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Desksetup, i18n'd (internationalised)
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Joined: 16 Sep 2009
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PostPosted: Mon 08 Aug 2011, 11:15    Post_subject:  Desksetup, i18n'd (internationalised)
Sub_title: updated nicely, but I need some help

I have the excellent 'desksetup-0.4' from 01micko installed, found here: http://www.murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?p=488133#488133

I also have Puppy-desktop-NLS, found here: http://www.murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?t=63533

Puppy-desktop-NLS translates the English text found in PuppyPin to the current language, so ROX desktop icons are localised. That is nice Smile

Desksetup gives users a choice of ROX desktop icon layouts - you can easily choose to have all icons, none, or only the most important icons. This is a great tool.

I have updated Desksetup to work on all Puppies, and so that X is not restarted after I update my icons.. Only ROX is restarted Smile

I edited Desksetup so that it updates the desktop icon labels with the correct locale.. fixmenus_on_locale already does this, so I stole the code from there and put it into desksetup.

EDIT: OK, I have nearly got it working perfect, but at times, it will still revert the ROX icons to english... Cannot find why as yet.

Anyway, here's the GUI to translate into other languages, please:

# english

Loc_icons_frame="Desktop Icons"
Loc_icons_msg1="Choose a desktop layout"

Loc_icons_traditional_label="Traditional - full desktop icons"
Loc_icons_traditional_tt="This is the standard Puppy desktop that has been a tradition since Barry Kauler started Puppy in 2003, for purists"
Loc_icons_minimal_label="Minimal - only essential desktop icons"
Loc_icons_minimal_tt="This includes just the file, browse, edit, console and play icons, for those who move fast"
Loc_icons_bare_label="Bare - no desktop icons"
Loc_icons_bare="There will be no application icons on the desktop, this is for minimalists"
Loc_icons_custom_label="Custom - choose your saved profile"
Loc_icons_custom_tt="This will display your saved custom pinboard"
Loc_icons_customsave_label="Click this button to save your custom arrangement"
Loc_icons_customsave_tt="Clicking here will save your desktop changes to a customised file. Be aware that this omits drive icons"

Loc_drives_frame="Drive Icons"
Loc_drives_msg2="Choose a drive icon layout"

Loc_drives_clean_label="Clean - no drive icons"
Loc_drives_clean_tt="This is for minimalist bare desktops, there will be no drive icons at all"
Loc_drives_traditional_label="Traditional - an icon for each partition"
Loc_drives_traditional_tt="This is the default for all puppies, each partition will have it's own icon and so will plugged drives"
Loc_drives_lean_label="Lean - only root drive icons"
Loc_drives_lean_tt="There will be only the root of the drives on the desktop"
Loc_drives_minimal_label="Minimal - one drive icon"
Loc_drives_minimal_tt="There will be only 1 drive icon which starts Pmount"

Loc_apply_tt="Clicking Apply will save your changes and restart the ROX pinboard."

Akita Linux, VLC-GTK, Pup Search, Pup File Search
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Joined: 04 Jan 2009
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PostPosted: Sat 19 Oct 2013, 17:50    Post_subject: Re: Desksetup, i18n'd (internationalised)
Sub_title: updated nicely, but I need some help

sc0ttman wrote:
EDIT: OK, I have nearly got it working perfect, but at times, it will still revert the ROX icons to english... Cannot find why as yet.

Hi, sc0ttman.

How are you? Sorry for not answering before, I just chanced upon your
thread now while searching for the desksetup script.

What does
echo $LANG

say before and after you test your script?

Solution: I believe that your script should change the language code on
the last line, before restarting rox. Or perhaps independently. For ex.,


etc., and re-instate

or whatever your default language code is, when you've finished testing.

If you don't change the $LANG variable in your tests and provide for a
change in your script, those strings will forever be in the developer's
language! Wink

I hope this helps.

Best regards.


"Logical entities must not be multiplied needlessly." / "Il ne faut pas multiplier les êtres logiques inutilement." (Ockham)
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