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Puppy 2.15CE Look and Feel: Taking it to the next level...
Moderators: Flash, JohnMurga
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Joined: 15 Aug 2006
Posts: 510
Location: Adelaide, South Australia

PostPosted: Sat 10 Mar 2007, 00:27    Post_subject:  

A good job all round, folks, thankyou for a sterling job, well done.

Just a thought though. Those of us who do not have as good eyesight as some others, need far better contrast than is provided on the default theme menu and task-bar/panel. Thje text all but vanishes in its readability, looking at the live CD I've been running for some hours.

Would really think that ought to have something done if you can, thanks Smile

Richard in steenking hot Adelaide

Have you noticed editing is always needed for the inevitable typos that weren't there when you hit the "post" button?

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Joined: 04 Dec 2006
Posts: 140
Location: Ontario, Canada

PostPosted: Sat 10 Mar 2007, 00:55    Post_subject:  

Vista Black Theme
-black/purpe/blue menu background
-start button colour & design (maybe with a paw or change start to launch or menu)
-icon to rollup the window (next to minimize)
-black/blue/white gradient taskbar icons for programs
-the highlight colors over the window control buttons (red=close, green=maximize, yellow=minimize, blue=rollup)

-big X before program name in taskbar
-pink, yellow and orange gradient taskbar icons (all the non-black/blue/white ones are too much contrast and way too far off the rest of the color scheme...adjusting the hue in gimp to something not so far off might improve that)
-grey system tray hide icons button and grey backgrounds on icons next to it and non gradient backgrounds next to it in system tray

IceBurgX Theme
-start button shape and colour and gradients
-box imprint on window titles (text is hard to read in the screenshots since I resized image smaller than original ones)
-window button icons

-big X before program name in taskbar
-black backgrounds for icons in system tray
-the word 'start' on the menu system

I like the dark one that's shown in my screenshots

Joe D.
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Joined: 23 Jan 2007
Posts: 315
Location: Near the window

PostPosted: Sat 10 Mar 2007, 10:54    Post_subject:  


I really like the frozen icons, by the way does anyone know how to change the icons coming in the ROX file manager and where are they anyway ? I 've been looking everywhere but found nothing ; i think it is perhaps time to change this icon set to something more accurate no ?

I have found rox-show-hidden.png (the eye) rox-select.png rox-show-detail.png etc...
but where the "change to home/parentdirectory", "bookmarks menu" icons etc. ?

Best regards,
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Joined: 22 Aug 2006
Posts: 52
Location: Austin, TX

PostPosted: Sat 10 Mar 2007, 12:15    Post_subject:  

After reflection, I think I like the colored icons quite a bit better. I especially like these, the OpenOffice icons shown in some of the shots above:

The "2-pointed lozenge" shape would be good for the OpenOffice icons, and perhaps the same size with either the top left corner pointed or all four rounded (which is iPhone trendy now) would be good for the standard icons. (Perhaps the lower right corner should be pointed to kind of "point down" for icons (like setup/config) that will bring up another menu. This would make it clearer which are for apps and which are for further selections.)

BTW, I miss the USB drive mounter on the desktop... I know, it's a balance between clean and convenient, but I use the "Connect" icon once or twice, then only very rarely after that. The Mount USB icon gets used all the time. Beside that, the "Connect" icon duplicates a subset of what the "Configuration" icon offers, which is not the best design. Breaking the configuration up into topic panels would be better, IMO. (Also, is there some way to keep double clicks from launching twice on the desktop? This is VERY frustrating to new users or users that also use Windows frequently.)

I'm willing to help with the look and feel, but only after we've decided on a Window Manager.
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