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mtPaint - Simple paint tutorial
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PostPosted: Wed 09 May 2018, 09:33    Post subject:  

Whilst all the Puppy 'bloat' i.e. jwmdesktop manager is nice, I find that actually conflicts with a good setup IMO. jwm tray doesn't cater for dragging files to icons in the jwm tray, whereas rox panel does. With all the startup command and jwm/windows configuration in a single .jwmrc file its relatively easy when you have a copy of the associated jwm versions configuration file/document (and a bit of XML skill) to admin/configure things exactly as you'd like.

The way Puppy is structured however with jwm split out and auto-regenerating etc. that can screw up (overwrite) a good manually configured setup. So you have to de-bloat Puppy Smile

jwm doesn't support drag/drop across desktops/pinboards either. Personally multiple desktops IMO are only useful if you have multiple monitors, otherwise multiple pinboards can work just as well and you can arrange things to drag/drop across pinboards.

Reducing down the width of the jwm panel and putting that on top of a rox panel is a good combination, as you can drag programs to the rox panel to create a icon, move them around using the middle mouse click/drag and once in place drag/drop files onto them to open up the file using that program. Whilst still having the jwm panel also as per normal (but just reduced width). Leave windows maximised and just flip between them by selecting them in the jwm panel, and that's like having desktop icons in the rox panel so visible even when a window is maximised. Also eliminates the buggy jwmdesktop type issues.

I like to have one desktop/pinboard specifically for 'computer' that contains desktop icons to documentation and to configuration files, so I can just flip to that pinboard in order to make system configuration changes. Another I typically use for bookmarks/web, i.e. switch to that and click a desktop icon as a web link (showdesktop and click another to open another link). Another pinboard for documents/office files/programs, another for music/multimedia ... and that's pretty much it (I also like to have a empty pinboard that I use as a scratchpad/current work/general).

The downside is that the jwm menu isn't auto-updated as programs are installed/removed, however the pinboards in effect become the 'menu' so its relatively easy to add/remove things from those manually. The menu in effect is relegated and not used that often, so much so I don't have a menu button at all, I just set the clock to show the menus when the clock is clicked.

RISC (reduced instruction set computer) on X-Windows (ROX) is great for a mouse heavy style (drag and drop). Shame that its lapsed. Puppy goes some way to avoid it totally fading. jwm is still maintained/updated, but isn't the ideal partner (would be better if its panels supported drag/drop along with dragging/dropping across desktops/pinboards). Supplemented with golden oldies such as mtpaint and the new inroads into running a browser in a container/restricted user (EasyOS) whilst running non internet local things as root and that's a great collective set. The broader general standard Puppy layout/structure however detracts from that IMO. Yes jwmdesktop click to configure options are nice, but tend to lock you into a particular general desktop layout - that isn't the best layout choice IMO.
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PostPosted: Tue 16 Oct 2018, 08:30    Post subject:  

Hello all.

I finally found the new way to use mtpaint as a viewer, after a couple of
fruitless days trying to make the officially documented ways work.

The answer was in the README in the latest version of mtpaint:
After installation you can create a symlink to add a viewer command, e.g.

su -c "ln -s mtpaint /usr/local/bin/mtv"

Then you can open some graphics files with "mtv *.jpg". This is
a shortcut to writing "mtpaint -v *.jpg". mtPaint can only edit
one image at a time, but when you have more than one filename in
the command line a window will appear with all of the filenames
in a list. If you select one of the names, it will be loaded.
I find this is helpful for editing several icons or digital photos.

mtv *.<picture type>
is the new way to use mtpaint as a viewer.

The old ways
mtpaint -v *.jpg
mtpaint *.jpg
do not work anymore.

In Puppy, the symbolic link "mtv" is achieved as follows from console:
cd /usr/bin
ln -s mtpaint mtv
Then you simply drill down into your image
directory and type
mtv *.jpg
or whatever image type, and you have all the image files in the listing on
the right, ready for editing.

You can make yourself a wrapper for this, with its own *.desktop file,
if you hate typing in console.

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