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DSL Modem that works cheap -puppy
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Joined: 30 Oct 2006
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PostPosted: Tue 05 May 2009, 23:02    Post subject:  DSL Modem that works cheap -puppy
Subject description: Cabling for better dsl adsl2+ 24 meg DL

I have had dial-up internet since the beginning and just recently went with Teksavvy DSL with the 512k version - the slowest and lowest cost version - but it is exactly 10 times faster than dialup. And it really changes internet usage.

With dialup I used a "host list" (google that if you need to know), hardly ever had java script on or flash plugin.

Allthough I will say that getting the local phone service from Rogers to Teksavvy was not smooth, I did not want to cancel Rogers local phone service without having the other working. So as to not be without local phone service, well I was right, anyhow....

I had a bunch of thrift store adsl modems, but decided to buy a new one
for $29 in store price.




I am a dedicated LINUX user this modem worked right out of the box I didnt have to even set anyVPI/VCI values

It is also a adsl2+ modem capable of up to 24meg ? download, it is a really basic model but so is the price compared to a speedstream of around $99??

BTW Wintronics still has some of thos P4 IBM desktop 2.8Gighz 512ram boxes for $129?? loaded with XP

I dont think any other computer store in sells this modem locally?



Instead of having a filter on each and every regular phone, fax or answering machine. You take the incomming phone line to the house and split it there once with a dsl splitter - thereby using only 1 filter for the whole house.


The DSL LINE TO MODEM is a separate cable to where the dsl modem is - I believe this is call a "home run" setup.


like this

"Used to be when you ordered DSL service from the phone company, they sent out an installer who split the phone line where it came into your premises, and ran a wire directly to your dsl modem. But that was too expensive for the cheapo phone company, so they came up with the "customer self install", and they shipped you your modem and a bunch of those "microfilters" to put on each phone. Cheaper for them. Not so good for you!

This mostly worked OK, but many people have problems. Vague problems, like slow connections, failure to connect. And they won't fix it, right? Nope, it "meets spec". Great, huh?

The thing is, your dsl data is going all over your house, through the attic, down the walls, through phone cords, etc. It can slow things down! Sometimes dramatically!"


Bell Demarc / DSL Splitting question


NOT THIS kind of splitter.

sort of like this

Ok like this, but this is the exterior house version, but would work for the interior too.

" The TII 3310D ADSL POTS Splitter Outdoor Device splits the combined voice and data signal carried on telephone lines to provide separate outputs for both phone and data services. Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) provides high-bit-rate digital information over telephone subscriber lines"

"the splitter removes any need for DSL filters inside the host's home."
Same concept but this is the exterior version

HERE is a diagram, at the top right of the page is the dsl splitter

Some call it a "pots splitter" rather than a dsl splitter.

HERE is the reason why a 1 filter for the whole house dsl-splitter

"I bought a pots splitter from TSI ...."
"i got mine from tsi as well.
installation is so easy. i dunno how you cannot get it wrong???
its labeled pretty clearly on the device.
2 in for bell line
2 out for dsl modem
and 2 more out for filtered voice"

Just found this....I guess you can get one from tekk savvy??


"Here's how it works:

Most people are unaware that their DSL download speed can increase significantly, simply by modifying the way in which the DSL signal is split from the voice (phone) signal.

When DSL service is installed at your location, the phone company or internet service provider (ISP) will typically give you micro-filters to install on the phone line leading to each phone. These small filters allow the voice signal to pass, but blocks the DSL signal. (If this was not done, you would have a lot of audible noise on your phone.)
Unfortunately, these micro-filters also introduce an “impedance” into the entire phone wiring system throughout your home. This impedance actually slows down the flow of the DSL signal to your computer, router, or hub, thereby reducing your download speed.

As a matter of fact, the more phones you have in your house (requiring micro-filters), the slower your DSL speed will be.

The DSL Speed Runner is designed to be installed where your phone service enters your home (garage, attic, basement, etc.). At that point, you will actually split the DSL signal from the phone signal. Once this is accomplished, you can remove the micro-filters at each phone. As a result, the impedance will be eliminated, and your DSL speed will increase.

This device must be placed indoors. A wall-mounting bracket is included with the splitter. If your incoming phone line does not have an RJ11 connector on it, then it will be necessary to first crimp one on.

Complete installation instructions are shipped with each unit."

I guess that says it all


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Joined: 30 Oct 2006
Posts: 478

PostPosted: Tue 20 Oct 2009, 20:33    Post subject:  

Well I have been using this modem for some time.

I subscribe to 5 meg DSL and just downloaded Teenpup 2009 legacy. It was exactly 100x faster than dial-up, which I had fromt the begining of the net.

I get about 1/2 my TV via the net, I dont have nor will I get cable.

Once you have fast net you want faster net.

Although I find that while DL Teenpup at about 500k when I go to websites they usually dont DL faster that about 52K - thats only 10x faster than dialup.

For the price this is a great modem. Think to spend more to get the one with the built in router with more ports.

This dsl modem seems to work with all the puppies I have tried.YMMV Seems to be the best price.

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