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Translating: teaching Puppy another language
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Joined: 24 Aug 2005
Posts: 13644
Location: Karlsruhe, Germany

PostPosted: Mon 27 Mar 2006, 15:33    Post_subject:  

There is an addon - use the KDE-Desktop and OpenOffice in french:

Puppy itself is english, and not so easy to translate, as it does not use .po -files.
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Joined: 29 Aug 2005
Posts: 298
Location: Texas USA

PostPosted: Mon 27 Mar 2006, 17:05    Post_subject: Teaching Puppy another language  

Hi Pups,

Most programs, internet browsers, open office, etc., come already translated. Why not just put a bunch of useful programs into a usr_more.sfs file?

And have the usr_more.sfs file be language specific.... like usr_español.sfs, etc.

Maybe one of the people that is hosting versions of puppy for downloading could have a separate grouping for language specific sfs files.

Just some thoughts.

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Official Crustacean

Joined: 04 May 2005
Posts: 15121
Location: Paradox Realm

PostPosted: Mon 27 Mar 2006, 21:57    Post_subject:  

Good idea - what info/docs/links do we have on creating .sfs?


Puppy WIKI
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Joined: 29 Aug 2005
Posts: 298
Location: Texas USA

PostPosted: Mon 27 Mar 2006, 22:37    Post_subject: Translating Puppy to another language  


I expect that the reply was directed at me since you talk about the .sfs file idea in your question....

Lobster wrote:


Good idea - what info/docs/links do we have on creating .sfs?

So, here's one thread link from the how to major topic area:


Along with the programs being in another language, it might also include a wm (window manager) that someone has already translated into the desired language.

That would mean someone that spoke english could set up the initial machine, get everything into the desired language, and make an .sfs file out of the final product - the above thread has some instructions on how to do this too!

Put the Puppy ISO on one CD, the .sfs file on a second CD, and away you go!!!

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Joined: 12 Apr 2006
Posts: 5
Location: Brasil

PostPosted: Fri 21 Apr 2006, 20:05    Post_subject: PuppyBR, a brazillian puppy !  

Hi everybody,

I created a modified puppy in brazlian portuguese and I called it PuppyBR. The main site is www.puppybr.1zz.org and the forum is www.baciotti.com/forum

So, I just want to give a little details of what I did, so other people can make the same in other languages.. let's go there!

1) First you need to USE PUPPY. You must install it in your compuer and use it on your day-to-day work. This way you will really fell why it is a great alternative to other distros. You will feel the speed, understand its packages and way of Work. I installed it in a USB that now its my work enviroment! Yes, my day-to-day work is done on a USB! I created a script to update time and change the mouse to left-handed. (Im dexter but prefer mouse on left hand).

2) Now you need to define which programs you need (want) and the others that you do not really need. I just replaced mozilla with Firefox and removed Beaver. Then I put leafpad like main editor. To do this I used PupBeGone to remove packages and PupGet to install what I need. Please search forum and you will find info about pupbegone.

3) Burned some CDs to test and understand all the process. I tried both scripts but IMHO the alienx script is better to what I need. BUT the script that came with Puppy does not work, so searching the forum I found a modified version specially to 1.08. It was made by Dougal! (Great Work)

4) Ok, Now I had the software I need in my distro and also knew how to do it. Then I replaced the original WM and put IceWM. Also installed the puppy-xp theme! I translated the menus (yes, i tried to use the script to do this but it does not worked very well) and also used GIMP to change the name "Start" of the button to "Iniciar". After this I used the scripts to translate Gnumeric and AbiWord. Gnumeric is still in english. I also tried to search rpms for translations and read a lot but I cant find a way to translate gnumeric (yet...). Abiword is ok, in portuguese! I used the script that exists here in forum but it just work after I change LANG to ptbr.utf8!!

5) Sylpheed. I need Sylpheed in portuguese to, so I searched in google for portuguese packages and installed them. But it just works to AFTER chagne the LANG variable to ptbr.utf8! Now, all my locale is pt-br.utf8. Ahh.... I found the locales also in google.. I followed the principle of "search software for Puppy in Vector or Slackware packages".

6) I also installed the last Rox-Filer pupget. In portuguese Wink

7) Before to create the iso you need to clean the folder! I created a lot of times because sometimes I forgot last ISO on my-documentos folder and the ISO doubled the size! One time, trying to "clean" the root folder I deleted the Mail directory thinking that Sylpheed would create it again! I just discovered that sylpheed dont do this AFTER burn 2 CDs... Wink

Ok.. thats it! Now my distro is still a BETA, but following the principle of "release often" I released a version and the next translations, corrections I think to do releasing a package that correct automatica. For example a Bash script that copy data, create necessary folders (like syplheed ones) if need, etc.

One thing I guarantee you... it is very very FUN !

Thank you Puppy!

Thank all of You very much!

:: PuppyBR - http://www.puppybr.1zz.org
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Joined: 25 May 2005
Posts: 4825
Location: Manila

PostPosted: Sat 22 Apr 2006, 23:22    Post_subject: Well done  

Well done, Tiago, and thanks for posting the whole process here.
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Joined: 22 Jan 2006
Posts: 4
Location: Czech Republic, Kladno

PostPosted: Mon 01 May 2006, 18:01    Post_subject: Rosetta  

Is there a way to use Rosetta system for translating Puppy like Ubuntu guys do? Could that not be much easier to work on the translation?
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