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what a mess - no more /mnt/ ?
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Joined: 24 Aug 2005
Posts: 13648
Location: Karlsruhe, Germany

PostPosted: Mon 04 Aug 2008, 18:21    Post subject:  what a mess - no more /mnt/ ?  

I spent the whole day with Gnome again.
I could set up muppy0084alpha so far, that it works as expected, just a backup-script I need to write, and do smaller refinements.

I was so happy - but then:

Gnome would not automount my drives, but that soon was sorted out, I had spent several days already before punishing me with hal/dbus/udev.
So I could fix this relatively quickly, my external second drive now is automounted.

BUT the first external drive is even not visible in the filemanager...
This drive IS in use, as it holds /mnt/home (pup_save).
I also could use it in HotPup, MUT, pmount and my own new mounter.

I spent 8 hours trying to find out then, what is wrong.
Tested Rule-files for the daemons, added groups and users - nada.

The "Solution" now seems to be this:
When I comment in /etc/fstab a line like:
/dev/sda13   /mnt/sda13      ext2      defaults      0 0

, then the drive becomes immedeatly visible in the Gnome-filer!
If I uncomment again and save, it disappears like eaten by a ghost.

What looked as a bug, crystalized to be "the future".
RedHad is forcing, that only fixed drives managed by the admin, must be mounted to /mnt/.
But these will be invisible in the grafical interface.
If you want to see them in the filer, they must use /media/ as mountpoint.

Like this:
/dev/sda13   /media/sda13      ext2      defaults      0 0

Some hints I found:
Is Gnome now following the Linux FHS to the letter, so anything in /mnt is assumed to be a filesystem temporarily mounted by an administrator?


NOTE: Volumes that you wish to manage using hal should NOT be listed in /etc/fstab. This is especially true for CD devices and floppy disk devices.


This strategy requires quite some rewrites of many utilities, if we want to stay compatible with this approach.
I use Gnome 2.22.1.
There just was announced 2.22.3 for Slackware.
I have read, that newest versions now at least again to a certain degree shall support /mnt/. But I found this info not on http://gnomeslackbuild.org/, so I don't know, if it is valid for this new build.

Ok, spent 2 days and 1 1/2 nights now with Muppy, time for a break...


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Joined: 08 Jun 2005
Posts: 5087
Location: Arizona, U.S.A.

PostPosted: Wed 20 Aug 2008, 14:55    Post subject:  

Mark; I feel your pain... It's getting so damn hard to accomplish even simple things.
We can only imagine the horrors that changes like this do to existing apps.

It's kind of a M$ sort of thing, forcing existing apps. to be rewritten for what?
It's kinda weard because M$ does it on purpose, & Linux just has no standards.

I must admit that I've lost some of my initial enthusiasm for Linux in general.
Linux is still the real alternative to M$ Weeners, but it'll never make it this way!

I dream of a "well motivated Linux ORG (no capitalism)" that'll set the standards.
Settle on a cleaned out & rewritten "new Linux" so all distros. are compatible.
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Joined: 24 Aug 2005
Posts: 13648
Location: Karlsruhe, Germany

PostPosted: Wed 20 Aug 2008, 15:12    Post subject:  

I have written a drivemounter, that can use /media, too:

To be able to use my drives in Gnome 2.22 and KDE 3.5.9, I run these desktops by a wrapperscript.

It comments all /mnt/ lines in /etc/fstab, before the desktop starts.
Like this I can access the drives.

I also modified hotpup, so that it can deal with the /media mountpoints.
So when you exit Gnome, the drives mounted by Gnome are still accessable in hotpup.
All these patches are part of Muppy0084beta2.

Like this you can continue to use MUT or pmount in Puppys desktop, as long as you do not use Gnome/KDE.

If you use Gnome/KDE, you can use their utilities like Nautilus, and Muppyquickmount/hotpup in the Puppy desktop.

It took several hours (days) to finally sort this out Rolling Eyes


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Joined: 04 Sep 2007
Posts: 1569
Location: Canada

PostPosted: Wed 20 Aug 2008, 17:11    Post subject:  

Hi Mark,

I like your drive mounter...very nice.

Can it be made to unmount and close the rox filer from Muppy Quick Mount when I hit unmount for let's say hda4 or whatever partition I mounted thus closing the file manager and unmounting in one click.


Be not afraid to grow slowly, only be afraid of standing still.
Chinese Proverb

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Joined: 10 Aug 2006
Posts: 1046
Location: La Confederation Abenaquaise

PostPosted: Wed 20 Aug 2008, 17:49    Post subject:  

I feel your pain as well Mark, mon frere! I discovered all of this "the hard way" too several months ago when installing LinuxMint-4.0 and it "refused to mount" my drives too. That's when I discovered that not only was it using the newer kernel's naming convention of "/sda" instead of my "/hdb", but it was likewise using the UUID, the blkid.tab, the UUID in fstab, AND sending everything to "/media"! I thought to myself, "But!... But!... But my hard drive is NOT media!! It's a mountpoint!!" -sigh-

I no longer have LinuxMint-4.0 (it was an excellent system!) and instead now have Mandriva on one partition and Parsix on another, with Puppy-4.0 on the first (and then NimbleX-2008 in frugal thanks to Nooby). So many different naming conversions of the system, different ways of mounting the partitions, numbers to keep track of, etc...

Had I have encountered all of this confusion when coming over from Windows? Even with all of your kind help I think I would have gone back to my comfortable 98se regardless. At least it was ONE system and was safe for me. Okie... maybe not. But it DOES get frustrating now so I understand. I saw nothing wrong with "the old way" as it WORKED.

Mazzel Mark,


Proud user of LXpup and 3-Headed Dog. Cool
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