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The LINUX BARRIER: Dial Up Modems
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PostPosted: Fri 11 Nov 2011, 13:56    Post subject: Re: Dial-Up for Laptops  

Digital_Dissident wrote:

I found the following two external USB modems at NewEgg that I am considering:

U.S. Robotics USR5637
Currently listed at $44.99

Rosewill RNX-56 USB (Conexant)
Currently listed at $24.99, with a free PCI modem with purchase promotional deal

The occupation of a USB port and, often, the obstruction of an additional one or more can be an issue, especially for a laptop user.

I recently bought two backup modems off ebay (I go through at least couple modems each year as I live on hilltop and my phoneline is attractive to lightening). Anyway one of them is the Rosewill RNX-56USB modem. I got it used for $8 shipped cost. It is a hardware modem. Pupdial probe found it instantly and set it up with ACM-cdc driver. Works perfectly. No compiling drivers or buying $20 drivers or any of that. And its tiny, powered entirely by usb port.

It uses Conexant CX93010 chip. Works well for dialup though doing a google on it some people complain it doesnt do caller id properly. I havent really any idea what they are doing with it that requires caller id, but whatever, if you need that, it may not work. But for a straight dialup connection, its fine.

But there are other "Chinese no name" modems with the conexant cx93010 chip, new for around $10. Make sure they have that chip. Actually want to do search on ebay for "conexant 93010" and leave off the "cx" and make the search look at entire auction ads not just title for those words. If it says it has that chip, it should be hardware modem. The one I am waiting on from Hong Kong just says conexant chip and works in linux. Hopefully its that chip and not software modem that requires the stupid $20 driver. I'll just toss it if it turns out to be softmodem. But getting a straight answer on some cheap no name Chinese product off ebay isnt always possible. I found some that say they have the conexant 93010 chip and dont mention linux. Should work though. I dont think many of these el cheapo sellers ever try to use the products they sell, at least not on linux. They just paraphrase some full retail plus shipping description.

I first searched for old serial modems. But they have gotten more rare on ebay and you have to read close. Some people are pulling any old junk out of closet. Some of these serial modems are ancient and have blazing speeds of like 300 baud. Curiosity=yes, practical=no. And if you have serial modem, but no serial port you have to buy a serial to usb converter cable. About $6 more. And I found out hard way, if lightening takes out the modem, it takes out the converter cable too. So the mini usb hardware modems seem way to go if you can get them around $10 or less. Or just dont want to deal with serial modem the size of a hardback novel, plus its power brick, plus four foot cable.....
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