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Joined: 24 Sep 2006
Posts: 616

PostPosted: Mon 25 Sep 2006, 17:08    Post subject:  

Bm wrote:
I am in favour of a warning and even a bit more (work for moderators)
When such a post in gibberish is seen, answer with a request to translete and in the meantime block the post util 'translated' decently.

i'm a regular reader of posts on the reactos forum, where many non-english-speaking europeans that are experts on ros help people with technical questions. no one gives them a hard time for bad english, so the only question in my mind is whether you want to penalize people that do it on purpose.

as someone that doesn't bother to capitalize anything when typing (i think it's a waste personally... BUT AT LEAST IT'S NOT THIS) everyone has the choice whether to ignore me or read my posts. this is a volunteer forum, no one here is paid to help people.

like most people, i find an overabundance of aol-speak pretty irritating, but you can be irritated about all kinds of things if you want to be. if you are already "tolerating" the true blessing of an international forum, with people speaking varying degrees of english, why make an example out of anyone?

help who you can help easily, and go out of your way for the people you want to go out of your way for, and leave everyone else alone, unless they do something to you. you're a volunteer, no one is putting you out. why demand people meet your expectations for english speaking, when no one is making you read anything they say? of course what i used to hear was "you're in america! speak english!" and i always thought it was pretty obnoxious. "no aol speak, for god's sake!" is a step up from there, but it doesn't make a lot more sense to me, or seem to be all that different.

after all, technically anyone can learn, and use, proper english. i don't see why i would force that here, or anywhere else. typing doesn't come easily to all of us, and i'd rather see people typing in a way they can handle than thinking computers are useless for communication. as they get more proficient, they will probably type better- unless they think everyone online is a snob and just go back to worshiping cable tv. i'm glad there are more people online than ever- despite the nominal aesthetic comprimises.

on the other hand, on the rare occasion that someone is having trouble with a sms message on here, and they'd like a translation, i'm happy to help when i can. just say "hey, amish... i don't wanna read this one!" and i hope the lack of caps in the translation won't put you out too much.
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Joined: 24 Aug 2005
Posts: 13648
Location: Karlsruhe, Germany

PostPosted: Mon 25 Sep 2006, 17:25    Post subject:  

I find this slang much more difficult to understand than the english of 15 year old vietname users (which has grammatical mistakes of course, but is astonishingly good).

I really like to help the vietnamese phantrongnghia, because he undertakes some efforts trying to make it easy for me, to understand what he wants.
I even use the dictionary, if he uses a "wrong" word, to understand what he intentionally meant.

But if someone throws in an unmotivated manner some hard to understand words (gangsta-slang), I find it quite unpolite especially concerning non-native english speaking guys like me.

So I usually ignore such messages, and don't waste my time trying to understand them.

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Joined: 31 Aug 2006
Posts: 84
Location: India

PostPosted: Fri 29 Sep 2006, 11:27    Post subject: Left overs fron Telegram times  

I wholly agree with you. I earned my engineering degree 35 years ago. I never had the need to to use a type weriter since we were required to PRINT our reports like in engineering drawings and that too with pencil. So the first time I sat at the keyboard was in front of a PC. I am no great typist either.

I can accept sms type of short cuts for characters like y, r, u, 2, b4, u, y, b, 4 which sound close to or same as the words they replace. But some of the short cuts/abbreviations are atrocious.

I remember times when the charge for a telegram was based on number of words under 6 characters or part thereof. One did tend to cut cost but sounds ridiculous in today's times.

I can quite understand the difficulties of people whose entire education was in their native language. It would be like greek or latin to me. So one need only try and help them in difficulties if so inclined, otherwise keep away from the topic.
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