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How to install Photoshop CS2 in the later Slackos
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Mike Walsh

Joined: 28 Jun 2014
Posts: 2839
Location: King's Lynn, UK.

PostPosted: Tue 08 Dec 2015, 23:08    Post subject:  How to install Photoshop CS2 in the later Slackos
Subject description: Installing Adobe's 10-yr old masterpiece; DOWNLOAD LINK now available!!

Update:- See here for the download link:-



How to install Adobe Photoshop CS2 in the later Slackos

Hello again, everybody.

This tutorial will definitely work for Slacko 5.7.0, and rg66's X-Slacko 2.3.2, which is simply 570 + XFCE. I understand from mikeslr that pretty much anything that works in 570 will also work in 5.6, too. Possibly 5.9.3 as well, though I'm not making any guarantees on that score; remember, 5.9.3 was the original 'beta' for the now extant 6.3.0.


1) WINE (of course!) I currently use version2013's 1.7.51; this is available (along with all his others) from here:-


The third entry down is what I'm running at the moment: /wine/1.7.51/wine-1.7.51-i486_v2.1.pet , and is what we'll be using here. You may, if you so wish, use a later version of WINE.....but do remember, compatibility issues often arise from one version of WINE to another; what works in one version, won't necessarily work in the next. For this tutorial, I'm using the version that works for this particular exercise.

2) You will also need the use of 'Winetricks'. version2013 compiles this into his WINE-builds. However, as it stands, you have to use it as a command-line utility; to make it a wee bit easier to use, you'll need to install two extra .pets:-

Zenity (which enables you to use the Winetricks GUI), and CabExtract (needed for Winetricks to extract various libs'n'stuff from MS data-files).




3) And, of course, your copy of Adobe's Photoshop CS2. I'm NOT going to provide this; it'll get me in all sorts of legal hot water if I do. This tutorial assumes that you already have a copy, and want to install it in Puppy 'Slacko'.

Please don't ask me to provide it, because it's not fair on the file-hosting providers, who will end up with the DMC coming down on them like a ton of bricks; it's not fair on John Murga, who so kindly facilitates the entire Puppy Forum; and it's definitely not fair on me. I don't want Adobe's lawyers breathing down my neck..!!! Laughing


Okey-doke; now, this is where the 'fun' starts. I've based my tutorial on this one from OMG! Ubuntu, modified for Puppy (though there was very little in the way of modification required; mainly tracking down & sourcing .pets for the various functions):-


First things first. We want WINE installed. If you don't already have WINE, download the .pet above, then install it. Wait for the installer to do its thing; it may take a few minutes, depending on your machine specs.

Next, let's get 'Winetricks' GUI up-and-running. Download, and install, in this order, the Zenity .pet, and then the CabExtract .pet. Once you've done that, go into /usr/sbin (not '/bin'), and scroll down until you find the group of WINE executables. For this particular version of WINE, you'll first of all need to click on the 'winecfg' exec; this will launch the WINE configuration script. Until you do this, WINE won't be usable, and 'Open with Wine Installer' won't be an option in the right-click Thunar menu in X-Slacko. The /.wine hidden folder in /root won't exist, neither. ROX, in vanilla 570, doesn't have this problem; simply click on your Windows 'exe' file, and it'll launch. You'll still need to run 'winecfg' first, though.

Right. That's WINE taken care of. To lauch the 'Winetricks' GUI, still in /usr/sbin, click on 'winetricks'. (You may find it helpful to drag'n'drop, or send it, to the desktop while this next chunk is going on.) Smile


a) The 'Winetricks' main window will open. By default, it opens with 'Select the default wineprefix' checked. Just click on 'OK' for this step.

b) Now, check the first item; 'Install a Windows DLL or component'. Select 'OK'.

c) You'll now be presented with a long list of Windows items to choose from. You're looking for two items; 'gecko' & 'vcrun6'. Locate these, and check their boxes. If 'gecko' is not showing, this means WINE has already installed it.

