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Noteedit and MuseScore
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Joined: 10 Mar 2006
Posts: 146
Location: Suomi, Finland

PostPosted: Sat 19 Apr 2008, 06:53    Post_subject:  Noteedit and MuseScore  

MuseScore: http://mscore.sourceforge.net/en/idx.php
NoteEdit: http://noteedit.berlios.de/

I tried to make them work, but didn't manage. But got pretty close. Both had mess with GUI buttons.

That's what it tells me:

# noteedit
kbuildsycoca running...
noteedit: ERROR: Error: standard icon theme "crystalsvg" not found!
LilyPond check: not available.
Setting version to 2.6.3
found version: 2.6.3
TSE3 ALSA MIDI scheduler created
There is no MIDI port 0. I try 0!
TSE3 Copyright information : (c) Pete Goodliffe, 2000-2002. A Trax Software Product. Version: 0.3.1
kded: WARNING: KServiceType::offers : servicetype KDEDModule not found
# mscore
QPainter::begin: Cannot paint on a null pixmap
QPainter::end: Painter not active, aborted
fluidsynth: error: Unable to open file "/usr/piano1.sf2"
fluidsynth: error: Couldn't load soundfont file
fluidsynth: error: Failed to load SoundFont "/usr/piano1.sf2"
ISynth: Failed to load SoundFont "/usr/piano1.sf2"Synti init failed
sequencer init failed

I have tried with many packages from many places. One of the Mscore packages didn't give fluidsynth error. I have it installed.

If I remember right this one of NoteEdit packages were from debian and iI took the TSE3 from there too. Maybe Mscore was from ubuntu?

What am I missing?

I was playinrg with them last night and one program to try was LMMS and thanks for muggins there is now pet for it.

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Joined: 23 Oct 2006
Posts: 1287
Location: Ukraine

PostPosted: Sat 19 Apr 2008, 19:08    Post_subject:  

Dear Taavi,

I also had a problem with compiling 0.9.2 of musescore. First of all, you need QT4 with the dev libs and cmake, all of which I have. Although I didn't seem to get the same errors as you, I did get errors and was too lazy to trace the origins. I think, in semi-desperation, I just grabbed a .deb version of 0.9.1 and installed it. It works OK. I can't say much about noteedit but I recall I had some old version working.

Once I start more serious investigation of the compilation errors in musescore, we should compare notes.

With kind regards,

PS. Musescore has the potential of being a very useful scoring program.
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Joined: 02 Apr 2007
Posts: 2379

PostPosted: Sun 20 Apr 2008, 02:09    Post_subject:  

I have Slack packages of noteedit and tse here:


Sorry I can't be of any help for musescore since I don't usually have Qt/KDE stuff installed...
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Joined: 05 May 2007
Posts: 10883
Location: Ontario Canada,Sydney Australia

PostPosted: Fri 13 Jun 2008, 13:18    Post_subject:  

Hi Guys

Well I was building a kde version of bibletime, What a task that was, Anyways I went to kdelook and there was MuseScore once again, So I said what the heck might as well try to compile it one more time.
Well it worked !! everything , all images no errors when starting it via console etc, When I went to package it up, The same thing missing pictures on the buttons.
I tried it on my other testing pc,
They both have puppy 4.0, Plus both testing bibletime/kde
The difference between them are
pc that worked
My dev_x_400.pet
It was compiled in this pc.
here's a screenshot of it,
I spent hours trying to work it out, I even transfered the full qt4 libs over to the other pc and still no go.
well hope that helps you out some,
I think it might be some sort of hidden configure file.

http://audio.online-convert.com/ <-- excellent site
http://samples.mplayerhq.hu/A-codecs/ <-- Codec Test Files
http://html5games.com/ <-- excellent HTML5 games Smile
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