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LADSPA plugins for qtractor etc
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Joined: 23 May 2010
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PostPosted: Sat 09 Jun 2012, 10:21    Post_subject:  LADSPA plugins for qtractor etc  

This PET installs lots of LADSPA plugins, compatible with qtractor - should work with ardour and others. Feedback welcome
Twisted Evil

download here-

adsr_1680.so alias_1407.so
allpass_1895.so amp_1181.so amp_1654.so
am_pitchshift_1433.so analogue_osc_1416.so bandpass_a_iir_1893.so
bandpass_iir_1892.so blop_files bode_shifter_1431.so
bode_shifter_cv_1432.so branch_1673.so butterworth_1902.so
calf.so caps.so chebstortion_1430.so
cmt.so comb_1190.so comb_1887.so
comb_splitter_1411.so const_1909.so crossover_dist_1404.so
dahdsr_2021.so dc_remove_1207.so decay_1886.so
decimator_1202.so declip_1195.so delay_1898.so
delayorama_1402.so difference_2030.so diode_1185.so
divider_1186.so dj_eq_1901.so dj_flanger_1438.so
dyson_compress_1403.so fad_delay_1192.so fast_lookahead_limiter_1913.so
flanger_1191.so fmod_1656.so fm_osc_1415.so
foldover_1213.so foverdrive_1196.so freq_tracker_1418.so
gate_1410.so giant_flange_1437.so gong_1424.so
gong_beater_1439.so gsm_1215.so gverb_1216.so
hard_limiter_1413.so harmonic_gen_1220.so hermes_filter_1200.so
highpass_iir_1890.so hilbert_1440.so imp_1199.so
impulse_1885.so interpolator_1660.so inv_1429.so
jamincont_1912.so karaoke_1409.so latency_1914.so
lcr_delay_1436.so lowpass_iir_1891.so lp4pole_1671.so
ls_filter_1908.so matrix_ms_st_1421.so matrix_spatialiser_1422.so
matrix_st_ms_1420.so mbeq_1197.so mod_delay_1419.so
multivoice_chorus_1201.so notch_iir_1894.so phasers_1217.so
pitch_scale_1193.so pitch_scale_1194.so plate_1423.so
pointer_cast_1910.so product_1668.so pulse_1645.so
quantiser100_2029.so quantiser20_2027.so quantiser50_2028.so
random_1661.so rate_shifter_1417.so ratio_2034.so
retro_flange_1208.so revdelay_1605.so ringmod_1188.so
satan_maximiser_1408.so sawtooth_1641.so sc1_1425.so
sc2_1426.so sc3_1427.so sc4_1882.so
sc4m_1916.so se4_1883.so sequencer16_1677.so
sequencer32_1676.so sequencer64_1675.so shaper_1187.so
sifter_1210.so sin_cos_1881.so single_para_1203.so
sinus_wavewrapper_1198.so smooth_decimate_1414.so split_1406.so
square_1643.so step_muxer_1212.so sum_1665.so
surround_encoder_1401.so svf_1214.so sync_pulse_2023.so
sync_square_1678.so tap_autopan.so tap_chorusflanger.so
tap_deesser.so tap_doubler.so tap_dynamics_m.so
tap_dynamics_st.so tap_echo.so tape_delay_1211.so
tap_eqbw.so tap_eq.so tap_limiter.so
tap_pinknoise.so tap_pitch.so tap_reflector.so
tap_reverb.so tap_rotspeak.so tap_sigmoid.so
tap_tremolo.so tap_tubewarmth.so tap_vibrato.so
tracker_2025.so transient_1206.so triangle_1649.so
triple_para_1204.so valve_1209.so valve_rect_1405.so
vynil_1905.so wave_terrain_1412.so xfade_1915.so

helping Wiki for help | IF SendSpace link = "dead" THEN PM me ("up file to http://meownplanet.net/")
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Joined: 23 May 2010
Posts: 2502
Location: near here

PostPosted: Thu 20 Sep 2012, 10:50    Post_subject:  

the PET file is likely to be removed soon, PM me if you want it. Cool
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