('Gecko' enables the HTML stuff in WINE; 'vcrun6' enables the Visual C++ 6.0 runtime libraries that Photoshop is built around).

d) Click 'OK'. You'll now see a few windows show, in rapid succession, as things download and install. A box will appear, in German (don't ask me why!); click on the box at the bottom, marked 'Ja' (German for 'Yes'). Wait until everything has quit doing its thing.

e) You should now be back at the previous 'Winetricks' window. This time, check the box for 'Install a font'. Click on 'OK'.

f) In the next window, locate, and check the box for 'corefonts'. You must install these, as Photoshop won't run without them. Click on 'OK'. A series of download windows will follow each other, as the various fonts are installed.

g) Now, click 'Cancel' on each 'Winetricks' window until they're cleared.


Now, you're ready to install your copy of Photoshop CS2. Locate your 'setup.exe' file (several folders in!), and click on it to launch the installer. Click/OK your way through these as appropriate. You may find, at the 'File Association Types' window, that it's best to switch all to Photoshop; unfortunately, the ImageReady part of this install doesn't work under WINE.....but Photoshop, as far as I'm able to tell through testing, very definitely does!

(Where the installer asks you for the serial number, if this is the 'cribbed' copy that was available 2 years ago, you should have a copy of it among the Adobe stuff. If not, this is the one you want:-


Enter this when asked to. It doesn't make a scrap of difference to the standard activation procedure, because the servers are long since retired.....but it won't install if you don't.)

Once you've installed your copy of CS2, go into the hidden .wine folder in /root. (/root/.wine /drive_c/Program Files/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop CS2.) Locate 'Photoshop.exe'.....and click on it, to see if it will launch. If all has gone well, it will.

To make it easier to launch, if you're running vanilla 570, simply drag'n'drop this .exe file to the desktop. It'll link back to the folder you've just launched from, and provide a desktop shortcut launcher. You can edit this, and tart it up with an icon if so desired. I've provided one at the bottom of this post, if you wish to use it.

In X-Slacko, it's a wee bit more awkward. You can't use Thunar to send the executable to the desktop; if you do, it comes up with 'Module not found'. So, to get round this problem, I've written a small launch script, which I've placed in /root. You can then send this to the desktop, providing you with a desktop launcher.

#Photoshop start script
wine "/root/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop CS2/Photoshop.exe"

The quotation marks, as stemsee kindly explained to me, help to preserve the spaces in the string; bash doesn't like spaces!

And that, mesdames et messieurs, should be that. I hope somebody out there may find this useful!


Postscript:- I've since discovered, when using Photoshop in vanilla 570, that the various small windows around the main one will click on and off at random as you click on the workspace (which is a bit disconcerting!) Despite this, however, Photoshop remains fully functional.

Mike. Wink
Photoshop CS2.png
 Description   Photoshop CS2 running in X-Slacko 2.3.2
 Filesize   121.68 KB
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Photoshop CS2.png

 Description   CS2 desktop icon
 Filesize   48.84 KB
 Viewed   1108 Time(s)


If I've helped you.....please say 'Thanks'!

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Joined: 10 Sep 2011
Posts: 12148
Location: Mer méditerrannée (1 kms°)

PostPosted: Thu 24 Dec 2015, 11:52    Post subject: Photoshop is expensive ! i don't have it.  

As i keep my windows (XP or Seven) on my laptops, sorry i don't test Wine.
I was using Photoshop at work. It's a nice tool, but professional. It's needing a lot of your time and your pictures must be worth of it.
Your best ones, for 97% of my personal poto stuff, MTpaint is enough.
Photoshop is expensive ! i don't have it.
 Description   I don't have the 'nec plus Ultra' Photoshop for test on Puppy...
 Filesize   44.12 KB
 Viewed   955 Time(s)


Damned Puppy, stay plugged with Papa Evil or Very Mad !

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Mike Walsh

Joined: 28 Jun 2014
Posts: 2839
Location: King's Lynn, UK.

PostPosted: Thu 24 Dec 2015, 14:10    Post subject:  

Hi, Pelo.

Yes, mate; I know it's expensive. That's why I've never purchased it; I simply 'snagged' this one (a 10-yr old version, but still very good) while I was able to. I've not paid for a single graphics app in my life.....and I use a lot of them.

