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Lupu_528-005 remaster live CD: Pwidgets not copied to liveCD
Moderators: Flash, Ian, JohnMurga
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Joined: 03 Jun 2012
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Location: Philippines

PostPosted: Thu 21 Jun 2012, 01:15    Post subject:  Lupu_528-005 remaster live CD: Pwidgets not copied to liveCD  

In lupu_528-005, Pwidgets is not copied when remastering a live CD. It has to be done manually. When the remaster program asks to inspect /tmp/root, copy /.pwidgets to /tmp/root and continue.
This should be corrected in a next version?

If the liveCD is started up with pfix=ram, Pwidgets does not show up. In Setup/Remove built in packages it is not shown. Neither are other user-installed packages, e.g. X11VNC.
However, these user-installed packages are available in their respective menus. To get Pwidgets on display, open Menu-Desktop-Desktop Settings-Pwidgets tiny desktop apps and change something followed by Apply. This brings Pwidgets on display.
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Joined: 24 Aug 2005
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Location: Maine, USA

PostPosted: Mon 02 Jul 2012, 13:10    Post subject:  

When I refined the remaster script for lucid pup 5.2.8, I probably went beyond the design goal by adding some "personalization" items to the remaster. I have since concluded that remastering results are to be either a generic puppy or one ("customized") specific to the hardware configuration of the PC doing the remaster. There is no indication of intent to make a "personalized" remaster. But all is not lost, if package-creators include indications of the data/configuration files generated by the package.

The remasterer uses the ".files" files produced when a package is installed, which contain the paths for all files included in the package. It has no way of knowing what the packages may do as they are being installed (pinstall scripts) or what might happen after installation. The remasterer copies all files listed in the .files files.

To allow the remasterer to copy the generated files, the packager could include null dummy files for those created by the pinstall script. But to do that for user-selected configuration data would constitute a sneaky personalization of the remaster, which could cause unwanted behavior by the remaster disk.

However, some users have found a way to make a totally personalized remaster, for the purpose of making a "boot disk" to be used without ever saving personal data automatically. I adapted the lupu528 remasterer to support that technique. To do this, replace totally the /root and /etc directories in /tmp with the current version of those directories (when given the opportunities). Note that this technique has not been endorsed by Barry Kauler, so should be considered as experimental.

If you choose to try this boot-disk technique but want to create a pupsave file with the remaster disk, after booting with it, simply delete this file:
before shutting down or rebooting again. This need be done only once if using lupuplus; with the regular lupu528-005 you will need to remove the file again after the first reboot that creates the pupsave file (due to a bug fixed only in the "plus" versions, so far).

Don't expect "personalization" of some sort to be done by the remasterer beyond lupu528 unless Barry decides to add that to his design of the remasterer.
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Joined: 14 Oct 2005
Posts: 6730
Location: Earth

PostPosted: Mon 02 Jul 2012, 16:17    Post subject:  

I have found that on some distro, I have had to copy the root + etc in an effort to get a "Remaster" that contains the packages that were installed in the base system and to have it contain associated customizations.

But, on at least a few occasions, even this did NOT generate the system that existed prior to Remaster.

JamesBond, is experimenting with a little different approach as he provides with FATDOG600.

My biggest feeling about the process is that we should have either an option or a method to re-create the running system into a bootable ISO with ALL of its contents. Maybe, it not be called Remaster, but be called something which would reflect the "copying" of the running system.

I also have thought that the current wizard approaches used in Puppy leads much to much into the trial and error approach to this effort versus an easy approach that is straight forward and clear.

I do understand that the developers set-forth what they felt is a good approach to providing a remaster and once one has used if multiple times, a comfort level is achieved that allows satisfaction "most" of the time.

I feel that the process could be improved if there was a single form (with drop-downs) versus all of the wizards screens that one has to go thru. (But, that bring a brand-new way of looking at addressing remaster versus its current method. Not being a developer, there may be obstacles for developing single-screen, form-based apps with the current standard Puppy development tools).

The current wizard does do a lot to try to convey some understanding in the progression thru the remaster process. Its helpful, but, I understand the frustration we feel when we think we understand only to find out later in the progression that an earlier step probably should have been answered differently.

I can see both sides of this service needs. i understand. And,I'm sure that greater skilled individuals are looking into methods of improvement.

Puppy is maturing.

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