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boot parmaters, case wrong on wiki?
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PostPosted: Mon 08 Jan 2018, 02:58    Post subject:  boot parmaters, case wrong on wiki?  

I think the case is wrong on the boot parmaters given in the puppylinux wiki:

Snapshot 07 Jan 2018

Many of the headings show mixed case but if we look at the example on the top part of the wiki article psubdir is in lower case even though the heading below shows it as mixed case.

I think that this works as follows. The boot process simply exports the paramaters given to either the kernal or initrd to lower subprocesses.

Then in /initrd/init these boot parmaters are mapped to equivalent variables in the /initrd/init script.

Lines 836 to 862 are shown below of initrd/init for tahrpup:

#pmedia= usbflash|usbhd|usbcd|ataflash|atahd|atacd|atazip|scsihd|scsicd|cd
[ $pmedia ] && PMEDIA=$pmedia #boot parameter, broad category of boot media. ex: cd.
[ $psubdir ] && PSUBDIR=$psubdir #boot parameter, directory for puppy files. ex: puppy220
[ $psavemark ] && PSAVEMARK=$psavemark #100913 partition number that has/will-have save-file.

[ $PSUBDIR ] && [ "${PSUBDIR:0:1}" != "/" ] && PSUBDIR="/${PSUBDIR}" #add leading /.

[ $pdev1 ] && PDRV=$pdev1 #boot parameter, partition have booted off. ex: hda3
#100915 requested by technosaurus (formats get changed further down)...
[ $pdrv ] && PDRV=$pdrv #format partition:<path><filename> ex: sda2:/slacko/puppy_slacko_6.3.0.sfs
[ $pupsfs ] && PDRV=$pupsfs
[ $zdrv ] && ZDRV=$zdrv #ex: sda2:/slacko/zdrv_slacko_6.3.0.sfs
[ $fdrv ] && FDRV=$fdrv
[ $adrv ] && ADRV=$adrv
[ $ydrv ] && YDRV=$ydrv
#<partition>:<filename>, for savefile/savefolder. <partition> can be a name or Label or UUID
[ $psave ] && PSAVE=$psave #ex: sdb4:/puppy/tahr/tahrsave or smark or 49baa82d-8c69:tahrsave
#list of kernel modules to load, ex: pimod=hid-logitech-dj.ko,kernel/drivers/hid/hid-multitouch.ko
[ $pimod ] && PIMOD=$pimod
#specify partition for Underdog Linux (refer also underdog.lnx).
[ $underdog ] && UNDERDOG=$underdog
#[ $pdebug ] && PDEBUG=$pdebug

# show menu with pupsaves
[ $psavemenu ] && PSAVEMENU=$psavemenu

Notice that on the right of each statement all the variables are lower case.

Another error that I believe is in the wiki is that it says


Specifies ({device}{type}/path) the location of boot files in the boot partition. If not specified init will look in / and /boot, order-unknown. As of puppy 3.00 this parameter also restricts the boot search for pup_save files: only those in a matching directory will used. This can be used to allow multiple-puppy installation on the same partition to be used without risk of using the wrong one in error. Also see Psubok.
Example- psubdir=boot/puppy216

but if I look at the code above I don't see any reference to the device for the psubdir boot parmater. There is a separate parameter for the device called pdrv.

I was looking at this code because tahrpup couldn't find the save folder on my external hard drive "sdd4" even though this is the drive that grub booted off. I know this because I can see that it is still mounted when the desktop first apears but shortly after it is unmounted automatically.

There is a paramater called pdev1 that is supposed to give the device that puppylinux booted off and assign it to pdev. However, this parameter does not seem to be being passed the the init script. At least it doesn't apear that way in my case. I wonder if this parmater varies depending on the bootloader that was used. I'm trying grub4dos but maybe this would be the correct parameter for syslinux.

Anyway if my assumptions are right and the article is not locked I can fix the wiki article. I need to verify first though before I make any changes.
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Joined: 19 Mar 2009
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PostPosted: Thu 11 Jan 2018, 08:00    Post subject:  

Yeah, those doc cases are misleading. The grub parameters sent in are all lower case, and that code assigns their values to init variables that are all upper case.
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