Every single one of them is freeware; and I don't begrudge the time setting Wine up to run this. It's been a bit of a 'mission' with me this last 18 months or so!

Mike. Laughing

If I've helped you.....please say 'Thanks'!

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Joined: 10 Sep 2011
Posts: 12148
Location: Mer méditerrannée (1 kms°)

PostPosted: Wed 06 Jan 2016, 11:37    Post subject: people in this forum fond of photography  

"snag", what does that mean. i will verify with Reverso, traducteur en ligne.
Photoshop remains the 'nec plus ultra' for pictures treatment. It's a real pleasure to use it.
but i don't have it.
About Wine, it's not worth the pain to install big sized versions, apparently a vintage one opens my debut capture video or other apps.
I enjoy to meet people in this forum fond of photography, we are quite a dozen. Nice Smile
Wine on test bench with French TRITON Precise 5.7.1, i failed with several pets and SFS to run Wine. And from the PPM an huge package of MBS was shown as dependencies (GStreamer one between others)
With Slacko 5.5, Wine was installed without any trouble
It's just a feed back. Mike Walsh, go on and get the best pictures for 2016 !

Damned Puppy, stay plugged with Papa Evil or Very Mad !
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Joined: 06 May 2016
Posts: 403

PostPosted: Fri 06 May 2016, 02:55    Post subject: SOS photoshop in puppy SOS sinsce 2 weeks trying all kind of
Subject description: puppies reinstaling them to try with fresh again doesnt work

this is my first time i write to a forum
because this time i cant find necessary knowledge on net at all and getting so really desparate and need ur help THANK U in advance !!!!!

my laptop:
Celeron(R) Dual-Core CPU T3300 @ 2.00GHz : 1995.11MHz
Celeron(R) Dual-Core CPU T3300 @ 2.00GHz : 1995.11MHz

Total Memory : 2002924 kB
Free Memory : 82124 kB
Buffers : 343832 kB
Cached : 1092928 kB
Cached Swap : 0 kB
Active : 949212 kB
Inactive : 899172 kB
Active(anon) : 421348 kB
Inactive(anon) : 279376 kB
Active(file) : 527864 kB
Inactive(file) : 619796 kB
Unevictable : 424 kB
Mlocked : 0 kB
High Memory : 1112440 kB
Free High Memory : 5108 kB
Low Memory : 890484 kB
Free Low Memory : 77016 kB
Virtual Memory : 0 kB
Free Virtual Memory : 0 kB
Dirty : 492 kB
Writeback : 0 kB
AnonPages : 412116 kB
Mapped : 69084 kB
Shmem : 288676 kB
Slab : 52640 kB
SReclaimable : 38188 kB
SUnreclaim : 14452 kB
KernelStack : 1400 kB
PageTables : 3876 kB
NFS_Unstable : 0 kB
Bounce : 0 kB
WritebackTmp : 0 kB
CommitLimit : 1001460 kB
Committed_AS : 1285072 kB
VmallocTotal : 122880 kB
VmallocUsed : 12172 kB
VmallocChunk : 101620 kB
DirectMap4k : 8184 kB
DirectMap2M : 905216 kB

found also slacko 2.4.2 which unfortunately has no working pet in all net to find to install google chrome Sad((

but has best file manager where the vertical pics are really vertical shown in pics overview!! in other older puppies with thunar not !!Smile
(:)WHY is not recomanded in puppy main page ?)
just unfortunately not possible to make overview pics very big like in dolphin !!Sad

i woukd prefer to use this also very secret means unfortuntely very hidden 4. version the bbbest of all puppies probably but maybe it dies like puppies of last year with time i havent used it longer will see but it lookes hopefull :


version 4 because has better ppm and there is fresh google chrome which is essential!!! to see all free movies on movie pages!!!!....Wink
for serious more male use is naturally firefox best:)

unfortunately is here no quickpet like in tharpup!!
because if u would do so easy all world would use puppy and windows&apple@android would become very angry??Wink

(!if one counts all time to get in puppy@linux knowledge
in that hours at
mc donald job or begging in front of church one can buy mac pro with windows7 package and all programs;)!)

