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Pekwm Windowmanager
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Joined: 15 Oct 2007
Posts: 1698
Location: Germany

PostPosted: Fri 17 Dec 2010, 04:52    Post_subject:  Pekwm Windowmanager  

Home: http://pekwm.org
Version: 0.1.12

The Pekwm Window Manager is written by Claes Nästén. The code is based on the aewm++ window manager, but it has evolved enough that it no longer resembles aewm++ at all. It also has an expanded feature-set, including window grouping (similar to ion, pwm, or fluxbox), auto properties, xinerama and keygrabber that supports keychains, and much more.

There are some packages of pekwm for luci and dpup, but none for the 'standard' (afaik).

== Start ==
Exit from your actual X-session and type
xwin pekwm

== Menu ==
As i wanted a menu that is independent from other menu-files/-systems, i've patched the spm-parser to build the puppy menu.

To build the menu
- right-click on desktop > pekwm > Generate Menu

Then restart pekwm and you'll have a full-puppy-menu.

== Panel ==
Pekwm has no panel, but the well known fbpanel/lxpanel/stalonetray/...
should all work with pekwm.

== Configuration ==
Pekwm is highly configurable, but that needs some knowledge. The pekwm-homepage has a good documentation (http://www.pekwm.org/files/pekwm/doc/0.1.12/html/index.html), but it is recommended to first get a little familiar with it.

To make use of all features, you will need to configure the win-key as super-key.

Default config-files are at
but will get copied to
at first run. So if you want to configure pekwm for your own or want to look up
some settings, goto the last.

I've preconfigured some helpful (at lest for me) additional keyboard-shortcuts:
- F12: root menu
- F11: focus-client
- F10: windows-menu
- F9: focus iconified
- F8: goto-workspace

- Alt+Shift+Q: Close fucused window
- Alt+Shift+W: wizardwizar
- Alt+Shift+E: defaulttexteditor
- Alt+Shift+R: gexec
- Alt+Shift+I: defaultimageviewer
- Alt+Shift+P: Pprocess
- Alt+Shift+A: defaultaudioplayer
- Alt+Shift+S: mtpaintsnapshot.sh
- Alt+Shift+D: pmount
- Alt+Shift+F: Rox Filer
- Alt+Shift+L: pfind
- Alt+Shift+V: defaultmediaplayer
- Alt+Shift+B: defaultbrowser
- Alt+Shift+M: alsamixer

== Themes ==
The default package contains the themes
- default (patched for puppy)
- default-plain
- nimbus (patched for puppy) as default

The additional theme-pet contains the themes (all patched for puppy):
- clearlooks
- dust
- gilouche
- kde4
- kde4_oxygen
- leopard
- tango
- ubuntu_human
- xfce4

Compiled and tested on 4.3.1.

NOTE: The pet also contains the tool xprop, which is needed to run pekwm

Have Fun.

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Joined: 10 Aug 2006
Posts: 1046
Location: La Confederation Abenaquaise

PostPosted: Sun 19 Dec 2010, 11:24    Post_subject:    

Hey thanks kindly Aragon for compiling this - PekWM - AND adding a nice package of themes besides for our further enjoyment, as PekWM is one of those window managers I love to pop into and play around in for a day or two. Smile I'm sure it's like that for many other Puppians as well.

Two thumbs up my friend, and like many others around here, I too really appreciate your time and dedication to our distro and Community! It's people like you and others who have worked away in the background compiling programmes and such, helping others here n' there, so on and so forth, which has gone such a very long way towards making Puppy the great little distro that it is today. I for one forget to thank people such as yourself often enough for my enjoyment...

Thanks again my fellow Puppian Friend!


"L'Peau-Rouge d'Acadie"

Proud user of LXpup and 3-Headed Dog. Cool
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Joined: 15 Oct 2007
Posts: 1698
Location: Germany

PostPosted: Mon 20 Dec 2010, 04:33    Post_subject:  

hi Eyes-Only,

thanks for your kind words Very Happy


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Joined: 07 Jul 2010
Posts: 895
Location: .ar

PostPosted: Thu 23 Dec 2010, 06:15    Post_subject:    

I'm running Quirky 1.2 and have installed your pet...
It works great! Thanks a lot aragon....
Works great.

Also want to notice another 'puppians' about the possibility of use a Rox-panel + panel applets as a tray... Its pretty good.

Regards, aragon.

EDITED just to add this link, whit some more themes for pekwm.


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Joined: 06 Nov 2008
Posts: 809
Location: the Western Reserve

PostPosted: Mon 24 Jan 2011, 02:05    Post_subject:
Sub_title: indev..

Drat, just when I had a nice personal wm+.sfs with my favs Wink along comes an update Laughing

So true about the very nice html documentation (still no iconized 'comic-book' menu for me however Neutral ). Pekwm is a keeper in the alt-wm category, especially so if you're keyboard-inclined. The last update was worth compiling just for the extended mouse control.

I find it a bit less finicky/flighty than fluxbox for configs .. also nice in hot-swapping (not really 'correct' but you don't have to restart the x-server if you don't wish to..) between pekwm, blackbox, icewm and fluxbox Very Happy

Thanks for putting xprop in, aragon - it should be almost flawless now (close enough for doggies to do anyhow).

Hmm, 01micko had an orphan pekwm theme in the bits'n'pieces of his server that I fooled about with some time back that cleaned up well in 1.11...
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Joined: 21 Mar 2009
Posts: 24
Location: Orlando, FL

PostPosted: Wed 02 Mar 2011, 17:15    Post_subject:    

Awesome window manager for my lupu 5.2 install. Thanks for putting this up!
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Joined: 10 Aug 2011
Posts: 79
Location: United States

PostPosted: Thu 17 Nov 2011, 08:39    Post_subject:  

I am currently using this in combination with tint2 on Lucid 5.28. Very fast, quite smooth. I like it. Thank you for the dotpet.
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