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Linux sucks
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Joined: 16 Feb 2011
Posts: 802

PostPosted: Sat 18 Jun 2011, 11:47    Post_subject:  

Maybe ill check it out today or tomorrow n see if I like it.
PupRescue 2.5
Puppy Crypt 528
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Joined: 20 Jan 2009
Posts: 1772
Location: Pecos/ Texas

PostPosted: Sat 18 Jun 2011, 14:51    Post_subject:  

Some shoot the crazed, some are kind to them.

Must be the Cossack/Biker in me I guess. No patience for whiners. I would have responded differently if OP had detailed steps on what was tried and failed and had pertinent questions posted instead .

Buddhists are patient, kind people. As are most members here.

Woody went amongst them, took firm stance and yelled: "Niggers"

Was my take on this thread. I opted for humor, instead of name calling.
I should not post though after a night of cruising and bar hopping on this forum (which I did).

I have fixed Windows and Linux Boxes with Puppy Linux, Parted Magic Cds and USBs running live. Self Taught also. Never fixed anything yet (computers,motorcycles,cars,A/C,Houses, electrical, etc....) though by throwing wrenches, calling names, cursing, kicking, biting, scratching yet though. Whining has not worked either. Patience and thinking logically around a problem seems to work best for me. OP should try it sometime. Might work for them also.

But yeah. I'm a

bad dog
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Joined: 26 Apr 2011
Posts: 65

PostPosted: Sat 18 Jun 2011, 15:20    Post_subject:  

All I hate is any kind of discrimination and naggers and Texans.

OK - partly kidding - many with acute discrimination, including some Texans, choose Puppy.
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Joined: 13 Apr 2008
Posts: 567
Location: West Central Florida

PostPosted: Sat 18 Jun 2011, 18:31    Post_subject:  

rokytnji ...
I should not post though after a night of cruising and bar hopping on
this forum (which I did)

...Whoa! Hope your'e OK. That stuff'll really kick you in the @**
..Take a couple o' aspirin and get plenty of liquid (non-alcky) and get some rest. Take care.

@ ggg
..LOL!!! I was raised in good ol' Texas (Corpus Christi).....They good folks.
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Joined: 29 Jan 2006
Posts: 3629
Location: Sydney Australia

PostPosted: Sun 19 Jun 2011, 08:16    Post_subject:  

" Cthisbear is the chief proponent of using Hirens. "

Heard my name mentioned....


Version 14,0 of Hiren's is now also running >>Parted Magic 6.1

Linux based rescue environment with lots of applications to manage partitions, backup and recovery such as GParted, Parted, Partition Image, TestDisk, Partimage, Truecrypt, Clonezilla, G4L, Firefox, ClamAV, GSmartControl, SimpleBurn, dd, ddrescue, with extensive collection of file system tools are also included, supports the following: btrfs, ext2, ext3, ext4, fat16, fat32, hfs, hfs+, jfs, linux-swap, ntfs, reiserfs, reiser4, and xfs.


To me there was a lot of Puppy type things in it.


Hiren's is very fast ...Mini Windows...

compared to Ultimate Boot CD 4 Windows.

That's why Falcon's Boot cd is based on it...plus has ERD.

Even Ccleaner in the Falcon can run as

Other Users

for startups and cleaning....different to Hiren's....handy.

They are both smart people....why should I not use their talents?

Quite honestly >> for fixing comps...they are must haves.

No disputing Puppy is good.
Occasionally the above won't delete a file where Puppy will.

But I also have to say Hiren's has great Wireless support as well.
Teamviewer...so many good apps.

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Joined: 16 Jun 2011
Posts: 5
Location: where the work is at

PostPosted: Mon 27 Jun 2011, 00:21    Post_subject: Re: Linux sucks  

ragou wrote:
That's all I can say.
My windows crashed and I needed to reinstall it. I have puppy on my disk in order to rescue. And I see that this is not a good OS.
Sorry to say that. I see a desire, wanting, passion, but this OS just doesn't work well.
One day with puppy made me crazy, and the best thing, that it works in memory loose, because my 2700 MHz dual core processor, 4 GB ram, and 1GB NVidia video card hardly deal with tasks. This OS is just a joke.

if writing and creating is your thing then you'll love it because of it's flexibility and eventual awesomeness, but it will piss you off. You can download, play, convert, bootleg or rig just about anything man, when these guys aren't building rockets their writing programs
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Joined: 27 Mar 2010
Posts: 829

PostPosted: Mon 18 Jul 2011, 13:26    Post_subject:  

Some personages can be scared of Linux OS and this is because: 1)uglified turds are influential; 2)some personages can be lonely with their valuable copies of Linux OS due to their self-orientation or due to orientation in the heads of environment's representatives; 3)For "it" Linux OS sucks; 4)For "it" Linux OS cool; 5)...
  • I don't know why laboratories are named a hospitals.
  • The alive personage is like a tea bag with granules of unknown density inside, at that one the packet was made of organic material and was placed in the evaporated liquid or liquid.

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Joined: 20 Mar 2009
Posts: 29

PostPosted: Thu 21 Jul 2011, 05:11    Post_subject:  

Uploaded with ImageShack.us
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