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Puppy and Dos (solved- see"Business Puppy" thread)
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Joined: 05 May 2005
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Location: Chelsea, Alabama, USA

PostPosted: Thu 07 Jul 2005, 23:25    Post_subject:  Puppy and Dos (solved- see"Business Puppy" thread)  

Has anyone seen any info on the forum about opening a dos window in Puppy? I may be just overlooking it, but some other distros have some kind of dos emulation. If i could open such a window, I could install win 3.11 and run my Quickbooks 5.0 program until Linux has a good bookeeping program. Its the only program I need windows for and I think it would be a step in the right direction. I wouldn't need to reboot to use QB.
<<solved>> check "Business Puppy" topic

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PostPosted: Fri 08 Jul 2005, 02:10    Post_subject:  

Nope puppy doesn't have dosemu or wine or QEMU or Bochs or VMware..so ya kinda out of luck at the moment
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Anna Merikin

Joined: 20 Jun 2005
Posts: 7

PostPosted: Sat 09 Jul 2005, 13:00    Post_subject: Dos on Puppy  

I have used DOSemu on several other distros and it is always problematic; F'rexample my main DOS app is WordPerfect-5.1, which needs to use the shift, alt, ctrl and F-keys to function at all. DOSemu usually reserves these keys for linux and, although using the DOSemu boot option -k lets WP and other apps see and use those keys, DOSemu MUST then be run in text mode, not in a DOS box in x-windows, because x-windows, which uses these keys, too, will NOT release them for DOSbox or xDOS. I find this a pain on a big (15-inch) monitor as the DOS font is HUGE. And, of course, with the posix keys disabled, one must have x-windows running first or one can never switch consoles once in DOSemu and the whole linux OS shebang then becomes single-tasking b/c you have to kill DOS to use Linux (think about it.)

DOSemu is pretty good, but for ease you will want to use a DOS image (ISO) file; download and install the Freedos package associated with the DOSemu you choose. Of course, you can install any DOS from diskettes in the usual DOS way (starting DOSemu with a boot floppy disk under a running linux) but doing so will suck up a lot of disk space.

Installing DOSemu binaries should be easy and almost any recent version might be gotten to work under Puppy. Try downloading the binary from http://rpmfind.net suitable for Mandrake-9.1 (on which Puppy was once built) and running it from /root/my-applications/var .

Read the install from rpm txt instructions included in most Puppy versions.

To save space, DOSemu can run programs from a mounted FAT partition.

If your dos program does not need to use the F- or ctrl, shift and alt keys, you should be good to go.

Installing Win-3.x on DOSemu is going into nearly uncharted territory. Hint: You will need a little set of programs called os2win.zip (google for it) that are a must to even try to get it to work.

Let us know how if you get it to work on puppy -- and keep good notes so you can tell us.
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