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Microsoft CEO: 'I'm going to f---ing kill Google'
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Official Dog Handler

Joined: 04 May 2005
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Location: Queensland

PostPosted: Sun 04 Sep 2005, 22:57    Post_subject:  Microsoft CEO: 'I'm going to f---ing kill Google'  

I thought this might be interesting.

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Joined: 08 Jun 2005
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PostPosted: Mon 05 Sep 2005, 15:53    Post_subject: great  

Well, google has a special tracker if you will.
So people know about what went wrong with microsoft
Now google is following behind.
You see they are driven by money.

A great alternative and trackerless


Here is the firefox toolbar
A great search engine!!!

Heaven is on the way, until then let's get the truth out!
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PostPosted: Sun 11 Sep 2005, 00:15    Post_subject: Evil Microsoft  

Now Microsoft is way too evil! Thank goodness for Linux, a Bill-free OS and it isn't evil. It also doesn't come with IE which IE is known to be hazardous for children (and adults).
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PostPosted: Sun 11 Sep 2005, 01:37    Post_subject: Evil Microsoft  

Now Microsoft is way too evil! Thank goodness for Linux, a Bill-free OS and it isn't evil. It also doesn't come with IE which IE is known to be hazardous for children (and adults).
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Official Crustacean

Joined: 04 May 2005
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PostPosted: Sun 11 Sep 2005, 03:05    Post_subject:  

This is a quite mild example of MS Doubletalk

Their marketing should be countered by the Linux campaign - "Get the lies" campaign - but hey let MS bury themselves in their desperation. Linux is speaking volumes as it develops.

Meanwhile that wonderful Vista (Longhorn - XP 2) . . . MS have signed a deal with Hollywood. DVD's that are deemed unworthy or pirated will be checked against a database - probably on line - (also checking your viewing habits) If illegal your computer will refuse to play it. Anyone else hear that ? What is next? Outlook refusing to send email that might not agree with some vested interest? MS - policing your computer, whilst allowing spam, virus and trojans to do what they wish - m m m . . .

Bill Gates recently donated some of his vast billions to eradicating curable diseases. That is a good thing. All credit to him. It is Tux that is being used in China and developing countries. Why? Eh because it is free - duh!

Who else has an opinion? Facts? Is MS evil? Is Tux innocent? Whatever happened to SCO? Who has a link to MS CEO acting weird and getting very excited at a MS meeting?

Here for example is one persons interesting experience of Linux, BEOS, Mac and WIndows written in 1999 but still very relevant . . .

Puppy WIKI

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Joined: 04 May 2005
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Location: Knoxville, TN, USA

PostPosted: Sun 11 Sep 2005, 10:20    Post_subject:  

I don't like MS very much, but you have to try to see it from their side. They are not a charity foundation, they are a business. As such, their primary goal must be to make money. If people start using Linux, they lose money. So they try to beat it and win the customers.

That's fine and dandy. Where they start getting on my nerves is here:

Instead of trying to make a better product, they instead resort to lies, control, and the consumer's ignorance. Maybe that method is cheaper, and maybe it would work to drive out a tradidtional competitor, but it won't work with Linux, because Linux is not competing for money. You can't make it "go out of business" because no matter how many people use it, it makes $0. What I wish is that MS would instead try to make a better product. That is the whole point of competition. A favorite quote of mine:
"Fools compete to beat eachother. The wise compete the strengthen eachother."
Maybe MS will see this sometime. Or maybe some other OS that does (and makes money) will and will crush MS beneath it's feet.

So I don't really think they are evil, just stupid control freaks.

In the end, my biggest problem with MS is not that they produce cheap (quality wise), fragile glass, but that there are so many people who have inherited MS's mentality that "Windows is all" and don't care whether something is compatible. This mainly stemms from my frustration against Internet Explorer, but it applies to other things as well. Like how things require Windows. Or that, when asked about what operating system they use, they think you mean what version of Windows. My mom actually didn't believe me when I told her I was going to buy a computer with a blank harddrive.

***mini-rant comming up****
I'll briefly explain my beef with IE for those who don't know for themselves.
IE doesn't handle CSS correctly. There are standards that browsers should follow, but MS chooses to ignore them. That in itself doesn't bother me. If they want to be dumb, its their problem. But since everyone uses Windows, and most of them use IE, the majority of web-users use a faulty browser. That means that they see sites coded perfectly as broken. Also, many code sites so they will work in IE, which means they are broken elsewhere. So it comes down to either A. Supporting IE, B. Supporting others, or C. Trying to do both. And it's not just that, but IE is way out of date too. It doesn't just interpret CSS wrong, but it doesn't understand much of it. So by making my site work in IE, I have to use out of date and broken code. If I don't, the IE users think it is "broken," when they are using the broken software. And by using IE, they perpetuate this, because people will continue to code for IE as long as it's at the top, and people will continue using it as long as they are ignorant and most pages are aimed towards it.

I have given up on IE, and don't even try to support it when I work on my webpage. I have no idea how my site looks in it (probably distorted), but I don't really care. If they don't care enough to use a decent browser, then I don't care enough to make my site look nice for them. Fortunately, I haven't tried anything fancy yet, but when I do, I'll likely lose many potential viewers. Oh well. They're really the ones missing out, not me. I make no gain by them visiting my site. By not, they could save me money, because I'd need less bandwidth Smile

Huh. That wasn't very brief. Oh well.

Between depriving a man of one hour from his life and depriving him of his life there exists only a difference of degree. --Muad'Dib

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