----??------its possible to put here on this version 4 photoshop on too???


i followed all steps

which worked in 2.4.2 only:(

until the step klick on the photoshop.exe file

then come what u see in attachments
instead of starting.....

ps .:attachments seems not visible so here a surer link :

photoshop is downloaded from addobe page for free Smile

please help me !!!!

i have been trying all kid puppis since 2 years
last 2 mounths started again because of death of mint and discovered that the new ones min 6 version really work and dont die or forget the wifi password like puppies last year after shorter time of use Smile)
i have instaled think around 50! or more...
and if worked tried around cinerella gimp googlechrome etc know wifi password now really;)put it in so many times ....Sad(
why is actually cinerella video editor the only one which is really ok never
ppm? also linux mint liked to turture me i had to use terminal which use (trying not working programs) kills with time the linux ......
but here u have a nice cinerella pet which worked on all puppies !!!Smile GREAT!!!
google chrome pet but is desaster is mostly a puppy killer!!

-----???-------actually was looking for puppy with dolphin file manager ??POSSIBLE????
which in old best mint 9kde the only one which is better and same light & fast or i observed faster? as any puppy on old cheapest worst lapptop ever : packard bell
u should never buy one i have never seen one packard bell working properly:(
but unfortunately this outdated best linux mint9 kde doesn t take the new google chrome
and new gimp:(((
in any also terminal recipy form findable on net Sad

and new linux versions are over fett heavy and slow like windows vista windows 10 modernisation phenomena Wink))
that u must buy new pc Wink))

so i decided to try rpuppies again Smile)


please don t tell me gimp is same like photoshop;)

the crop of photoshop at least of 2005
is milles worlds better then of gimp
because u can adjust rotate to get horizonnt of photo ok in photoshop crop!!Smile)))))))
seems the pc matrixxx doesn t allow this ESSENTIAL TOOL in gimp to be easy.....Wink


wrote little longer because read many times here in this forum FEEDBACK is asked Smile
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Joined: 10 Sep 2011
Posts: 12148
Location: Mer méditerrannée (1 kms°)

PostPosted: Fri 06 May 2016, 03:47    Post subject:  First avidemux, then openshot, at least Cinelerra
Subject description: Cinelerra for john Ford or Luis Bunuel or pasolini !

Cinelerra works only means install. Cinellera is a professionnal tool too, as photoshop. Cinellerra only reads videos, but our players do that easily. About editing them, i remember that the most usual extension as MPEG and AVI were not in the list.. Perhaps i am wrong..
Openshot will be easier for newbies in movie edition. Avidemux is absolutely needed, and it works wih Puppy.

Damned Puppy, stay plugged with Papa Evil or Very Mad !
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Joined: 10 Sep 2011
Posts: 12148
Location: Mer méditerrannée (1 kms°)

PostPosted: Fri 06 May 2016, 04:04    Post subject: Photoshop : we don't have the equivalant.  

Photoshop : we don't have the equivalant. Photoshop is a real pleasure to play with... I had it in the past on a stand alone at my work (it was included in a package). I never ennoyed with it, once my job completed, of course. My Boss would have deleted it if i stop working on for what i was paid.. Smile
I had CorelDraw too. this one is worth, really needs patience. It was for industrial drawings. No Fun.
Fotoxx in Puppy Linux can give you some (very) nice results using the curves for adjusting parameters (visual adjustment). Try it !

Damned Puppy, stay plugged with Papa Evil or Very Mad !
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Mike Walsh

Joined: 28 Jun 2014
Posts: 2839
Location: King's Lynn, UK.

PostPosted: Fri 06 May 2016, 04:44    Post subject:  

Hi, kiramm.

Hmm..! Y'know, I kinda get the impression that English is not your native language... No worries.

I agree with you in one respect. Yes, Photoshop is very easy to use.....but so's GIMP, if you take the time to teach yourself how to use it. I've been using the two of them, side-by-side, for a few years now; some things are a bit different, sure, but they both do basically the same job.

I guess you must have grabbed the CS2 download yourself a couple of years ago? It was possible to download it, using a 'workaround', for a few short months, at the end of 2013/beginning of 2014.....complete with activation number! That's when I grabbed my own copy. Adobe plugged the loophole shortly after that.

