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wex screencast, webcam, audio recorder
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PostPosted: Tue 24 Apr 2018, 22:34    Post subject:  wex screencast, webcam, audio recorder  

weX screencast, webcam, audio recorder

New version released. Downloads for different distributions (dotpets are for 32 or 64bit Pups) below.

Aside from gtkdialog and ffmpeg (and bash), 'no' additional dependencies are required for audio-only recording or manually entered 'Fixed Area' webcam recording or screencasts (scrox required for automatic fullscreen or mouse-selectable webcam-size or screencasts) - basically, it is best to install scrox too (which requires giblib). See notes below about ffmpeg requirements for best results.

Because of new installation defaults it is advised old config directory is manually removed before installation of this new weX version (i.e. delete $HOME/.wex before installing. NOTE WELL!!! The very first time you try to run weX thereafter it will appear to not work. Just run it again - on that first run attempt it is just automatically creating its config directory $HOME/.wex
Also NOTE WELL: If you have an older ffmpeg that causes wex to fail with unrecognized option thread_queue_size then you should download the video and audio plugins from the following link, remove their dummy tar extensions, and place them in your $HOME/.wex/plugins folder: http://www.murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?p=922081#922081 No problem then for audio recording, but for webcam or screencast recording, you might also need giblib and imlib2 (scrox needs these), also described in that link (newer Pups may already have these). To be honest... older ffmpeg are hopeless and need to buffer for ages before capturing anything. Without thread_queue_size and -filter_complex asyncts capability built into your ffmpeg I doubt you will get decent webcam captures (too much buffering required in that case for libx264 - so do yourself a favour and upgrade your ffmpeg in such cases...). Ubuntu xenial ffmpeg works great with no such issues.

Changes from previous version: Only minor (mainly fixed the tooltip documentation help text for those using pulseaudio rather than straight alsa) but also made the config file non-hidden and now uses aac, x264, with mp4 video container by default (tho I personally usually use mkv) for video/screencast recording and, by default, webcam is now NOT selected. gifenc-yad is now one of the external utility buttons by default (note that the button will only be visible if you actually also install fredx181's gifenc-yad; see download link below).

Licence is now MIT (aka liberal GPL-compatible X11 license).

Note that, weX automatically 'remembers' your selections when you choose other than the defaults anyway.

weX can be used for:

1. audio-only recording (as replacement for Precord), or

2. webcam (with or without audio) recording (as superior replacement for pAVrecord), or

3. screencast (with or without audio) recording (as superior replacement for pAVrecord and quality similar or matching SimpleScreenRecorder but without needing any Qt libs and allowing embedded optional webcam).

4. One button press to create scaled animated gif from weX recorded video/screencast assuming fredx181's gifenc-yad program is also installed.

Capturing an area of your screen (needs scrox program installed):

weX also allows a capture area to be defined using the mouse, or a single application window to be captured; for that additional functionality weX requires 'scrox' to be installed (a fork of MIT licensed scrot, which has all of scrot's functionality and options but with addition of ability to report back mouse cursor coordinates, which is what weX uses scrox for). You can find scrox in old wex thread, in link below:


If using weX with scrox (which is highly recommended) make sure to choose appropriate 32 or 64 bit version of scrox. weX dotpets, however, work on either 32bit or 64bit systems.

I also recommend you install a copy of fredx181's gifenc-yad script from below link so you can almost one-click create animated gifs from your weX recorded videos or screencasts:


Note that once you have created an animated gif in weX using gifenc-yad you can view the gif by simply changing the extension to .gif in the "File to record or process" editbox, and then press mpv assigned utility button (you can also re-assign that to mplayer if you wish).

Note that, aside from the look and feel of the GUI, pretty much all ffmpeg commandline details are user-changeable without altering main wex script. Such alterations are implemented via a simple plug-in facility incorporated into weX. weX can also call up external commands/utilities via buttons incorporated in its GUI - which utilities are available is also user-configurable.

Not been tested much on Pups. Kindly test and let me know if you find any issues.


version 0.8.18 downloads:
32: amd64 deb
35: 386 deb
37: amd64/i386 pet for most Pups
31: amd64/i386 pet for FatDog
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