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How do you Puppy?
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PostPosted: Sat 08 Oct 2005, 01:31    Post subject:  

GuestToo wrote:
i think DSL was originally intended as an emergency boot cd

i think Puppy was originally intended from the beginning to be a fast, light, easy-to-use OS with everything you need, and intended to be used every day as your primary OS

i think this is the most noticeable difference between DSL and Puppy

I think Puppy is about a gazillion times better as an emergency boot cd. As a matter of fact, I've already used it for that purpose. And I agree with you about Puppy being meant to be a primary OS.
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Joined: 01 Sep 2005
Posts: 86
Location: A Place Where Cows Are Sacred

PostPosted: Sun 09 Oct 2005, 05:22    Post subject: In a large, developing country where cows are sacred  

Where -- or how -- do I Puppy? Well, I Puppy (a verb) in a large developing country where cows are sacred. On a miserable, unreliable, noisy, static-laden, dirty-switched dialup connection stretching way, way back into the remotest of all outbacks. I'm talking about boondocks backwoods hicksville here. Which is one more reason why I particularly like my RELIABLE Puppy Linux operating system: My miserable telephone line is always the problem, and not my cute little RELIABLE Puppy.

Someday where my large developing country is more developed, I hope to have a more reliable telephone connection -- maybe even a wireless connection, but even then I am certain to embrace my cute little still-RELIABLE Puppy.

Hail Puppy!

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Joined: 14 Aug 2005
Posts: 1
Location: Aarhus, Denmark

PostPosted: Wed 26 Oct 2005, 16:27    Post subject: Silent computing is a bliss  

8 months back I got an ASUS L8400C laptop computer for my disposal as a part of an agreement with a publishing company. It is not exactly a new computer, but it actually ran Windows XP quite decently. And I was quite please with my new tool. However, it turned out that the hard disk is very noisy. I basically couldn't hear myself think. And if I can't think, I can't write. In other words: The laptop was not a helpful tool in the writing process but an obstruction.

Then along came Puppy. I soon discovered the advantage of having the entire OS load into the ramdisk. Running Puppy exclusively from ramdisk and saving my work on a USB-drive makes my computer completely silent. The only noise left is that of my fingertips's carefree dance on the keyboard.
It's has increased my productivity considerably.

On a sidenote: I don't make use of the pupxxx utility on the laptop as it brings the noise back. But that's not a problem - ChubbyPuppy (my preferred flavour - OO.o is a sine qua non to me) comes with everything I need. I put in the CD, boot and work. It's simple. It's silent. It's almost too good to be true.

On yet another sidenote: Puppy has grown on me so much that it is now also serving my everyday computing needs on my desktop. Still running from ramdisk, although with a pup-file to store settings. And why shouldn't I use Puppy? It is after all the only linux distro I have ever used (and I have been trough a lot) where I haven't had ANY problems with sound, network and the like. Puppy just works - and has no nonsense to it.

Thank you!
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Joined: 04 Jul 2005
Posts: 8
Location: Bilbao

PostPosted: Sun 06 Nov 2005, 18:21    Post subject: Re: How do you Puppy?  

Lobster wrote:

How do you Puppy?

I puppy in several ways.

At home I just "play" with puppy, but I do it more and more because it starts faster than my overloaded XP. Sometimes, while having breakfast, I boot Puppy to take a quick look to Bloglines, Distrowatch...

At work, we have a computer running Puppy night and day just to offer music to people calling us while they are waiting.
And I have sometimes used Puppy as a rescue cd when a Windows computer has boot problems. I boot Puppy, upload all the important documents to an FTP server with gFtp and, feeling safer now, try to repair the damage.
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Joined: 09 Nov 2005
Posts: 25
Location: NE Illinois

PostPosted: Wed 09 Nov 2005, 18:17    Post subject:  

I am a noopup. But thanks to the great support from this forum, every computer I have has puppy installed:
* my "work" thinkpad (NTFS 1.0.5 w/ Wingrub). Also got wireless to work (thanks again) altho I haven't had the courage to try it with WEP. Have to turn it off anyway when my kids bring their Macs home...
* an ancient Dell Dimension (1.0.6). I am amazed at how fast puppy runs on it. If I didn't need to run Quickbooks, I would never boot anything else. I volunteer with an organization which supports community development projects in the Americas. I am excited about kids being able to use older computers to have a high-quality experience with computers. That $100 ultimate-puppy-computer from MIT may be another avenue.
* my sandbox. A homebuild. Wouldn't boot puppy 1.0.5 but w/ 1.0.6, tail's waggin. I think there was something funky about the usb config. My next project is trying to use the Enlightenment window manager. (You can search this forum for e17.)

I must have tried a dozen distro's - puppy is the best! More importantly, it seems like this is a real nice community. As a noopup, I am not sure how much I will be able to contribute, but I will if I can.

Best wishes!

If only I could be half as good as my dog thinks I am
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Chuck the Plant

Joined: 04 Nov 2005
Posts: 17
Location: USA

PostPosted: Fri 11 Nov 2005, 00:57    Post subject: How I Puppy  

I use Puppy to resurrect old hardware...

Puppy breathed life into an old PII desktop I pulled out of a friend's basement. I'd always been curious about Linux and tried several distros on it (Ubuntu, Kanotix, DSL, SLAX). I originally avoided Puppy because I found the web site frightening (Chihuahuas scare me) and seemingly disorganized. What a fool I was! The web site, after more than a cursory glance, is chock full of useful information. And Puppy exceeded my expectations tenfold. It just works.

Now I use Puppy for almost everything. Other distros come and go on my partitions (a weakness, I know) but Puppy remains the one true constant. Coming over from the evil empire, I particularly appreciate the Dotpups. I Puppy my office work, web browsing, email, web site design (through NVU Dotpup) and use it to manage the online college course I teach.

Other than the games, I don't miss Windows. At least I've got DOOM.

Long live the Puppy.
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Joined: 20 Dec 2005
Posts: 2131
Location: buffalo commons

PostPosted: Wed 21 Dec 2005, 22:33    Post subject:  

When this is all finished I will be puppying experimental computer music and puppying a used book internet business. Maybe I should start basing my music on the barking of puppies (my last project was 5 hours of computer fan noise) and selling nothing but books on raising puppies...
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