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Theme (Gtk-2) features in detail, revisited.
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Joined: 07 Mar 2015
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PostPosted: Mon 30 Oct 2017, 14:03    Post subject:  

Edit:repacked the package. Added some theme/size hints..


Found some programs tend to use "inactive" window state - when moved to another
desktop, so added "layer below" for the clock, to make it stick better to the wallpaper.. Confused

Also changed some namespace details for built-in clock face.
Should be easy now to export as clock_background.xpm from GIMP without
correcting with text-editor before compiling, .. I hope.


pclock-retro v0.13.1/modification-05

For now, it should be stated as test.. and I can't say more than it "appears" to work.
Replaced the scripts with internal methods to auto-store location and call the settings
window. I'm clearly missing the skills to write a proper code, so please have a look
at the provided source, if there's anything that needs to be fixed.

btw, gtkdialog(4) is not a real dependency, it could be replaced with anything that should
be started by right-mouseclick on the clock. Just place a link in
/root/my-applications/pclock-retro/bin/ and name it dialog1
Also, xwininfo/grep/awk are not used for detecting the location in this version.
As before, it can be started with commandline options or from the script
to ignore the stored location.


pclock-retro v0.13.1/modification-06

Added current date display. Some skins to support that feature.
Vertical and horizontal location of the date can be set on commandline or
from the theme file. Theme file is a script, open as text and edit as needed.. Wink

This modification makes some changes to file locations.
To update to new version:
- open settings window of clock
- remove Pclock-retro link from Startup folder (if set)
- close the clock and exit settings window
- uninstall the old version with PPM (Puppy Package Manager)
- install new version

For more info please see /root/my-applications/pclock-retro/source/README-MODIFIED-version,
aside from file location changes there are new short/long options that can be used
for theme files.
Executable is now "on path" , so typing in terminal:
pclock-retro -h
..will also list them.
Clock has built-in skin and default settings, and it can run with or without extra options
from command.

Have a nice day Smile

Added pclock_retro_mod-06_slacko32.pet below..
It has 32bit binary compiled in slacko- and
also a little different "startup/autostart" method.

In TahrPup605 and IceWM window manager, it appears that scripts or links in
/root/Startup are started, while in Slacko- only the *.desktop files that
are in /root/.config/autostart folder ( links in /root/Startup are ignored.. ? )

IceWM note.
Using IceWM as IceWM-Session on any system - with no matter what configuration,
one could just use /root/.icewm/startup file to start any number of applications.
For example, to autostart the clock:

/root/my-applications/pclock-retro/auto-start-pclock-retro &

..then make the file "executable".
Not all versions of IceWM may have that file, while most of them should
know what to do with it - that is what "-session" part does, aside from loading
systray etc.
Description  mod 06, slacko 32 bit version

Filename  pclock_retro_mod-06_slacko32bit.pet 
Filesize  97.54 KB 
Downloaded  83 Time(s) 
Description  mod 06, with current date display

Filename  pclock_retro_mod-06.pet 
Filesize  97.03 KB 
Downloaded  105 Time(s) 
 Description   screenshot for mod 06
 Filesize   46.46 KB
 Viewed   224 Time(s)


Last edited by torm on Sat 27 Jan 2018, 09:35; edited 2 times in total
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Joined: 11 Dec 2007
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PostPosted: Sat 18 Nov 2017, 23:56    Post subject:  

torm wrote:
Just add to:

Thanks for the pointers and the improvements Torm.

I installed pclock_retro_mod-04.pet after removing the earlier and then set it up using your code. Since I do not use a save file I have many of my .pets in an SFS file which I use with multiple Puppies, I did not want to modify any files which would override settings in the different Puppies.. Therefore I placed your code in /root/.jwm/jwmrc-personal3
<!-- Personally configurable options for JWM: these override default settings and theme settings -->




Then I symlinked /root/my-applications/pclock-retro/themes/bc-02th to /root/Startup and change the values of /root/my-applications/pclock-retro/data/location-h and /root/my-applications/pclock-retro/data/location-v to place the clock in the lower right corner of my desktop. Works a treat, much better than my crude startup scripts. I like the dark ringed face better too. Will use the smaller faces on my laptops.

Cheers, J and Thanks again.

Edit: Now tested in Xenial, Stretch and Artful with the same SFS and all worked great
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Joined: 07 Mar 2015
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PostPosted: Thu 23 Nov 2017, 13:43    Post subject:  

Thanks for reply, jrb

Updated the clock to version 06.
For now I think it would be the final version -where it comes to
features and file locations etc.
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Joined: 14 Sep 2013
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Location: Green Island baby!

PostPosted: Thu 25 Jan 2018, 05:25    Post subject:  

Gave this a run on xenial64 7.5 but it did not come up

Run in terminal gives this error
root# ./pclock-retro
./pclock-retro: error while loading shared libraries: libXpm.so.4: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64

So is this only for 32 bit machines or can it be made to run on 64 bit machines or do you have a pet for 64 bit?
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Joined: 07 Mar 2015
Posts: 158

PostPosted: Sat 27 Jan 2018, 09:01    Post subject:  

To april..
Post 1 says it is about 32bit only.

Please edit "Make"-file according to 64 bit lib locations and recompile, there is source included for that purpose.
There's no pet made for 64 bit systems atm, don't know if I have the hardware to run those.

..turns out that it is possible to run x86_64 on this very old ( 10+ ) laptop

For Xenialpup64 7.5 just navigate to /root/my-applications/pclock-retro/source/src folder and type:
in terminal, to compile it. Looks like no need to edit anything.
Then drag the new binary to /root/my-applications/bin folder, and that should just about do it.
All else appears to work the same there, including Startup/theme-selection/.. etc.

PS. To compile "something" .. devx.sfs for the system must be loaded.
And to open a terminal in the current folder, right-click somewhere on empty area and select
Window > Terminal Here

I hope this helps.
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