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many browsers 64bit SFS - StretchDog64 ,DebDog64 squashfs
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Joined: 01 Mar 2015
Posts: 137

PostPosted: Thu 02 Feb 2017, 05:22    Post subject:  many browsers 64bit SFS - StretchDog64 ,DebDog64 squashfs
Subject description: runs as user puppy -Firefox,Iron ,Iridium,Vivaldi,Opera,Palemoon,Seamonkey and more in SFS format

For latest version check the end of this thread.

Note these where made from debian 64bit files. You can try renaming *squashfs to .sfs to see if it works in your 64bit linux. I actually used the script dir2sfs to create them and then just renamed the file to squashfs.

I hope some people find them useful.

chromium-55.0.2883.75-1~deb8u1.squashfs https://1fichier.com/?h7zd2fdxfe

firefox-esr-l10n-el45.4.0_apt2sfs.squashfs https://1fichier.com/?u4lrxpdvkx

qupzilla_slimjet161018_DebDog64_apt2sfs.squashfs https://1fichier.com/?k4o0pm6tfc (2 more browsers) Tested and working ok
iridium-browser_46.0.2490_v02.squashfs https://1fichier.com/?gpnrlx65hk Seems very stable
opera-stable_41.0.2353.56_amd64_v02.squashfs https://1fichier.com/?s92te5fz98 Seems very stable
chromium-53.0.2785.143.squashfs https://1fichier.com/?6hdot4qbw9
adobe-flashplugin_20161108symlinks03b.squashfs (if you want flash enable for those) https://1fichier.com/?ngcm7n1gko

adobe-flashplugin24.0.0.194_170131symlinks04b.squashfs (I have put the flash .so files in all possible localtions that various browsers use) https://1fichier.com/?g2rt7d0zzj

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Joined: 01 Mar 2015
Posts: 137

PostPosted: Tue 28 Mar 2017, 05:22    Post subject:  

updated flash :
adobe-flashplugin25.0.0.127_170315symlink https://1fichier.com/?62n7thhvyb
I noticed that in in newest Chromium you might need to visit [url]chrome://plugins[/url] and activate adobe flash manually (check "Always allowed to run" ) in order to work. The command line switch (for automatic activation) did not work.

Cyberfox-51.0.3.en-US.linux-x86_64 : https://1fichier.com/?tomr0makgy

firefox-mozilla-build_51.0.1-0_amd64 https://1fichier.com/?6adn3bbam9

Note : all of the above files are setup to run as user "puppy"
(su - puppy -c "firefox"   )

you could try and use firejail to run the above browsers:
firejail-tools_0.9.44.8_1_amd64 https://1fichier.com/?02yy085joi

I suspect these should work in Ububtu64bit based puppies but I haven't tried them yet. If you try them please report here

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Joined: 01 Mar 2015
Posts: 137

PostPosted: Mon 30 Oct 2017, 15:38    Post subject: StretchDog64-2017-07-04.iso squashfs/sfs Many browsers  

newest versions of browsers
All are run as user PUPPY (command su - puppy -c "...")

opera,vivaldi,slim,iron,iridium will also need this :
libgconf-2-4_3.2.6-4+b1_amd64-stretch_deb.squashfs https://1fichier.com/?yz8zewxhqb

Most of them will need adobeflash :
- adobe-flashplugin26.0.0.137_170730symlinks04g.squashfs https://1fichier.com/?ny4h90usgo

- palemoon_27.4.1-repack-1_amd64-deb_v01 https://1fichier.com/?gj6dmv0e3r

- chromium_59.0.3071.86-1_amd64stretch.deb_v02_170802b_ok.squashfs https://1fichier.com/?w99skzm6xi
- google-talkplugin_current_amd64.deb_170905_v01_.squashfs https://1fichier.com/?6iyjgicx96

- opera-stable_48.0.2685.52_amd64.deb_v03a.squashfs https://1fichier.com/?r5p7filgm7

- SW iron : iron64_v61.3200.0_171003.deb_v01d.squashfs https://1fichier.com/?8g63quaccu

- vivaldi-stable_1.12.955.48-1_amd64.deb_v03c_ok.squashfs https://1fichier.com/?zozeyp2jj3

- dillo_3.0.5-3_amd64.deb_v02_libfltk.squashfs https://1fichier.com/?3rp6g5bijz

- firefox-mozilla-build_54.0.1-0ubuntu1_amd64.deb_v01ok.squashfs https://1fichier.com/?5xk8nnl72g

- iridium-browser_58.0-1iridium0_amd64-deb_v01.squashfs https://1fichier.com/?y9cx4zuetw

- skypeforlinux-64_170801d-deb_v01ok.squashfs https://1fichier.com/?remjlos8ty

And this is made with apt2sfs: qupzilla_1.8.9_with_Qt5_apt2sfs_StretchDog64.squashfs https://1fichier.com/?jucdpfec0p

And some older versions Made for Jessie DebianDog64 :
Cyberfox-51.0.3.en-US.linux-x86_64.deb.squashfs https://1fichier.com/?tomr0makgy
Cyberfox-52.4.0.en-US.linux-x86_64.deb.squashfs https://1fichier.com/?oldxaeq0t2
tor-browser-linux64-6.0.6_en-US.tar.xz_v001.squashfs https://1fichier.com/?4mxnns2bg8

I had the false idea that some of them had crash issues but I found recently that this was cause of a bad apt2sfs package I made.

