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Is there a VGA-to-RCA or -S-Video adapter?
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PostPosted: Sun 28 Mar 2010, 03:45    Post_subject:  Is there a VGA-to-RCA or -S-Video adapter?  

I'd like to hook up my computer's dvi or vga video out ports to my tv's(currently still a crt) and/or vcr's s-video/rca inputs. Would some simple dvi-to-s-video or dvi-to-rca ((vga-to-s-video or vga-to-rca)) cables do this, or would there be problems? I know that dvi/vga are video only ports. Hooking up the sound cables is not much of a problem. If someone could please explain the various angles of this problem I'd appreciate it.
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PostPosted: Wed 05 May 2010, 21:35    Post_subject:  

Sorry no one replied to you earlier. I just stumbled onto this myself. take a look at this scan converter. This link goes to Amazon, but there are other sellers and other devices out there. Most of the other devices you will find are clones of this one with different names and similar looks but different prices. I am about to order one myself, so I can't review it yet.
Don't try a simple cable solution; it needs to be an active device.
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PostPosted: Wed 05 May 2010, 22:00    Post_subject:  

A good article explaining how and why.
Does it work with Puppy? I don't know. Different video cards make
a big difference with things like s-video out.



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Joined: 03 Aug 2008
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PostPosted: Wed 05 May 2010, 23:21    Post_subject:  

Yes, that's a pretty good article, I saw that too. In fact, the one they have is an example of what I was referring to as clones, although I don't know who cloned who. If you look closely at most of the devices you see when researching this, they look very similar, even identical sometimes. Same controls, connectors, etc. I get the idea that several manufactures package the same guts, maybe through licensing or copying, I don't know.

These scan converters are completely independent of any operating software. They simply take the VGA signal and convert it to composite NTSC and port it out through RCA jacks or S-Video. This particular family of devices will support only a handful of VGA resolutions up to 1024x768, so on many computers, you may need to temporarily change the resolution while using the device. I did see one review that suggested it will work with a 1280x1024 VGA signal, but the specs say 1024x768. I couldn't find any devices that are more versatile than that. Also, note that they output regular lo-res NTSC, so don't expect Hi Def on your new HDTV!

I don't see that the video card would would make any difference with these devices, but the first choice to solve this problem would be a good card with a video out built in, such as Matrox makes. This device seems simpler and cheaper to implement, so I think I'll try it first. Also, it could be used on any computer.

beatriziya: I just noticed that your computer might have a DVI connector. There may be a way to convert DVI to composite, but you would have to research that. Also, many cards that have a DVI output also have a S-Video out. That, of course would be the best bet. Easily converted with a cable.

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PostPosted: Wed 05 May 2010, 23:45    Post_subject:  

I think this exact question was asked a few months ago. I don't remember if it was answered satisfactorily.
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