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CD RW wont boot after saving first setup on CD.
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PostPosted: Sun 25 Mar 2012, 00:25    Post subject:  

I could be completely wrong. I'm the furthest thing from an expert. I think that the sessions of a multisession CD should all be on track #1. You show that each session is on a separate track. I haven't used a CD for so long that I can't remember if that should be right. For general info, the CD specification allows CDs a maximum of 99 tracks. DVDs have no such limit.

It's really strange that cd-info says your Sony DRU-840A can write to a DVD-RAM but no other kind of rewritable DVD. Confused Sony's website says a DRU-840A can write to anything.

Is there any chance that you could try burning Puppy to a DVD-R using Burniso2cd?

The only other thing I can think of is to suggest you try to update the firmware of the Sony. If that's even possible, you'd have to do it from Windows.
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PostPosted: Sun 25 Mar 2012, 21:42    Post subject:  

Hi all!
I write this in my dpup-484beta4, running from a live-CD, burnt multisession on my ancient, builtin Sony CD-RW CRX140E, rev. 1n, burn speed 4. I have experimented with burning multisessions and modifying sfs's, and - as discussed in another thread, adding applications to folders stored on the multisession CD/DVD, for easy retrieval and installation of massive programs from the CD/DVD, whitout the need for a net connection, and without compromising boot speed.
I think some interesting text came out of Lookinglass360's cd-info, namely the line:
' Can read multiple sessions (e.g. PhotoCD) : Yes '
Please correct me if I am wrong, but that is a function introduced with the Kodak photo CD, and was invented some time before last stoneage! (try bringing an old Kodak photo cd into a photo-lab and ask them if they can make prints; if they have only Windoze-based software, they'll just scream and run!) You can also read lower down, in the 'CD Analysis Report', the dates in the description of the program used, indicating that multisession is not exactly a recently added function.
I made several multisession CD's that would not boot, because I used the commandline to burn, and obviously did not do it right. In the end, one mistake turned out to be a simple typing error that I repeatedly pasted into the command, but that is another story... Embarassed

There is a file named /usr/sbin/remasterpup2, that contains the command used when remastering a cd, which looks like this:
mkisofs -D -R -o dpup-485.iso -b isolinux.bin -c boot.cat -no-emul-boot -boot-load-size 4 -boot-info-table puppylivecdbuild

Apart from the file names, you have to use all that code!

The sfs's were made from folders in a folder in /tmp named 'puppylivecdbuild' (as original), with the command:
mksquashfs puppylivecdbuild/ dpup-485.iso -keep-as-directory

The files were burnt multisession with burniso2cd, located in /usr/sbin/burniso2cd.

There is given an option to verify the burn, have you tried that?

I always took great care to keep any out any modifications made to the original files from the downloaded original .iso, unless they were intended, and made all the mods and burns on a machine not connected to the net. I have several old linux-boxes, and I still got some CD's that will not boot on all, a reason may be because not all graphic drivers are present. It is also very difficult to keep out all of the necessary mods you make to the session you are copying, I don't know if there are any hard links that may screw up some attempts to remove all the modifications
There definitely are some flaws in the puppy scripts for making a remastered CD/DV. I have tried to make my own recipe to remember all steps, but I always end up with new icons not looking as they should, prefs that I wanted included have gone missing and so on, I have never succeded in making a single remastered CD/DVD exactly as I intended it to be! But, the day will come!

Edit: I also remembered another issue, linked to this problem: If you try to use the boot command 'puppy pfix=1' as described in a post earlier, while only having one save on the CD, it will go halfway into the boot process, and end abruptly with: 'kernel panic: attempting to kill init', forcing a physical removal of the power cord to stop the machine! Mmm, great fun every time! Rolling Eyes

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