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Replace Tahrpup 6.5 with Xenialpup? Interesting question!?
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Joined: 06 Jun 2018
Posts: 9

PostPosted: Thu 07 Jun 2018, 01:57    Post subject:  Replace Tahrpup 6.5 with Xenialpup? Interesting question!?  

Hey is it possible to frugal install or USB persistent install a different OS/pupversion using only your current desktop? For example all within one pc and one USB?

Im using a persistent USB setup on an semi-old desktop with no harddrive and erratic diskdrive, its got the newest BIOS I think so if that's the way to do it just tell me. I use my work PC for pretty much everything but I wanna update a comp to Xenial for fun ,☺and for general abasic tinkering/code learning. I guess my only critique of Tahr is that you can only use older youtube website, I use it a lot and I think you can't install newer Firefox on Tahr to be able to use newer youtube] am I wrong? Ill sacrifice some speed for a more modern pupversion Xenial or Slacko.

I know I first maybe have to use Gparted to make another partition and then frugal install the os on that partition and then after I boot into new os I can delete Tahr, right? Now you're probably asking yourself wow this guy has it all figured out what's the deal with the question post but this is the hard part I think though how do you make it bootableand not just a dud file install. I've searched everywhere for this and it doesn't seem to exist so I think it's safe to ask this for any future reference also. Thanks in advance to PupLinux community!

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Joined: 02 Sep 2014
Posts: 1326

PostPosted: Thu 07 Jun 2018, 02:14    Post subject:  

Install a newer version of palemoon on Tahrpup and then youtube won't give you grief.

If your going with Xenial, I recommend either you use a USB 3.0 device or an internal SATA hard drive...or you can try musher0 version of Xenial with the older kernal:


The issue is that if you don't have enough ram then USB 2.0 is going to be too slow for enjoyable sawp memory. Newer systems are going to require more resources and if you are using an old computer with limited ram and no hard drive then at some point they are just going to be too dated to run the latest Ubuntu based puppies.

There still might be some future in Newer Ubuntu based puppys on old USB 2.0 computers without hard drives but one will want to slim the main sfs down to only include core functionality, which doesn't include browsers and word processors. Instead Applications can be stored directly on the USB 2.0 drive and linked to the system so as to save ram. Or maybe instead mount the USB drive directly instead of copying to ram. However, if you mount it directly then you won't get as much life out of your USB device.

Anyway, it may be the case that Xenial runs well on your system -- especially with the 4.1 kernal -- but If it is only a USB 2.0 system without a hard drive then I suspect that the next version of Ubuntu based puppies will probably be sluggish on your system.
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Joined: 06 Jun 2018
Posts: 9

PostPosted: Thu 07 Jun 2018, 03:38    Post subject:  

Yeah tried it. Updated palemoon to latest release but still got really old youtube site, I guess it sounds superficial but the oldr YouTube site doesn't have night mode (dark theme), entire layout is outdated, and I think you only get up to 360p video quality. Maybe this is only me?

Pretty sure it's 3.0 USB but still should probably use older kernal for Xenial. Thanks for response, a lot of cool info but unfortunately you didn't really answer my main question. Let my experiment a little more..for now.
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Joined: 31 Mar 2018
Posts: 236

PostPosted: Thu 07 Jun 2018, 04:24    Post subject:  

MMMmmmm The way I do frugal installs is to mount an iso and copy the contents to a folder then use grub4dos to find the install and add it to boot menu. I have done this on harddrives and flashdrives running multiple pups each in its own folder with save folder/file.
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Mike Walsh

Joined: 28 Jun 2014
Posts: 4547
Location: King's Lynn, UK.

PostPosted: Thu 07 Jun 2018, 08:57    Post subject:  

Hallo, woofwoof.

To answer your basic premise, you can run as many Pups as you have room for, on whatever storage media you choose, on a desktop or a laptop.

I run 11 Pups & AntiX 16.1 on a 14-yr old Compaq desktop.

I also run 3 Pups on an even older (2002) Dell laptop.


The easiest way to do this is by creating one single large partition, then creating a distinctively-named directory (folder) for each Puppy you want to try/run. Install each Pup frugally within its respective folder.

You only need to make the one large partition bootable with gParted.. If you use Pup's built-in, 'tweaked' version of the Grub4DOS bootloader, it will search 'two-deep' to find each individual Pup within its own folder.....and will then add a boot menu entry for each Puppy.

The number of Pups is limited only by the size of your HDD/SSD/USB, especially if you then use another drive for storing all your personal data.

(The above method, quoted by darry19662018, is what's known as the 'quick & dirty' method. It's simple, easy to do, and it just 'works'.) Smile


You should be able to run fredx181's 'portable' FF-Quantum in Tahr 6.05, currently at 60.0.2 (I've just updated!) Despite being a long-term Chrome user, and leaving Firefox years ago, Quantum has seriously impressed me... Of course, you will always get a better YouTube experience when using Chrome or one of the various 'clones', since YouTube is, of course, a Google-owned company.....

Any more questions, just ask.

Mike. Wink

MY PUPPY PACKAGES | 'Thanks' are always appreciated!

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Joined: 16 Jun 2008
Posts: 2909
Location: 500 seconds from Sol

PostPosted: Thu 07 Jun 2018, 10:35    Post subject:  

Hi woofwof,

Wholly agree with Mike Walsh. You'll find fredx181's portable-firefox (now Quantum 60.0.1) here: http://murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?p=978010#978010.

No need for a separate partition. Just create a separate folder and copy necessary files into it. Run grub4dos, or just edit grub4dos's menu.lst.

s243a provided link to musher0's xenialpup with 4.1.30 kernel (works better computers with fewer (RAM & CPU) resources. Or, having been inspired by musher0, try my tahrpup. http://murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?p=982810#982810, Alternatively, just update your applications and remaster. http://murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?p=982927#982927,

Remember fredx181's is portable. Just unpack it on the same partition as your OS, drag the "ff" wrapper to you desktop, give it an icon you'll find buried a couple levels deep in its "browser" folder and you're good to go. [This will make more sense once you've decompressed the firefox-60.0.1's tar.gz.]

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Joined: 11 Oct 2009
Posts: 11555
Location: S.C. USA

PostPosted: Thu 07 Jun 2018, 12:53    Post subject:  

You can use this installer.

The things they do not tell you, are usually the clue to solving the problem.
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YaPI(any iso installer) http://www.murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?t=107601
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