So; you can't get Photoshop to install, huh? Did you run 'wine.cfg' in /usr/sbin before you tried this step? Because if you don't, WINE doesn't set itself up correctly, or 'register' into the system.....therefore, the Windows 'environment' won't exist, and no .exe file will be able to execute.

(On a side note: I can only tell you this should work in X-Slacko version 2.3.2.....that's the one I run, and the one I ran this excercise in. It should also work in later versions of X-Slacko.....but I can't make any guarantees. X-Slacko 4.0 is based on Slacko 6.30, the new version, which has given me a lot of problems. 2.3.2, on the other hand, is based on the older, classic, Slacko 570.)


To answer your other two queries:-

1) Bigger thumbnails in Thunar? Simple. Put your cursor on any blank space in the main window; hold 'Ctrl' down, and use your scroll wheel to set the size of thumbnail you want. Sorted.

2) Post attachments. When you write your post, you'll see a section at the bottom, below the text window, and above the 'Preview/Submit' buttons, where it says, in its own wide blue line, 'Add an attachment'. Choose your file,and enter it; add a comment if you want to; then click 'Add Attachment'. The screen will then refresh itself; this adds the attachment to the post. Then, submit your post.

The forum has a size limit of 256 kb for attachments; any larger than that, you'll need to link to an external, file-sharing site. I use Imgur, personally, and sometimes PhotoBucket.

Hope that helps.

(BTW; I agree with Pelo, here. Fotoxx will give you some very interesting effects.....especially the 'Warp' and 'Transform' functions..! Oh, YES.) Laughing

Mike. Wink

If I've helped you.....please say 'Thanks'!

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Joined: 19 May 2009
Posts: 1077
Location: Brisbane, Australia

PostPosted: Fri 06 May 2016, 08:43    Post subject:  

Yes, Photoshop is very easy to use.....but so's GIMP

This is a good how to, thanks Mike.

I started doing basic picture editing a few years ago, and downloaded photoshop and GIMP and started self / google learning how to use them. Quite quickly, I found GIMP to be easier to learn via google as there are better tutorials onine for it ( I found ).

I can see / know that photoshop is the better of the two overall, but find GIMP is well worth learning, and has the great benefit of being free in all senses of the word.
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Joined: 06 May 2016
Posts: 403

PostPosted: Fri 06 May 2016, 08:57    Post subject:  


ad 1)

ctr + wheel works but just to make them smaller not bigger then using
normal way in options

not so real mega big like possible in dolphin!! which best manager of best ever

--1)-??--->u know a puppy & pet to have dolphin????

i downloades photoshop today and in last days several times for free from adobe site
it works always therefore would be great to get it run on puppy for everybody

---> Did you run 'wine.cfg' in /usr/sbin before you tried this step?

yes it run perfeckt it installed also geco with it ....

but when i double click on ps2.exe in download folder in thunar

then happens only this:


what u think ?
should i do?
u are i think the only one who manged photoshop on puppy...

i think slacko 64 6.3 works generally much better then all other puppies together

is the only puppy which survived all different pet installing tries
untill now
and has also all necessary pets in ppm and!! they really working !
wifi works always not like tharpupies which second best which have best quickpets offer but wifi aplication not always conecting ....

but u say 64 problems?

but now i discovered the ppm manager of bbest file + ppm manager of all pupies the 4 version here


doesnt instal google really just fake entry in internet chapter Sad(
also other pets from net dont work

--2)----??---->u know a good googlechrome newest pet?

in ur 2.4.2 works just the oldest 18...googlechrome puppy which not enough for movie sites.....Sad

very sad Sad(

i am admaring people who can fix parts of codes of linux together
and understand this ....incredible ...brains i think
thank u very for answering!!!

