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How do you update a hard drive install of Puppy?
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PostPosted: Thu 22 Aug 2019, 19:33    Post subject:  How do you update a hard drive install of Puppy?  

I have my reasons for wanting to install it on the hard drive, but information about hard drive installs is rather sketchy. Is there a way to update the OS without having to reinstall it from scratch? If I try to obvious "system update", it just gives a warning about "updates can only be applied to the original bionicpup32-8.0+0-uefi.iso with md5=9d753e2blahblahblah, and when I hit OK it opens a web browser to a page with a bunch of ISOs.
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PostPosted: Thu 22 Aug 2019, 21:13    Post subject:  

Hi captpackrat, welcome to the forum!

First things first.
An upgrade is usually not necessary unless it is fixing some specific bug you need gone, the upgrades for your bionicpup32 are the absolute latest bleeding edge
stuff from ubuntu. So not necessary to update often or at all
That being said, please proceed Smile

By "hard drive install" you mean a full install without a save file or save folder? If you set up a save-file or save-folder during installation it is
called a frugal install. If you dedicated the whole hard drive partition to the install and have no save-file or save-folder it is a full install.

Be aware that you can do a frugal install to hard drive also, frugal is always the recommended install method - unless you are using a very old
computer with less than 512MB of RAM. The main benefit of a frugal install in that the save-file or save-folder can be copied to a safe place,
then if something corrupts the system all you do is replace the corrupted save with the backup, as easy as copying a file. A real lifesaver.

Now that we have determined the type of install, we can proceed to upgrading using a .delta file

*****For a full install*****
If you are really using a full install you can update only one way, that is by using the original base .iso and the .delta upgrade file to make
a PET by installing the iso_delta2pet-1.3.pet and following the instructions from this page http://murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?t=115088
After installing the iso_delta2pet-1.3.pet you copy the base .iso and .delta upgrade file to the same directory and right-click the .delta using ROX filer,
that will bring up the option to create the pet file that you will use to update your full install. See this post by forum member jrb for specifics
(a pet file is how puppy packages its programs and software packages, if you look around the forum you will see many pet packages created by forum
members that are referenced and available for download)

*****For a frugal install that uses a save-folder or save-file*****
If you are using a frugal install you can use the original base .iso and delta upgrade file to generate a new updated .iso.
Take a look at this forum conversation that explains how to do that
Then after generating the new .iso usually you need to extract one file - in your case it would be puppy_upupbb_19.03.sfs - from the .iso and replace
the old file on your computer with this newer version. They are named exactly the same, only the file sizes will differ.
You can easily extract the puppy_upupbb_19.03.sfs file from the newly generated .iso by using ROX filer by right-clicking on the .iso and using
the UExtract option, UExtract is built-into ROX and will extract darned near any type of archive.

The absolute easiest way to generate the new updated .iso for a frugal install is to put the base .iso and the .delta upgrade file in the same
directory and then click on the delta file using ROX filer, that starts the update program that will then automatically generate the the new .iso

There is an explanation on the first post of the BionicPup32 (UPupBB) (13 August 2019) topic about the upgrades and a link to the base .iso if you need it,
It is absolutely necessary to use the base .iso in conjunction with the .delta to generate the new updated .iso, the md5 hash checksum of the
original .iso is confirmed by the program before it proceeds.
The base .iso for your bionic is named bionicpup32-8.0+0-uefi.iso, It can be had from the following page https://sourceforge.net/projects/zestypup/files/Upup-Bionic/
The .delta upgrade files are available at https://sourceforge.net/projects/zestypup/files/Upup-Bionic/updates/
currently the latest upgrade available is bionicpup32-8.0+0-uefi.iso___bionicpup32-8.0+11-uefi.iso.delta dated 2019-08-13

*****More about frugal vs full install*****
Some additional info you may consider is changing to a frugal install on your hard drive, a frugal install uses either a save file or save folder
for the changes / additions to the system. The save folder is the usual preferred way to do a frugal install as it has the whole hard drive
partition to use for growing the system, the save file method of frugal install is an older method and is limited to the actual size of the save file
(acts like a storage container). More explanation in the following link if you are interested.http://www.murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?p=910423#910423

Please post back to this thread for more specific instructions if needed, I or someone will help, there is no law against learning something new Smile
Some of this stuff is hard to wrap your head around the first time you see it but is very straightforward once you do it.

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