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simple GUI ramdisk script
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Joined: 04 May 2005
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PostPosted: Tue 27 Dec 2011, 18:56    Post_subject:  simple GUI ramdisk script  

This is just a simple little GUI program for creating a ramdisk. Somebody requested that I throw one together, so here it is. I didn't bother making a .pet package or a menu or desktop icon for it. It's just a gzipped script.

    1) Click it.
    2) Input the size of the ramdisk you want, then press "Okay".
    3) It mounts the ramdisk and opens a window inside it, as well as a dialog with an "Unmount" button.
    *** This is when you do whatever you want to do inside the ramdisk
    4) When finished, click the "Unmount" button on the dialog it popped up, and it will be umounted. All data within it will go *poof*.

If you don't want the unmount dialog to hang around, click the 'x' on the title bar to close it. If you do this you'll have to manually unmount the ramdisk when you're finished. This is done by either moving up a notch in ROX-Filer and having ROX-Filer umount it (via right-click option), or by using the following command:
umount /mnt/ramdisk

Of course, you could just leave the ramdisk there and not unmount it, but it will use however much ram it's using until you either unmount it, delete everything inside it, or reboot. (Note that tmpfs is smart enough to not just allocate the ram you give it immediately. The size you set is used as the upper limit, but it only allocates as much ram as it needs at any given point. So, even if you create a 1gb ramdisk, if there is only 10mb of stuff in it, only about 10mb of ram will be used.)
Description  gui for making ramdisks

Filename  ramdisk_gui.gz 
Filesize  551 Bytes 
Downloaded  856 Time(s) 

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Joined: 11 Dec 2008
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PostPosted: Wed 28 Dec 2011, 03:07    Post_subject:  

sweet thanks for this!

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Joined: 06 Jan 2008
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Location: Chickasha Oklahoma

PostPosted: Wed 28 Dec 2011, 04:03    Post_subject:  

Very Happy Helo,
Just had to change permissions to run it....
Cool idea...

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Joined: 11 Dec 2008
Posts: 1128

PostPosted: Wed 03 Oct 2012, 20:54    Post_subject:  

EDIT: This does not apply to slacko533

For all those wanting to use this on a frugal install... you need to change line 4 of the script from


to explain why... I'll copy/paste part of the IRC convo here:

<q5sys> now let me explain.
<q5sys> I have a 1.4gb safe file on this system. I have 16gb ram. I run VMs all the time. and I do so completely from ram. so I'll create a ramdisk and load a 4 to 8gb VM file into it and then run it from there. I do delete it before shutdown
<q5sys> but it still has to sit in memory so I can use it
<q5sys> http://puppy-linux.org/screenshot.png
<q5sys> thats using the script pizza posted with ramdisks saved in /mnt
<q5sys> and LOOK. the graphical map of the safe file shows /mnt/ramdisk sitting in there
<q5sys> I tried to copy /mnt/home over to my ramdisk just to fill it uo
<q5sys> I made a 4gb ramdisk and tried to copy 1900mb of files into it
<q5sys> but as you can see from the rox window with /mnt/ramdisk in it... only 438mb copied
mama21mama 0/
<q5sys> why? becuase that was all the freespace I had left in /initrd/pup_rw.
<q5sys> now yes I'll delete that ramdisk before i shut down...
<q5sys> but while Im using my system.... my /initrd/pup_rw is filled and cant accept anymore data. which means that at least while Im currently using my system... my savefile is full (until I delete the ramdisk)
<q5sys> like I've said about 4 times now... on a frugral install changes to /mnt are saved to /initrd/pup_rw
<slue_gniffer> how much ram do you have?
<q5sys> /initrd /pup_rw is the contents of your save file that have been changed since last boot.
<q5sys> slue_gniffer: I have 16gb ram
<tlc> WHy The F would anyone use such a huge save file?
<tlc> er ram disk
Rupp shrugs
tlc SO did Atlas
<q5sys> tlc... to run a VM completely from RAM
<tlc> Why would you do that?
<q5sys> so its not having to read the hard disk to run.
<q5sys> it makes it faster.
<bignono1> wb Brown_Mouse
<q5sys> I've got the ram... I might as well use it for something useful
<q5sys> puppy will never use that much on its own. lol


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Joined: 12 Dec 2011
Posts: 525

PostPosted: Sun 08 Mar 2015, 06:36    Post_subject:  

Made a little ramdisk pet from info.
The Puppy Ram system is a bit of a mystery and personally hate going in /tmp, it's always full of junk and stuff.

Edit sfs was always running out of ram in its operation and frequently ommited to offer the partition option. I assumed it was lack of system ram. Wrong!
This one is solid and in combination with Uxtract and Packit, does the job nicely.

Filename  Ramdisk.pet 
Filesize  3.11 KB 
Downloaded  62 Time(s) 
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Joined: 26 Oct 2011
Posts: 1299

PostPosted: Sun 08 Mar 2015, 08:40    Post_subject:  

Hey Smithy

RE: UExtract

I just stumbled across your post and tested a case when there's not enough available space to extract an SFS.
It turned out that unsquashfs (used by UExtract) exits with code 0 (i.e. "All is OK"), even if there was insufficient free space available and some files weren't extracted, so, in effect, UExtract also reports successful extraction.
I've applied a workaround - if there's 0 free bytes on a destination device after extraction, an error is automatically assumed.

If the ramdisk wasn't big enough then there's a chance you've experienced this flaw, so it would be safer if you upgrade to v3.9.

Thanks &

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Joined: 12 Dec 2011
Posts: 525

PostPosted: Sun 08 Mar 2015, 17:22    Post_subject:  

Thanks for the heads up on that SFR, I will upgrade it to that version.
Certainly is a good visual app that lets you know what it is doing.
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