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An impressive duo for processing flat DBs: csvfix & CSVpad
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Joined: 09 Feb 2011
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PostPosted: Sat 18 Feb 2017, 23:43    Post subject:  

musher0 wrote:
Hello ac2011.

Here is csvfix-1.20 (goes back to 2013) for Puppy:
I dug it out of an old repository I had.

Works fine from terminal on Wary-5.5.

Thanks musher0, much obliged. That's working fine here and does what I need. I did try compiling 1.60 on various other Puppies but couldn't create any version that works on Wary. This'll do fine, though - thanks again.
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Joined: 04 Jan 2009
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Location: Gatineau (Qc), Canada

PostPosted: Sun 19 Feb 2017, 01:39    Post subject:  

My pleasure, ac2011! Smile
Je suis né pour aimer et non pas pour haïr. (Sophocle) /
I was born to love and not to hate. (Sophocles)
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Joined: 04 Jan 2009
Posts: 14771
Location: Gatineau (Qc), Canada

PostPosted: Thu 08 Mar 2018, 03:34    Post subject:  


Here is csvfix for XenialPup7.

To recreate the complete pet for it from the sections provided below, please open a
terminal in the download directory and type:
cat xa*7.pet csvfix-1.60_93804d497be6-XenPup7.pet
I realize this is an inconvenience. On the other hand one does not have to run to
"Devil's Corner" and back to fetch the material.


What is particular in this version:
-- strangely, developer Neil Butterworth has not changed the version number. It is
still version 1.60;

-- however this one is dated 2015, and compiles with a library that was not there
before, AFAICT;

-- I ran all the tests provided and only one function "seems" to be broken, "shuffle."
(Test results are attached.) I ran them a couple of times to make sure, but there
was still one error. I'm not sure if that is due to a conversion fault on my part. (I
converted all the tests and corrections files from WhineDose to Unix format.) Test
reports on the various csvfix functions will then be much appreciated from your side.)

-- I devised a special rxvt terminal to the colors of the csvfix logo. When you will
click on the csvfix entry in your menu, this terminal will open. Simply type:

csvfix help
csv help <function>
in that terminal to get started.

-- There is also a menu entry for the csvfix docs. Those will open in your browser
when you click on that entry. May I suggest that you work your csv file(s) with the
csvfix terminal and the csvfix docs side-by-side for easy reference.

-- I translated the csvfix logo from *.ico to *.png.


Now having more experience with Puppy and Linux, I fully realize that some of the
csvfix functions are not really needed in a Linux environment, i.e., in presence of
the awk language, and also of the sqlite3, paste, nl, join, cat, head, etc., utilities,
which PuppyLinux provides OOTB.

Nevertheless, IMO, csvfix preserves some advantages:
-- it is a complete environment devoted to csv processing, and

-- its documentation is absolutely superb. In short, you do not need to know the
complete ins and outs of some GNU/Linux utilities to take advantage of csvfix,
simply the basics of csv databasing;

-- finally, csvfix is multi-platform: it runs on WhineDose and Linux. Some users may
appreciate not having to learn another set of commands to process csv files when
they have to switch platforms. (As much as I love Linux, I am also realistic.)


So there you go. In the coming days, I will revive the dead URLs on the previous
pages, so Puppyists will lesser versions than the XenialPup7 can once again use

Feedback appreciated.



P. S. 1) The csvfix development site is now at the following bitbucket URL:

2) Test results from the "runalltests" script:
PASSED ab.test
PASSED atable.test
PASSED block.test
PASSED case.test
PASSED check.test
PASSED dates.test
PASSED diff.test
PASSED echo.test
PASSED edit.test
PASSED erase.test
PASSED escape.test
PASSED evalextra.test
PASSED eval.test
PASSED exclude.test
Execution problem with exec.test - please correct
PASSED fileinfo.test
PASSED find.test
PASSED fixed.test
PASSED flatten.test
PASSED fmerge.test
PASSED from_xml.test
PASSED headtail.test
PASSED inter.test
PASSED join.test
PASSED map.test
PASSED mdflat.test
PASSED merge.test
PASSED mline.test
PASSED money.test
PASSED multi.test
PASSED number.test
PASSED order.test
PASSED osep.test
PASSED out_join.test
PASSED pad.test
PASSED pivot.test
PASSED printf.test
PASSED put.test
PASSED read_dsv.test
PASSED retsep.test
PASSED rmnew.test
PASSED rowsort.test
PASSED sequence.test
FAILED shuffle.test
PASSED skippass.test
PASSED smoke.test
PASSED sort.test
PASSED specquote.test
PASSED splitlen.test
PASSED splitregex.test
PASSED split.test
PASSED splittrans.test
PASSED sql_delete.test
PASSED sql_insert.test
PASSED sql_update.test
PASSED squash.test
PASSED stat.test
PASSED summary.test
PASSED template.test
PASSED toxml.test
PASSED trim.test
PASSED unique.test
PASSED val_fields.test
PASSED wmulti.test
PASSED write_dsv.test

1 failed, 64 passed
 Description   A convenient csvfix terminal.
 Filesize   229.56 KB
 Viewed   222 Time(s)


Description  The csvfix docs.

Filename  csvfix-1.60_DOC.pet 
Filesize  174.86 KB 
Downloaded  251 Time(s) 
Description  The formula to re-attach these three parts is in the body of the above post.

Filename  xaa-csvfix-1.60_93804d497be6-XenPup7.pet 
Filesize  185.28 KB 
Downloaded  253 Time(s) 

Filename  xab-csvfix-1.60_93804d497be6-XenPup7.pet 
Filesize  185.28 KB 
Downloaded  244 Time(s) 

Filename  xac-csvfix-1.60_93804d497be6-XenPup7.pet 
Filesize  185.28 KB 
Downloaded  243 Time(s) 

Je suis né pour aimer et non pas pour haïr. (Sophocle) /
I was born to love and not to hate. (Sophocles)
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