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Mage 2 is great so far but my frugal install on hdd reboot
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Joined: 05 May 2011
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PostPosted: Mon 03 Sep 2012, 09:38    Post_subject:  Mage 2 is great so far but my frugal install on hdd reboot
Sub_title: Mage 2 Save file not being loaded on reboot

Mage 2 is great installed many things but many dependencies even though used examine dependencies still not fixed. Is there some way to manually add dependencies missing in either puppy package manager or via terminal with devxx file? Also, although I installed Mage 2 beta 1.9,9,0 and it is loading fine, it will not load my save file although it is showing up on drive and is ext 2 on ext 2 boot partition. It is looking for puppy files but normal menu showing save files with option to load one is not showing up. I have another 2 gb ext 2 save file on partition sda1 from dpup exprimo on same partition but it is not finding either save file. Any way to fix this so I wil not have to reinstall software and create new save file? Everything but above is working though and overall great puppy puplet. Great job!
Looking forward to QT pup? Will have what in it? Will it be using KDE plasma desktop? Difficult as it is so huge. I only have 1 GB of ram want to upgrade and try KDE 4 on puppy. Please help with above. Any more info on compiling on puppy. Have devxx file. I read compiling on puppy but got used to doing it on other distros and have not compiled anything on puppy but would like to. This is great distro been using puppy for about 2 years. Love it except for could use pupget like lucid version that has common puppy packages already precompiled. Saves time! Any place to get more wallpapers and icon sets. Would like to use e17 and windowmaker downloaded but cannot load save file so far. Please assist as it will save me time if I do not have to recreate save file and reload software. I think the fact that i have more than one save file in partition is causing confusion. However, on other builds in the past the save files were picked up in menu and you just loaded the right one. Overall, great puplet with just these minor problems fixed. I had same initial problems with dpup exprimo and loading save file except for latest version. Have not checked for since I loaded latest mage 2 file. Thanks for all your hard work! Looking forward to QT puppy!

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Joined: 22 Nov 2010
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PostPosted: Mon 03 Sep 2012, 12:46    Post_subject:  

Kathy, it would be helpful if you could edit your original post here, so that it's not all one paragraph. I can't really understand what you're asking or telling because it's all lumped together in a big pile of confusion.

If you're asking for help, I would request the make/model of your computer, as well as exactly what puppy you're using (eg Slacko Puppy 533) and detailed but legible description of the problem.


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PostPosted: Wed 05 Sep 2012, 23:20    Post_subject:  

And this should really be in the Mage 2 thread or as a bug in the bugs topic area.

However to try to help I need some details:

Lets start with:- "although I installed Mage 2 beta 1.9,9,0 and it is loading fine, it will not load my save file although it is showing up on drive and is ext 2 on ext 2 boot partition",
1-Where did the savefile come from, was it created by the 1.9.90 Beta or did the savefile come from an earlier mage 2 alpha or elsewhere, and what format did you use (type,security,etc)?
2-If you click on the savefile via Rox, what is the error message given?
3- if you look in /tmp/xerrs.log, is their any guidance help.
4- you DO have enough ram on the box to load both the mage2 .sfs and the savefile contents, I take it, savefile won't load otherwise.
5- can you attach the Lighthouse sys-info report please.

It should be installing all dependancies if you ask it to do so when installing the packages via the PPM! What are not?

Barry has a very good page on building/compiling for puppy on the wikka.

Qtpuppy will have jwm and razorqt as desktops, although I am also looking at another 'lite' qt5 wm/desktop under development as a possability.

Puppy T290 - BarryK's Racy but with T2 Version 9.0 is suspended since barry is back. I'm going back to designing and building myzt2 a Puppy Wayland-X.
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