!
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