Most of the other squashfs/sfs I use (for StretchDog64) are here : https://1fichier.com/dir/hw5uWJMs

You could try them in other puppies. Just rename *.squashfs to .SFS
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Joined: 01 Mar 2015
Posts: 137

PostPosted: Thu 16 Nov 2017, 06:56    Post subject: StretchDog64 Firefox 57 SFS  

firefox-57.0.tar.bz2_171116_v01.squashfs https://1fichier.com/?m750bjhcuk

Firefox with desktop menu entries for firejail, Saving to SDA1/download_linux folder and adobe flash

palemoon-27.6.2.en-US.linux-x86_64.tar.bz2_v01.squashfs https://1fichier.com/?5ptg3wtnp4

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Joined: 01 Mar 2015
Posts: 137

PostPosted: Sat 02 Jun 2018, 01:34    Post subject:  

My latest squashfs are these 2018-05-30 . Most of them are made with a modification of repo2sfs script :

NOTE these are all have options store data on changes.dat, sda1, sdb1 locations.
I mostly run my system with EXIT: (save on exit) option so, the sda1,sdb1 options provide persistence only to browsing data.

Chromium based:
chromium_66.0.3359.117-1~deb9u1_amd64_repo2sfs_sd64_v01.squashfs https://1fichier.com/?lfn6af4pl6
chromium_68.0.3440.75-1~deb9u1_amd64_repo2sfs_180831_v03.squashfs https://1fichier.com/?oeq6n9w2ugl53bssqfka
chromium_69.0.3497.92-1~deb9u1_amd64_repo2sfs_181011.squashfs https://1fichier.com/?uo891zst3x4zmar3y5kc

slimjet_amd64_19.0.1.0_repo2sfs_180530.squashfs https://1fichier.com/?kemmqhhvn4
SWIron : iron64_v66.0.3450-0_repo2sfs_180530.squashfs https://1fichier.com/?43f3gso86d
iridium-browser_2018.5.67-1iridium1_amd64_repo2sfs_180731.squashfs (upd180731 - added missing chrome-sandbox file that was missing from roiginal .deb file
brave-amd64-0.23.79-1_repo2sfs_180821v03__flash_prob.squashfs (Runs but I can't run flash apps) https://1fichier.com/?qamtrg85a3zmhd5g1jkq
vivaldi-stable_1.15.1147.55-1_amd64.deb_auto_v01_180725.squashfs https://1fichier.com/?yqb1y6m5wh5hk200al90

Mozilla based
firefox_61.0.1.tar.bz2_repo2sfs_v01_180725.squashfs https://1fichier.com/?iaj1gs6zlr0l84vi8y4r
palemoon_28.0.0_repack-2_amd64_repo2sfs_180817.squashfs (NEW) https://1fichier.com/?cnvlkbt0anixmka59aeo
waterfox-56.0.3.en-US.linux-x86_64.tar.bz2_apulse_v01.squashfs https://1fichier.com/?5onk52tmxn
Cyberfox-52.7.4.en-US.linux-x86_64_repo2sfs__v02prefsok_180516.squashfs https://1fichier.com/?39tk8t9jld

Flash that works will all above browsers (Note Flash warnings are NOT caused by the flash plugin they are caused by the newwer browsers - downgrade your browser to see,or run the old Iron64 browser I have included):
adobe-flashplugin29.0.0.171_180512symlinks05a_.squashfs https://1fichier.com/?s0vgf494qj
adobe-flashplugin30.0.0.154_180821symlinks06a.squashfs https://1fichier.com/?nhm1apggpomoivbqu18c

Web spider:
darcyripper1.2.3b5_20160105webspiderJava_v01b.squashfs https://1fichier.com/?yvaew6cfia

Firejail for secure browsing and F-Prot antivirus:
firejail-tools_0.9.54_1_amd64_deb_180731.squashfs https://1fichier.com/?bxldh0ck7x8tqx6wlo5i

fprot-fp-Linux.x86.32-ws_180729b_ok.squashfs https://1fichier.com/?4ppun43e75nihozuwitb

