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Going Dark
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PostPosted: Mon 25 Jun 2018, 20:32    Post subject:  Going Dark
Subject description: Encryption and the Dark Web


Going dark has been pushed as a major problem for the FBI, and they have been a vocal regarding the issue.

Apple and its iPhones have been outed as a significate problem insofar as law enforcement are concerned. The battle continues, with Apple strengthening its encryption standards.

Not only that, the global zeitgeist in the West has shifted, if ever so slightly, towards an acute awareness that we’re all being watched.

This isn’t science fiction, this isn’t a distant dystopia; this is the reality and opportunity cost for carrying a powerful computer around wherever we go. This is the cost of our thirst.

The solution that we’ve all started gravitating towards is these “safe” services that are “end-to-end encrypted.”

This encryption protocol has been genuinely pitched through marketing as a defining factor. It’s no small feat, to take a consumer-protecting characteristic of technology and spin it into something that a consumer genuinely wants.

Signal and Telegram for example—these are companies that are thriving in the post-Snowden world.

Dark Web is available for just anyone. If you only take a few minutes of your time to install i2p, or ZeroNet, use Tor browser, a VPN, etc. As simple as that.

Further reading :
Evaluating the privacy implications of a canvas fingerprinting countermeasure
Firefox 63 to Get Improved Tracking Protection That Blocks In-Browser Miners

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PostPosted: Tue 26 Jun 2018, 01:18    Post subject:  

The problem with end to end encryption is there is still the meta-data. Darkenets are better. I've used the social networks zerome (part of zeronet) and also sone/fms (both part of freenet).

I can't understand the hysteria about "going dark". Instead the hysteria should be about the mass surveillance. The world didn't end prior to mass surveillance and privacy is essential for free political thought.
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PostPosted: Tue 26 Jun 2018, 19:10    Post subject:  

s243a wrote:
privacy is essential for free political thought.

im glad you think so, but if people really want privacy to thrive in an age where the government can pretty much watch anything they want, they should spend more time thinking about why the government would want to watch everybody.

for example, if a panopticon could stop terrorism and human trafficing, it would be more difficult to argue against. sure, id agree with your principles of privacy is a right-- but ending terrorism and human trafficing are pretty large positives as well.

one problem (apart from basic liberty) is that surveillance doesnt actually stop terrorism or human trafficing, does it? i mean, we pretty much have total surveillance now. it isnt like these are problems we were very close to putting an end to, but-- oh no, some idiot made end-to-end encryption tools-- drat! so close!

why else would total surveillance be a "positive" for someone? i dont mean for us-- the idea that everyone up there only does things exclusively for "our" benefit as citizens is... lol, sorry...

what kinds of standards do the have when they run the background checks for the people with too much power? obviously its not ethical standards, because those would generally result in the job application not being filled out. so they might even fail that test before they even show up at the door.

you can make a bunch of counter-arguments based on special pleading, thats what the "stopping terrorism" thing is about.

"oh hey, this goes against the constitutition and generally agreed upon ethical and political principles of basically every 1st-world and partially-free nation or the closest things ever before conceived on earth during written history..."

"yeah but if it stops terrorism, well thats a different story obviously."

terrorists didnt exist until 2001, you know? ok just ed sheeran, but that doesnt really count and hes totally reformed now. he just writes sappy love songs.

the fbi are a bunch of whiners though-- i mean youve got little flying robots you can watch people with cameras and long range microphones and its not good enough unless you can put little microchips in everyones a*** as well.

get a better hobby! or stop watching everyone else and make your own films, put them on youtube or something. stop being creepers, guys.

not that theres any magic way to have privacy or any other liberty, i mean if everyone goes darknet thats probably the best place to go to buy someone elses lack of privacy, eh?

someones always violating someones liberty, i remain sceptical that putting all that in the hands of a monopoly fueled by taxes is a real "solution" but its far from the only problem... merely one of the largest.

teaching computing via learning applications is like teaching cooking via going to a restaurant.
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