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New Cloud Bible flight 110!
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PostPosted: Sun 09 Sep 2012, 06:10    Post subject:  

would you please open a thread in the off-topic area to openly discuss things not teasing others who want to focus on their puppy derivatives?
[not going to discuss here I only answer you something, actually I don't believe what you believe, so if I respect what you believe it would be ignorance of what I believe on my own side, as you mentioned, but the point is that I respect you the person not your believe, so I would be polite and respectful, answering back every detail questions that I think you have misunderstood about. You are a human, a son of Adam and Eve (PBUT), a creature of the same God, if you have had worth in the eyes of God to be created and fed then you have worth in my eyes to be treated as a human being as well, anyway you was born in a christian family and I was born in a shia muslim family and none of us had the choice where to be born, not the family, not the town, not the country, these are what God has set for us to live a life that ends toward himself. And only one point, a big point of difference between us, God is uniques and not three, this is obvious in many respects that you may want us to discuss about, Jesus PBUH was a prophet as was Moses and Muhammad, Adam and Ibrahim and Noah, they were all human sons of humans, they were all eating food, drinking water, walking around in their town's streets and etc., they needed what every human need to remain alive, and I don't prey a God who is limited as a creature full of needs, a human like myself, who can be killed and teased, Jesus had no father as Adam had no father and also no mother, as Moses' serpent (the rod) and lamb given to Abraham as the sacrifice had no parents, a God who created Adam from dust with no parents was able to create Jesus with no father as well, Jesus had miracles as Moses had his and others had their, Jesus gave life to a bird hand made of himself from mud in the name of God not on his own (you said He is either God or ,totally insane , or a demon with powers from Satan, but we say a prophet with powers from God), he gave back life to someone died lately within a few days and Uzeir (or Ezra? I'm not sure of his name) did the same about a number of people killed hundred of years before (unfortunately Jews think of him as the son of God as you think Jesus was the son of God, PBUT both, and of course God has no parents, no wife and no son, this is not just a simple idea, not a theory, not a mere saying, but it has rigorous reasons behind that), and that the rod of Moses changed into a living serpent doesn't mean he should be God, as you may accept. And the last point our God is not a god of war, he is the only God, the one who created potential for both love and hate, potential for both war and peace, potential prophets and demons, the one who created potential goods and bads and left the choice to us what to select, and said I show you the way and you choose what's the best for you but only know something, as I just don't need anything so if I order you something that's for yourself and whatever that you acquire you have acquired it for your self, be it good or bad, and that this world is a place to pass through so don't stick to it like you have created to live here eternally, get ready for the long journey of your life both in this world and the world following it …, my prophets are to show you the way and no one is responsible of what you acquire other than yourself. And this is now my comment that it is not justice for a guy to be treated on the behalf of all those who chose to live the wrong way doing any arbitrary sin that they wish for the sake of money or power or fame, we are responsible for our choices not our prophet, and not God himself. Do you really accept God to come to earth, if possible at all, and be teased and then killed on behalf of Hitler for example? Can you accept a person that has chosen the easy way and have many wrong behaviors be the same as a person who has always chosen to bear the life's difficulties but remain on the right way? That's kindness or injustice? Then why to be good, do whatever you like and your God would come to pay for it! Hitler being forgiven as easily as another person being punished and killed is really a sign of love? If we believe that Jesus is not a son of God, or God himself, it's not strange because it is impossible for God to be placed in a skin of blood and muscles. It is not impossible because God is weak, no, beacause the thing itself is impossible in this world; the world is created based on its own rules and axioms and the one beyond such axioms cannot fit inside it, it is just as impossible as the answer to this question: Can God create a stone as heavy as he cannot himself lift it up? He cannot create this but not because of a weakness in God as creator but a weakness of such a stone as the thing to be created, note that creation has two ends, one is the creator with no weakness and the other is the thing to be created. If God could come on the earth then why to send prophets instead? Maybe Moses and all previous prophets were also God himself? Everything is created by him and he is not bounded to any of his own creations from nothingness, not time, neither space, he is beyond such this-world-concepts …, hope that I have not bothered you]
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