Last edited by kiramm on Fri 06 May 2016, 10:01; edited 2 times in total
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Joined: 06 May 2016
Posts: 403

PostPosted: Fri 06 May 2016, 09:08    Post subject:  

now i see ur answer for cinerella thank u too

cinerella was my opinion last year for linux : is the min necessary
otherwise u can use the smartphone movie cutter;)
addobe premiere already 2004 had more options i remeber very sure
better subtitels multiple windows,....
cinerella was the only one where u can rotate ur wrong position video in right position for example
strech legs of girls with perspective tool ...
i tried cinerella only in best linux ever mint9kde:)))
there was a kind problem like u said and i got very sad
because spent so much time to find working method to get cinerella on outdated but bbest fastest lightest runing mint9kde
naturally no converters in toy;)playground linux;/
but i used from internet online in browser Smile
to get right .....

i think the pc matrixxx doesnt allow that linux programs are really comfortable they just want to test alternatives
like real possible pc speed with help of puppies for example
in limited closed comunities Wink

ad photoshop:

what one always needs is precise rotate and crop !!

which normaly is nowhere special in linux ...i right???u know one program?
only :

1)in gimp precise rotate to get horizont of pic really horizontal and after crop possible
naturally rotate ist disturbed with unnecessary lines net;)which takes the view;))))that so majority gives up and takes photoshop who are not specialist ....pc matrixxx is everywhere Wink)))

2)and photoshop ..........there should be at winetricks a wine trick included to use it;) like really working for wine trick for firefox 5 which nobody needs...Wink

a challange:)??

Last edited by kiramm on Fri 06 May 2016, 09:57; edited 3 times in total
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Joined: 06 May 2016
Posts: 403

PostPosted: Fri 06 May 2016, 09:24    Post subject:  

thank u for answeing too

but since cs2 photoshop is free for download
and if this is same like i used 20o5 to 2008

then i sure that cs2 photoshop much better and also free Smile))))

hope is allowed to say this here;)
because i know i alone with this comment on linux island;)
read a lot of posts.....Wink
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Mike Walsh

Joined: 28 Jun 2014
Posts: 2839
Location: King's Lynn, UK.

PostPosted: Fri 06 May 2016, 10:58    Post subject:  

Hallo again, kiramm.

Depending on whether you want to run 32-bit or 64-bit, so it will depend on which version of Chrome you get to run.

Don't forget that Google dropped support for 32-bit Chrome last month. If you d/l from their website, you will see there is only 64-bit Chrome available now.

If you want a recent Chrome (version 48 ), have a look here:-


It's listed as 'google-Chrome', and is version 48.0.2564.97.....one of the last Linux 32-bit releases. If you don't mind using Chromium (which is Chrome without all the 'nosy' stuff, and is where Chrome is actually developed), then you can find the newest 32-bit Chromium here, in peebee's thread:-


You can choose 32- or 64-bit, whichever you want. These are SFS packages, which are loaded using the SFS 'on-the-fly- loader; you can load and unload these while the system is actually running, without losing the package.

Or, there's the SlimJet browser, which, again, is based on Chromium. OscarTalks has done some .pets for this, here:-


These are the most recent ones, based on Chromium 49. We also did some testing to see whether NetFlix would run in Chromium; you can find our results here:-



AFAIK, 32-bit Chromium is still being developed for the forseeable future. BTW, if you want PepperFlash for Chromium, you can find it in my thread here:-


Make sure you pick the right one for Chromium; the location of the PepperFlash folder has changed at least twice.

Mike. Wink

Last edited by Mike Walsh on Fri 06 May 2016, 11:23; edited 1 time in total
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Joined: 06 May 2016
Posts: 403

PostPosted: Fri 06 May 2016, 11:07    Post subject:  

now i installed that cs2.exe from addobe page for free in windows

works like i remeber rotate crop perfect
+ rest
i had to pass exams of it.....
wau thats real incredible free program

i hope u can help me to install this in wine + puppy lxde2.4.2 or 4. Smile????

whish u all nice day

and thanks for answering helping me!!Smile
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Joined: 06 May 2016
Posts: 403

PostPosted: Fri 06 May 2016, 11:13    Post subject:  

thank for answering

chronium hasnt build in flash ??

only in google are running in higher resolution the movies u tube

and the free movie sites not in newest firefox i saw

this pet site u think will rreally run ? now me in windows will try soon

google chrome possible get pet for 64 slacko lxde 4.o ?

for slacko 32versions google 64 can t run?
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