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How to save only personal settings without session data
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Joined: 29 Dec 2012
Posts: 4

PostPosted: Sat 29 Dec 2012, 11:27    Post_subject:  How to save only personal settings without session data
Sub_title: I want to save just personal settings without saving each sessions data

I am recently started using puppy linux seriously.
I want to store just peronal settiings ( timezone, screen resolution and tnetwork config ) but for that sfs file is created which automatically stores each sessions data. The file size grows very big occupying disk space. For me session data is not at all required. When I use any pet just for once it occupies space in save file. I do not know which files to delete from save file.
Can anybody tell me exactly which files store personal settings so that I can delete other files to shrink it. Also is there any other way to store just personal settings in the puppy ?
Or is there any way to tell puppy not to save automatically and ask every time ?
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Joined: 11 Oct 2008
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Location: qld

PostPosted: Sat 29 Dec 2012, 11:43    Post_subject:  

Hmmm... (and welcome Smile )

What you want [ Question ] is to "save to floppy"...

Now, that doesn't necessarily mean you have to save to a physical floppy disk but there is an option in the save routine that does exactly what you want.

If you do have a floppy drive try it, then remaster. I am guessing that's what you are after. Else, just boot, save only exactly what you want and then remaster.

If using a USB install there are tutorials around here that may help with what you want. Search.

Have fun!

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Joined: 21 Sep 2010
Posts: 493
Location: Oslo, Norway

PostPosted: Sun 30 Dec 2012, 12:40    Post_subject:  

Hi smelling_for_good, I recognize your problem, even if I see it from another angle.

I run from a multisession live-CD/DVD only, and I use the same disk in several machines, and have to use the wizard to set all things like resolution/language/keyboard, every time I boot.

My problem is, that if I want to save some small changes in an application, and write it to the CD/DVD on logout, the save process also records all my wizard settings. Consequently, the next time I try to boot on another machine, with for example an older screen/graphic card that cannot handle the saved resolution, the puppy refuses to start up normally.

One very interesting approach to the problem, is the possibility to save a hardware profile for each PC you use. Initial work is going on, and will hopefully result in an application usable in all puppy versions in the future. I recommend to follow the process in this link:

Puppy 5.2.8 with hardware profile selection?


True freedom is a live Puppy on a multisession CD/DVD.
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Joined: 06 Nov 2008
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Location: the Western Reserve

PostPosted: Sun 30 Dec 2012, 13:33    Post_subject:
Sub_title: save/nosave for frugal and..

@smelling_for_good - "exactly which files store personal settings" covers a wide range of files (both for machine as tallboy mentions and also personal prefs and configs, most of those in /root dir), so it would depend on just how much of your machine/personal data is desired and if you use only one machine or more. Most config files are fairly small, it's the additional dotpets and cache that adds up (see last link for some ideas on how to minimize savefile size).

a few HOWTO (Solutions) links..
Remove automatic pupsave for frugal installs
Shutdown without updating savefile. Alternative method
HOWTO stop puppy from saving when shutting down.

Keep your savefile slim and healthy

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Joined: 29 Dec 2012
Posts: 4

PostPosted: Mon 31 Dec 2012, 12:09    Post_subject: I could not save on floppy
Sub_title: reply to replies

Thank you every body for answering my question. Each suggestion is good.
when I tried to save my first ession on Lucid 5.28 it did not show floppy drive for saving session although there was formated floppy in FDD and was already mounted.
So, how Can I make puppy to save it on the floppy ?
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Official Dog Handler

Joined: 04 May 2005
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Location: Arizona USA

PostPosted: Wed 02 Jan 2013, 08:51    Post_subject:  

Smelling_for_good, I don't know the answer to your question about floppys. I do think running Puppy from a multisession CD or DVD is the answer to your problem as I understand it. CDs are pretty cheap, but if you have a CD-RW, you could use it if you don't want to risk wasting a CD. Why not give it a try? I use Menu -> Multimedia -> Burniso2cd to burn multisession CDs, but Pburn works too.
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