Flash-SWF Stuff:
An older version browser with flash included -only use for flash gaming (my plan is to use that to avoid the flash end-of-life issues with newer chromium browsers):
iron_flash64_v61.3200.0_171003.deb_v02b_withflash.squashfs (update 181010)https://1fichier.com/?gp3958d911dy3hv6lwcl

Decompile/Hack/Modify Flash files (I use this to make SWF game full screen my modifying scale):
jpexs-decompiler_swf_ffdec_11.0.0nightly1703_v03b.squashfs https://1fichier.com/?ok85nt17l4o1nnuzu8du

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Joined: 01 Mar 2015
Posts: 137

PostPosted: Thu 23 Aug 2018, 04:22    Post subject:  

The files marked as repo2sfs are made using a modified version or rcrsn51's repo2sfs (ver 2018-02-22)
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Joined: 01 Mar 2015
Posts: 137

PostPosted: Thu 25 Oct 2018, 08:56    Post subject:  

Minor update :

iron64_v66.0.3450-0_auto_v01_181020.squashfs https://1fichier.com/?v7qacw8b3gwbmq3qs173

firefox_62.0.2-i686el.tar.bz2_auto_v01b_180929.squashfs https://1fichier.com/?85hgz3oumwp2y7hk0101

adobe-flash32plugin31.0.0.108_180922directlinks07.squashfs https://1fichier.com/?d9p18bwvpey582tb63li

older ffox (been using this in old P4 cpus with 500MB ram to play flash games)
It is VERY stable.Been using this in combination with the adobe-flash32...squashfs for quite some time.
firefox-10.0.12esr.tar.bz2_auto_v01_180919.squashfs https://1fichier.com/?x549kq470yr8wc2v917l

Working but haven't tested them much (since ffox10 works with latest flash so good)
firefox-21.0b7__130507.tar.bz2_auto_v01_180919.squashfs https://1fichier.com/?aztbqg3x311hcq62giai
firefox-23.0b10__20130730.tar.bz2_auto_v01_180919.squashfs https://1fichier.com/?ewnuz1t4n1zggji8vnnd
firefox-24.8.1esr__140924.tar.bz2_auto_v01_180919.squashfs https://1fichier.com/?dr80z9zsybvvxkoufqu9
firefox-31.8.0esr__150625.tar.bz2_auto_v01_180919.squashfs https://1fichier.com/?4r4ty576rh84imhwjfnx
firefox-38.8.0esr__160421.tar.bz2_auto_v01_180919.squashfs https://1fichier.com/?k4a8vsc57n99ucs1evk1

firefox-mozilla-build_50.0-0ubuntu1_i386.deb_v02_noremote.squashfs https://1fichier.com/?mo3e5d23zxy3wejyh3iy
firefox_62.0.2-i686el.tar.bz2_auto_v02_181020-no-remote.squashfs https://1fichier.com/?iwfhwwg8dubfhk8qp60l
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Joined: 01 Mar 2015
Posts: 137

PostPosted: Wed 21 Aug 2019, 06:31    Post subject:  

updated SFS :
firefox_68.0.2.tar.bz2_auto_v01_190819.squashfs https://1fichier.com/?6de8u3f86qg4dpemhwos
opera-stable_62.0.3331.116_amd64.deb_auto_v01_190819.squashfs https://1fichier.com/?y44nfxos8q82xwe1vhfm
palemoon_28.6.1+repack-2_amd64.deb_auto_190819.squashfs https://1fichier.com/?8bvw4967jidtwpgeplck
slimjet_amd64.deb_23.0.10.0_auto_v01_190819.squashfs https://1fichier.com/?iva6xzw9rjieosxqxh8o
vivaldi-stable_2.6.1566.51-1_amd64.deb_auto_v01_190819.squashfs https://1fichier.com/?o24c07s9j7cx3duo433g
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Joined: 01 Mar 2015
Posts: 137

PostPosted: Wed 25 Mar 2020, 07:32    Post subject:  

updates SFS (for Debian 9 stretch)

palemoon_28.8.3+repack-1_amd64.deb_auto_v01_200220.squashfs https://1fichier.com/?4wz8wrdosg7qu64si1hx
Chromium taken from googleapis.com (not from the official debian repo -because it has old version)
chromium-83.0.4096.0-Linux_x64_753130_2020-03-25_v03.squashfs (Debian GLIBC 2.24-11+deb9u1)

seamonkey-2.53.1.en-US.linux-x86_64.tar.bz2_auto_v01_200325.squashfs https://1fichier.com/?7inx6nsgrmzcnaphwtld

And some teleconferencing software:
(EDIT)skypeforlinux-64_v8.58.0.93_200321__mod03.squashfs (runs as user puppy) https://1fichier.com/?3ci6kk53y32ckc0map3l (/edit)
zoom_amd64.deb.3.5.372466.0322_WithLibsDeps.squashfs https://1fichier.com/?5wttyitzzo6tj29anhr7
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