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Making an icon (solution)
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Joined: 10 Jan 2009
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Location: Hamilton, Canada

PostPosted: Sat 29 Sep 2012, 00:42    Post_subject:  Making an icon (solution)
Sub_title: for pschedule or whatever

I like using pschedule but didn't want to access it via the plan icon on the Slacko desktop so I had to figure out how to set up an icon for it. There doesn't seem to be any direct instruction but here is the method that worked and should work for you in most cases.

Like in windows you need to find the app file. I used pfind to find all pschedule related files. Some threads suggest that you are looking for a gear shaped icon - but i found no such file. What I did find was related file in a directory full of icons at /usr/share/applications. The filename is pschedule.desktop - similar for many other apps. I just dragged it to the desktop and voila, a working icon. I understand it's the same thing with the gear shaped files - drag drop and rename as desired (right click/ select edit). Please correct if wrong on the latter or if there's a better method for this basic task, or add in special cases as needed for other newbies.

1. Dell Dimension E521, AMD Athln 64, 2 GHz 1.93GB ram,
Puppy 533 on CD, accesses flash drive only,
FFox Nightly12.0
2. Compaq P3 733Hz 375RAM
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Sky Aisling

Joined: 27 Jun 2009
Posts: 1029
Location: Port Townsend, WA. USA

PostPosted: Sat 29 Sep 2012, 13:22    Post_subject: Making an icon (solution)  

I use Lucid puppies. Slacko puppy procedure may vary.

You can *set* an icon of your choice this way:

Right click a desktop icon.
Choose *file* then choose *set icon*

You can place any icon you want in the box.

Also, in your *home* file, look in *Puppy Reference* for icons of various sizes.
Or make your own with MtPaint or other graphic program.
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Joined: 06 Nov 2008
Posts: 809
Location: the Western Reserve

PostPosted: Sun 30 Sep 2012, 17:25    Post_subject:
Sub_title: icons - signal flags of the good ship Puppy

Hi canbyte (long time no see, guy)

Yep, drag'n'drop a *.desktop file to many places works dandy (I just redid some in rox's OpenWith that way but you have to know whether relative or absolute symlinking works best for your particular setup). They're not actual icons (*.desktop files) but they do give the Icon=* line inside.

Puppy has lots of places for icons (usually but not always the app-name followed by format/extension) - it can be fun hunting them down, especially the 'correct' one (like for pmount as it shows in titlebars etc). Some apps and window managers come with their own sets (bonus!), very useful for if you want a better-looking/unique calculator icon rather than some humdrum generic Neutral to spiff things up.

Of course it all tends to get complex and some icons' sizes are not negligible (particularly big fancy 128x128 ones .. does anyone use those at that size?). Scaling can be hit or miss (using a bigger icon in a smaller space, usually) in some instances.

Some debate on which format to use and why. Personally I like unique icons for apps so I can read an icon-ized menu at-a-glance without having to read text - geany's a teapot, leafpad's a leaf, rox is a funny looking bluish folder (according to the .DirIcon inside ROX-Filer, anyway) and so on. Even if they're tiny images the at-a-glance speed advantage holds up well.

Making/converting/scaling icons can be somewhat of an art - get and reference your mtPaint handbook for those sometimes troublesome issues (transparency among other things) Smile
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