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lazyread 2.0
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PostPosted: Wed 10 Nov 2010, 19:48    Post subject:  lazyread 2.0
Subject description: documents auto scroller

*lazyread 2.0*
- http://dokupuppylinux.co.cc/programs:documents_scroller
Lazyread auto-scrolls files or command output on your screen.

You can choose between different kinds of scroll modes and there are many
command line and dynamic options such as changing the scroll speed, pausing,
colors, search strings, case, file info, and more. It is an auto-scroller,
pager and e-book reader all in one!

You can supply it many file types for viewing including text, html, pdf,
gzip, tar, zip, ar, bzip2, MS-Word, nroff (man pages), executable, directory,
.deb, .so, .rpm, piped output from other programs and more.

I originally wrote lazyread because I wanted a way to read long files while
I sat back in my chair and read without needing to touch my keyboard to
scroll down the pages as I read them. I've since added many features.

Here are some examples of uses for lazyread:

- You want to take notes of what you're reading without having to put down
your pencil and paper to scroll down the file.

- You want to be able to eat while you're reading without getting food all
over your keyboard.

- You want to read while laying or sitting too far away from you keyboard to
reach it.

- You want to be able to read a file while doing some exercises in front
of your computer.

- You want to practice speed reading. Just set the program at a fast
speed and see if you can keep up!

- A screen saver..

- You could even use it as a fitness tool by typing random commands in a
text file, such as 'right punch', 'left front kick', 'right side kick'
etc. Then run the file through lazyread and everytime you see a command,
execute it. Make the scroll speed faster and/or add more commands to
make your training harder!

[Insert your own ideas here Smile]

Using lazyread
[The filename must come first on the command-line if you have other
options, unless you use the -f flag. For example:
Correct: lazyread file.txt -options
Incorrect: lazyread -options file.txt
Correct: lazyread -options -f file.txt]

lazyread comes with a script called "lesspipe.sh" thats used for reading
compressed files. You need to place this file in your path and make sure
your environment variable $LESSOPEN points to it. Some systems come with
lesspipe.sh already installed so check to see if your version is up to date.

Say you want to view a log file and highlight any lines containing
the string 'foo'. Just type:

lazyread log.txt -w foo

Or maybe you want to scroll a file very slowly and in all uppercase letters:

lazyread /stories/moby_dick.pdf -s 5000 -u

You can even scroll the output of other programs by piping lazyread.
To do this you need to pass the name of the current tty you're running
lazyread from. To get the name of the tty just type the command tty(1).
It reports the full path to the current ttyname such as '/dev/tty0'.

dmesg | lazyread -t /dev/tty0

There's an alternate mode (and more modes coming soon) in lazyread that lets
you scroll letter by letter instead of line by line. Just use the -m flag:

lazyread file.txt -m

When you're viewing a non text file like a pdf or an html file lazyread
renders it so its viewable and if you hit 'e' to open the file in your
external editor you will be editing the actual source of the file.

For instance:

type "lazyread index.html" will render the html as you'd see it while
viewing in a browser (a text based browser anyway) and typing 'e' while
its running will open the real index.html in vi (or whatever editor you
set) so you can edit tags etc..

Lazyread supports color. Choose from red, bgred, blue, bgblue, green,
bggren, yellow, bgyellow, magenta, bgmagenta, bgwhite and bgblack.
Just supply "-c <color>" on the lazyread command line.

Some of my favorite commands
Normal viewing:

lazyread file.html -c green -w word -b

Character at a time viewing mode:

lazyread file.txt -m -c bgblue -s 100

View URLs:

lynx -dump http://site.com/page.html > page.txt ; lazyread page.txt

You get the idea. Adjust lazyread anyway you like.


lazyread -h

to get a full list of commands.

Dynamic Options
While lazyread is running you can use the following option keys:

'q' to quit
'p' to pause
'spacebar' to scroll superfast (hit again to slow back down)
'c' to clear the current screen
'n' to turn off the status bar
'v' to turn the status bar back on
'f' to speed scrolling up in 25 percent increments
's' to slow scrolling speed down in 25 percent increments
'o' to go back to the original scroll speed
'a' to toggle Auto-pausing on/off
'e' to open the file you're scrolling in an external editor. (Uses the
environment variables $VISUAL then $EDITOR or /bin/vi if none are set)
'i' to view detailed file/program/etc information

replace .co.cc with .info to get access to stuff I posted in forum
dropbox 2GB free
OpenOffice for Puppy Linux
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PostPosted: Mon 07 Nov 2011, 10:42    Post subject:  

Trying what looks an excellent util inSlacko - what I get is:

# lazyread file.txt
fopen(): No such file or directory

I have file.txt and the
not sure about the variable thing?
your environment variable $LESSOPEN points to it

How do I do that?

Puppy WIKI
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