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PostPosted: Thu 25 May 2017, 02:18    Post subject:  move-a-running-application-to-a-different-x-server  

Someone posted the following on the FMS ( a usenet like application for freenet) linux board:

NoXE wrote:

Sharaf_Xianghua wrote:

Xorg Forwarding seems to run on a different display then that of a
desktop. Say I'm running a program on the desktop and I'm logged
into the same computer via SSH with Xorg forwarding but on a
seperate display. Is there a way to change the display of a running
program so that I can view it with my SSH tunnel?

Having a quick look at StackExchange gave a number of suggestions:

slm wrote on StackExchange:

If you look at the Wikipedia page on the subject there are several
apps mentioned. Xmove


xmove is a computer program that allows the movement of X Window
System applications between different displays and the persistence
of X applications across X server restarts.[4] It solves a problem
in the design of X, where an X client (an X application) is tied
to the X server (X display) it was started on for its lifetime.
Also, if the X server is shut down, the client application is
forced to stop running.

xmove lets the client disconnect from its current X server, and
connect to a new one, at any time. The transition is completely
transparent to the client. xmove works by acting as a proxy
between the client and server. It is a "pseudoserver" which stores
enough server state so that clients can connect to a new server
without being disrupted.



xpra or X Persistent Remote Applications is a tool which allows
you to run X clients usually on a remote host and then direct
their display to your local machine without losing any state.1

It differs from standard X forwarding in that it allows
disconnection and reconnection without disrupting the forwarded
application. It differs from VNC and similar remote display
technologies in that xpra is rootless: i.e., applications
forwarded by xpra appear on your desktop as normal windows managed
by your window manager, rather than being all "trapped in a box
together". Xpra also uses a custom protocol that is self-tuning
and relatively latency-insensitive, and thus is usable over worse
links than standard X.



guievict is a computer program which enables the GUI of any
application for XFree86 implementation of X Window to be
transparently migrated to or replicated on another display. Unlike
some program providing similar functionalities, it requires
neither prearranging steps such as re-linking the application
program binary nor re-directing the application process's window
system communication through a proxy like xmove does.

Guievict is based on a small X server extension that enables an
application to retrieve its window state from the X server and a
library of GUI migration functionality that is injected in the
application process at run time. Code injection or runtime
code-patching can be done via the DynInst API. However, guievict
contains its own implementation to avoid requiring users to
install DynInst.

Of the 3 of these, Guievict sounds like what you're looking for,
mainly that it can checkpoint the state of X application AppX and
migrate it to another X server where it can be restored.


I don't have any personal experience with any of the programmes so I
can not give any advice on these programmes.

I think it would be very cool to have one of the above programs on puppylinux Smile At the moment I'm interested in it for fatdog64 but I also use the ubuntu variants of puppylinux.
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