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Announcement: How we are evolving.
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PostPosted: Mon 26 Oct 2015, 16:49    Post subject:  Announcement: How we are evolving.
Subject description: Puppy continues its march: All over the forum technology adaptations

Couple things have occurred over the past month where I have attended Professional presentations and this is coupled with another multi-day Seminar in the Spring-Summer.

For what its worth, I know people in this community become "upset" when I share a trend that is occurring in front of us. Like any trend in the past, Change is met with disdain and resistance by many while accepting by many others. Its human nature. We all do it.

But, in viewing 2 things, today, if has cemented my observation of where we, as a specie assuming we continue to exist, are going. The message of why has been subtly presented to us, over and over, subtlely.

In any event, as a specie, we are barreling to a evolution where everything we need to know, is at our fingertips....no, in our hands! And, it will operate with us as if it is an appendage to our physical being. Now that's a lot of data. And for the most part, it will be as secure as your wallet or handbag we carry around.

In university circles, this direction has been taught for the past 8 years. Its taught to students being prepared for industry. The industry has moved into giant data warehouses, all over the world. And what is not taught, yet, is that we are, each of us, a data warehouse of our own, individually.

I re-watched the Edward Snowden-John Oliver interview again today and one sentence in it, hit me. Then, I stumbled onto this op-ed piece that shares one perspective on the historical account of what we have become. (it is written to a technology audience). ("Dont let the article's title fool you or dupe you.")

I hope that if you read that piece, you DID NOT miss the 2nd part of that webpage on Oracle's views.

Now, in addition to something else I witnessed this year that is high-lighting a direction that is a paradigm change for those of us who come from the past in technology. Containers! (Linux/Apple/Microsoft's versions of Docker) I was enormously impressed with the HP demo I was able to see/touch/question. Couple this with the prior mentioned directions, I can see how all of this smashes together from a technologist standpoint pointing to the future we are becoming in applications or "apps" .... securely.

Our need for LANs or WANs are not going to diminish; it will increase because of the enormous volume of information that defines each one of us and our immediate environment we come in contact with. All of this coalescing to instantaneous information in our hands for everything we do.

An ever-present thing is NOW becoming an extension that we control to our very existence. The new will not be picked up and used by anyone other than you.

Edited: Providing a reference for "Containers"

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PostPosted: Mon 26 Oct 2015, 17:05    Post subject:  

Hi gc.

I don't care much about becoming more of a container myself... I'm a
bit overweight already.. (Where's that tongue-in-cheek icon when you
need it?!)

But, joke aside, I do get your point!

Erasmus and Pic-de-la-Mirandole could say without lying that they
individually knew all the knowledge there was to know in their era

We're getting there again -- each of us, though, and not just a few
learned professors --, except this time it's collective knowledge, access-
ible individually, through NAS and huge hard drives and of course the web.

My 2¢. BFN.


"The greatest of minds are the ones that never close." | "Les plus grands esprits sont ceux qui ne se ferment jamais."
(starhawk, Resident Philosopher | philosophe en résidence) Wink
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