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TeenPup Linux is totally unique..
Moderators: Flash, JohnMurga
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Joined: 30 Oct 2006
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PostPosted: Mon 24 Sep 2007, 12:48    Post subject:  TeenPup Linux is totally unique..  

A few things about TeenPup:
John may be best to know the answers but heres what it seems.
If the machine has 3 X 128 megs of ram and NO HD, 384 ram total.
When you boot up unlike otther puppies it only loads a base system to ram and not the whole CD to ram. So with 384 ram after boot up and not having started any apps. there is about 2/3 ram left for computing. Whereas othe puppys, except Rudy, will totally load all the CD to ram. So the benefit to Teenpup is way more working ram than any other puppy. The drawback to some, but not to me is that, when you say start the browser it will take time to load that app from the CD, but this is only a one time delay - to load the app. cool thing is that when you quit that app the used ram is almost instantly freed for othe app use.

When you remaster use Dougals script - just follow the directions and when you get to the prompt that gives you the option of making and ISO do so, then make a CD from that ISO. The thing is that by using the USB flash, the ISO will be created there in a folder. The thing is that depending on how large the final CD is you will need about 2 and1/2 times the space on the USB flash -or so it seems, to be successful..... Note: use the USB flash as the working space when prompted by Dougal remaster script, but what ever space it says it needs it seems to need 2 and 1/2 the space because it seems to created both a CD and then if you choose to create an ISO it will also need the same space for that on the USB.

Now the other thing is that when you add the apps prior to remastering you will be limited to the space that you have ram for in the computer (remember no HD or swap setup here).

So if you have 200 megs of ram after boot up and you want to add 250 meg of apps, you cant. But the thing is that once you remaster you will still have the same amount of working free ram that you did before adding the extra apps becasue of the way that TeenPup works---very cool. Note: that if you want to add more apps just add the apps to your remastered CD and then remster again. So contrary to creater a HD to remaster is not necessary

So how large the CD is with apps has no consequence as to the free working ram at boot up, and only and very acceptable performance hit when starting that app. So size of the CD contents is of no matter in its usage.

Some of the small but necessary apps i added were
-IPTRAF -it sort of acts like netstat but way better
-IPSTATE - good network monitoring
-LOAD Meter which is a fast responding indicator of real CPU usage

New ones are
mrxvt 4.2 I like the tabs
torsmo or the newer version or more detailed version -most people think its convient and cool

The ability to choose larger cursors would be nice.

Cheers Mic67
This topic was intended just as a test but will repost to "Puppy Derivatives" as "TeenPup Linux is totally unique.."
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Joined: 30 Oct 2006
Posts: 478

PostPosted: Mon 24 Sep 2007, 13:47    Post subject:  

The thing with other live CD distros is that they are slow - to actually use

If they loaded an app. and where able to use it as you normally would without having to access the CD for parts of it as needed, only then will puppy have some serious competition.

The thing with the regular puppy is that it uses almost 2x the ram as teenpup but you can can
pull the CD out of the machine, with teenpup you cant, thats is why a tower with 2 CDs works best, or just use a USB flash.

Point is that, the performance hit for loading an app is acceptable to the advantages of having a max of apps on the disk and still have ram to work with, even though you cant pull the CD, but you know I would think that you should be able to pull the CD, and when you want and app not loaded the system prompts you to place the CD in the machine --is possible.

The thing is that with Puppy brand you can choose what suits your needs in minutes.

Remember many dont remaster, hense the pop[ularity of the derivitives, so having that is a good thing but most dont use it?? Maybe an option at boot time could be and option??
But it is part of the reason for the more ram usage of the original puppy??

The other thing is that few people have more than 2 large apps open at one time???

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