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keeptags-0.2.2 (2013-01-15)
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Joined: 13 Aug 2006
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PostPosted: Thu 18 Aug 2011, 20:57    Post_subject:  keeptags-0.2.2 (2013-01-15)
Sub_title: scripts for audio conversion to use with ptag + gtkdialog gui

Use these scripts with ptag:

These scripts will convert between the following formats and retain the tag information:

m4a lossless (alac), requires alac to decode:
and ffmpeg 0.6 or greater to encode.

m4a lossy (aac), requires faac to encode:
and faad to decode.

ape, requires mac:

mpc, requires musepack:

ofr (lossless) & ofs (lossy), requires optimfrog:

shn, requires shorten:

tta, requires tta:

wv, requires wavpack:

ogg, requires oggdec & oggenc.
mp3, requires lame.
flac, requires flac.

I will probably add support for ffmpeg to encode/decode some of these formats instead of using the dedicated programs. The issues with ffmpeg seem to be some formats don't decode to an exact bit for bit copy of the original wav file and you probably don't want that for lossless audio. Also, ffmpeg does not handle all of these formats and some of the others it only decodes. It seems that ffmpeg will easily accept a stdin pipe but some programs seem to choke on ffmpeg's stdout. I was trying to avoid the extra step of decoding to wav then encoding to the new format but that may be the best solution for implementing decoding with ffmpeg. Currently the only conversion that requires decoding to wav first is encoding to ape since mac's stdin pipe seems to be broken on the linux ported version (hasn't been updated in years).

This package includes 2 scripts, keeptags & keeptagsdir.

To use keeptags, the first parameter is what file type you would like to convert to and the second is the filename:

<keeptags mp3 01-audio_file.flac>

The above example would convert the flac file to mp3 with the default settings. The config file will be copied to $HOME/.config/keeptags.conf after the first run of keeptags. You can edit the config file to put your desired settings for the various encoders instead of my chosen defaults. For example, the default lame settings in the config file are: <-b 192 -q 2 -mj>. You could also change the settings right on the command line incase you want different settings then the defaults like this:

<keeptags mp3 01-audio_file.flac -b 160 -q 2 -mj>

The above example would use the command line settings for lame instead of the settings in the config file.

keeptagsdir will convert the whole directory to the desired format.

<keeptagsdir flac2mp3>

The above example would convert all of the flac files in the current directory to mp3.

<keeptagsdir flac2mp3 -b 160 -q 2 -mj>

The above example would do the same but use the lame settings on the command line instead of from the config file.

Since m4a can be lossy aac files or lossless alac files (ffmpeg will figure out which type your file to convert is) we need to tell keeptags which type you want to convert to. For lossy use <m4a> for lossless use <alac>.

0.2 - added a gtkdialog gui and "Open With" options in rox (files and directories). I also added the ability to convert from and to wav format (without meta tag information of course).

Filename  keeptags-0.2.2.pet 
Filesize  13.14 KB 
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Joined: 13 Aug 2006
Posts: 1522

PostPosted: Tue 06 Sep 2011, 22:25    Post_subject:  

updated to 0.2
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Joined: 13 Aug 2006
Posts: 1522

PostPosted: Wed 21 Sep 2011, 21:27    Post_subject:  

posted 0.2.1 - small bugfix
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Joined: 13 Aug 2006
Posts: 1522

PostPosted: Tue 15 Jan 2013, 23:46    Post_subject:  

0.2.2 uploaded - another bugfix
An archive of quite a few pet packages, mostly that I've compiled, is located at http://my.opera.com/jpline/blog
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