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Puppy on USB stick; HD partitions; servers
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Joined: 14 Sep 2005
Posts: 34
Location: Tokyo

PostPosted: Mon 19 Sep 2005, 07:45    Post_subject:  Puppy on USB stick; HD partitions; servers  

I am considering making using a bootable USB stick with Puppy Chubby on it instead of using a bootable CD.
At the moment I've got Puppy Chubby installed on a test machine and I am looking at what extra programs (if any!) I need to add. Once I have this all sorted I thought I'd make my own custom Livef CD from this test computer *but* I thought I'd make the CD actually a bootable USB drive. Is this possible?
Does the Live CD "understand" disk partitions? What I mean is I have 3 partitions; the first is swap (256MB), the second is Puppy Chubby, and the third is for data. I wanted to mount the third partition for user data. Iactually wanted to mount this for the /usr or whereve the user data is mounted under. I guess there are really 2 or 3 questions about this. First can I do this? Would the puppy files system manage this? Second, I read that puppy actually stores new downloaded packages etc under /usr and so I wonder if I mounted this on a new partition whether puppy would still download and install packages without drama? Three, if I make a live CD of the computer like this with the user data actually on another partition, and with SWAP on it's own partition for that matter, will puppy understand this and somehow store this info on the Live CD so that any new copmuters that are created from it will also have the same 3 partitions and the same mounted partition for the user data. I wonder?
I had another question too. I am thinking that I might network these computers for Bangladesh arounda central server which will share out the internet and perhaps store data for all the attached computers and I was hoping the puppies out there might be able to offer some advice as to what distribution of linux I am best looking at to act as a solid server for these machines. I would be interested to know of the pros and cons the options and if there was one that really stands out I'd love to hear.
woof woof (or as the pups of Japan say wan wan!)
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Joined: 14 Sep 2005
Posts: 34
Location: Tokyo

PostPosted: Tue 20 Sep 2005, 21:43    Post_subject: distribution for server  

adding to my earlier post i am wondering what the puppies would think of me using FreeBSD as a server in this environment? i am looking to use the server to share the internet, printers, and also a filesystem to puppy (is this is possible).
are there any puppies out. i have lots of inquisitive puppies reading my post but no replies yet.
woof woof?
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Joined: 24 Aug 2005
Posts: 13644
Location: Karlsruhe, Germany

PostPosted: Tue 20 Sep 2005, 22:25    Post_subject:  

Well, puppy has 2 Tools to mount partitions in the Startmenue.

So on any Computer you boot from CD, run a Mount-Tool, and copy your Usserdata there (Pictures, Music...)

Another thing is, if you want Puppy to remember your personal settings.
This just will work, if you copy pup001 from the CD to theHarddrive.

If you want to transport your personal settings from PC1 to PC2, you must copy pup001 from PC1 to PC2.

Do you mean this?

Concerning server:
You could use Puppy, if you install the Xampp -Dotpup, I think it is listed in the Wiki.

But I think I personally would use another Distro, that has specialized programs for that.
Mandrake, Novell, Debian.

It depends on what your Server should be able to do.

FreeBSD often is recommended for servers, but you will find more Documentation and grafical tools for Linux, so I would use Linux.

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