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Changing wallpaper with ROX's SendTo
Moderators: Flash, Ian, JohnMurga
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Bruce B

Joined: 18 May 2005
Posts: 11132
Location: The Peoples Republic of California

PostPosted: Fri 27 May 2005, 09:17    Post_subject:  Changing wallpaper with ROX's SendTo  

I had a little problem changing wallpaper with icewm. Basically what happens is the wallpaper setting doesn't hold after restarting X.

I don't know if others have had this problem or not. I found if I set the wallpaper with fvwm95 that the wallpaper settings stayed.

The problem is that it is sort of a hassle booting into fvwm95 to change the wallpaper setting then boot back into icewm. I don't know if it is just me or if others have this problem. Anyway I got to thinking maybe there is an easier way for me to change the wallpaper. I downloaded a .pup file that makes for a drag and drop operation to an icon on the desktop. The info on this .pup indicated (by the way I read it) that it may not work on icewm. Oh well, it doesn't work.

What I ended up doing was writing a little script so I could use ROX's SendTo feature to change the wallpaper. After installing the script I open ROX to a directory with my wallpapers. I right click on the icon for the .jpg I want to use, then use SendTo to change the wallpaper. The changes take effect after restarting X.

So if anyone is interested - I'll share the script with you. I call it "WallPaper"

cp "$@" /root/my-documents/wallpaper.jpg

After writing the script with a text editor in
/root/Choices/SendTo/WallPaper make it executable.

You can use ROX to do this or type on the command-line the following:

chmod 755 WallPaper

This script will send a copy of the .jpg file to the location and name in the script. The first time you use it you will probably want to change the wallpaper in fvwm95 to get the settings to stick.


Hopefully, after reading this technique someone will figure out an even better way to do this. Also, you can drag and drop the WallPaper script from the SendTo folder to the desktop and drop the new wallpaper in the icon if you prefere.



I figured out how to get the wallpaper to change immediately without reboot. Make the script file as follows:

cp "$@" /root/my-documents/wallpaper.jpg
xli -onroot -quiet /root/my-documents/wallpaper.jpg

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Official Crustacean

Joined: 04 May 2005
Posts: 15121
Location: Paradox Realm

PostPosted: Fri 27 May 2005, 09:53    Post_subject: Keeping the background  

Yes I have had problems with backgrounds - but they are not essential so have never mentioned. it. Same as you have described.
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Joined: 04 May 2005
Posts: 6270
Location: Knoxville, TN, USA

PostPosted: Fri 27 May 2005, 10:38    Post_subject:  

Actually, GuestToo made roxapp that changed the wallpaper. By adding it to the sendto menu, the same effect can be achieved, except it is immediate. No need to restart X. There was a small conflict with IceWM wanting to use it's own wallpaper, though. My new Pizzapup edition comes with a fixed version already implemented.
Between depriving a man of one hour from his life and depriving him of his life there exists only a difference of degree. --Muad'Dib

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Puppy Master

Joined: 04 May 2005
Posts: 4078

PostPosted: Fri 27 May 2005, 15:43    Post_subject:  

Puppy uses xli to set the wallpaper ... called in .xinitrc
Icewm has it's own background setter program (icewmbg)
Fluxbox has it's own background setter (bsetroot, and also fbsetbg)
and i made an alternate wallpaper setter program

i don't have much trouble with backgrounds, simply because i let Puppy take care of them ... you don't get the backgrounds built into an icewm theme, but i don't care myself

if you start icewm using startx icewm instead of startx icewm-session2, icewm will leave the background alone

fluxbox won't set backgrounds if you delete or rename my-applications/bin/bsetroot

my wallpaper program could set icewm's default wallpaper at the same time ... i need to update the wallpaper program anyway, it was setup for the 2.4 kernel, and i put a renice X command in my .xinitrc that probably should not be there if you use the 2.6 kernel
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PostPosted: Fri 27 May 2005, 22:23    Post_subject: backgrounds  

I had the same problem. But I commented the lines that set backgrounds in configuration files:



and I use Puppy Control panel background setter or GuestToo script in Desktop.
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