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Brexit Pup - Released 16th October 2017
Moderators: Flash, JohnMurga
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Joined: 19 Oct 2010
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PostPosted: Mon 16 Oct 2017, 11:47    Post subject:  Brexit Pup - Released 16th October 2017
Subject description: (An updated version of 666philb's XenialPup64)

In the absence of 666philb I have had a stab at creating a XenialPup64.

Brexit Pup is based on XenialPup64- k 4.9.15 (Huge_kernel) woof-CE "testing branch" built September 2017
using forum member wiak's makepup script version 0.0.9

Full sized screen-shot here: (Press F11 to toggle into full screen then click on link)


It is available as an image file that needs to be installed to a 8GB or larger USB2 or 3 stick.
Initial install of the image is to a 8GB stick only if the true capacity of the stick is sufficient. If it is not, a larger stick must be used.

An 8GB stick/card may be used if and only if its true capacity is not a single byte less than 8002732032 bytes.
To test the true capacity of any 8GB stick that you possess use the following command substituting the drive letter for x

fdisk -l /dev/sdx

If it does not meet this requirement you must use a larger stick. You may also opt to do that at the outset.

Subsequent transfer from a working stick to a HDD or SSD is possible if required.
If that is done you may then boot from the original stick or by means of a new entry in any existing boot loader configuration file.

The image contains a 3 partition MSDOS layout containing a frugal install on the 3rd f2fs partition.
The Pup runs entirely in RAM once booted with the option to save the session or not at shutdown.
The save icon on the desktop may also be used at any time during a session.

Main features include:

1. Latest Ubuntu fixes and security updates for Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS (Xenial Xerus)

2. FbBox-5.0 - Released 23rd Sept 2017

3. Chrome Version 61.0.3163.100 (Official Build) (64-bit) with custom wrapper & updater (GetLatest64bitChromeVersionWoofCE-MK8.pet)

4. Pale Moon Version: 27.4.2 (64-bit) with updater & CYTS addon

5. Thunderbird64_release_channel updated to 52.3.0 (64-bit)

6. mpv

7. SimpleScreenRecorder (SSR)

8. Built in startup sound with a few sound clip choices combined with a loss of Internet connection alarm at boot time.
In addition the same script now includes the optional launch of an Internet TV news channel at boot time.
There is also an option to allow the channel to be launched in windowed (default) or full-screen mode.
None of this comes into operation until the Quicksetup/first-run has been completed.
Please see the text copy of the startup-sound script in the download folder for further information.

9. YouTube Leanback accessed via the Sky News icon on wbar. Press Esc to return to the main menu/search facility.

Where to obtain the image:

xenialpup64.img.xz (784MB) --- plus md5sum, screenshots, list of included pets, extra wallpapers & optional pet(s)/sfs(s) such as LibreOffice-5.4.2_64



1. Commence by returning the stick to its "as new" state before targeting it with the image.

In Linux use GParted to do that:

A. Click on “device” then select “Create Partition Table” (MSDOS)

B. Then create a single fat32 partition spanning the whole stick accepting all other defaults.

(Do not set any flags or change anything else)

2. Extract the xz compressed image with UExtract first making sure that you have enough free space as it will expand to 8 GB.
The UExtract pet can be found here:


3. Then use the following command in a terminal to place the extracted image on the unmounted stick:
(This may take up to 35 minutes)

dd bs=4M if=/root/Downloads/xenialpup64.img of=/dev/sdx status=progress && sync

If the stick is seen as sdb1 you would target the device of=/dev/sdb NOT the partition number sdb1.
Anything on it will be wiped.

Final Thoughts:

The combination of recent Woof-CE & the final Ubuntu Xenial updates seems to have resolved most, if not all, of the issues that 666philb encountered.
Perhaps I just got lucky!
This Pup is just a general purpose Pup rather than my usual fare which tend to be more task orientated.
Please see my note in the download folder re "getfash".
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Regards ETP

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Joined: 14 Sep 2013
Posts: 988
Location: Off Lizard Island for a bit

PostPosted: Today, at 04:50    Post subject:  

Wow 24 drives connected at once.
I'm giving it a try atm
Had to leave out " status=progress" as it was not an option on my Precise 5.7.1
# dd bs=4M if=/mnt/home/TempSave/Software/xenialpup64.img of=/dev/sdb  && sync
1908+0 records in
1908+0 records out
8002732032 bytes (8.0 GB) copied, 979.411 s, 8.2 MB/s

Ran it on the first machine with a TV for a monitor and got a big "Not Support !" across the screen so I would suspect the format you put as standard is not available on my monitor and it did not know where to go then.

Tried it on a second machine with normal monitor and up she came.
So Ill have a look for a while . network came up fine ,same as Precise.

Running cups to install a printer gave me a "Can't create a temporary file" error when I tried to send a test page.
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