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mtPaint 3.40 - Debian package for Lucid
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Joined: 10 Mar 2010
Posts: 3778
Location: Ontario

PostPosted: Thu 29 Dec 2011, 13:36    Post_subject:  mtPaint 3.40 - Debian package for Lucid  

Proper debian versions for Lucid Precise and Tahr are located HERE


Here's the reason I first became interested in
putting together a debian package of mtpaint.
I installed Ubuntu Lucid Lynx on my computer and looked
around for a debian package of mtpaint but all
I could find was version 3.31 .

There must be a reason why people are not upgrading
to a more recent version, but I don't know that reason.

I was able to get mtpaint 3.34.78 to work on Lucid Lynx
as well as Lucid Puppy 528 , but I didn't test printing
which is known to be difficult.

This is the first time that I've made a debian package but
it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Laughing

I would be interested in test reports, for instance
can it be used in more recent Ubuntu versions and
Debian linux?

The best feature in this version
of mtpaint is the dock which allows
layers to be used more effectively.

I included the locales for foreign language since
this is the common practice for debian packages.

Warning: Don't try this package on Slacko!
Get a proper pet package. (The reason is
a libtiff alias.)


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Joined: 20 Jan 2009
Posts: 1771
Location: Pecos/ Texas

PostPosted: Thu 29 Dec 2011, 16:29    Post_subject:  

Warning: Don't try this package on Slacko!
Get a proper pet package. (The reason is
a libtiff alias.)

Just curious. What about

 Host: Mariner Kernel: i686 (32 bit)
           Desktop Openbox Distro: Lighthouse Pup Linux
Linux [i686 arch]

which is Lighthouse

sh-3.00# cat /etc/puppyversion

which is slackbased also. Just wondering. I have MtPaint 3.31 installed in this. I guess I could look in gslapt. Just asking in case anybody else wonders don570.

Edit, Nope. Gslapt just shows 3.31 as latest in Lighthouse 431
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Joined: 10 Mar 2010
Posts: 3778
Location: Ontario

PostPosted: Thu 29 Dec 2011, 17:44    Post_subject:  

I should have mentioned my pet package



By the way , this was compiled using libtiff.so.3
whereas Ubuntu Lucid Lynx requires libtiff.so.4

So I put an link in the package to fool Ubuntu
but Barry Kauler's distributions are confused by the
link I put in the package.

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Official Dog Handler

Joined: 04 May 2005
Posts: 11462
Location: Arizona USA

PostPosted: Thu 29 Dec 2011, 22:56    Post_subject:  

I'm running Racy Puppy from a multisession DVD. Just for fun I tried installing this Debian package. The installer said it worked, and that the Menu entry is in Utility, but when I found it it was in Graphics and nothing happened when I clicked on it. Maybe I needed to reboot to make it work, but I didn't particularly want to save it.
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Joined: 10 Mar 2010
Posts: 3778
Location: Ontario

PostPosted: Fri 30 Dec 2011, 12:24    Post_subject:  

When I asked for people to try this package I meant that
I wanted people to try it on Debian versions of Linux,
such as Ubuntu Maverick etc. I only have Ubuntu Lucid at
home to test on.

The reason why it won't work on most puppies ( even though
it was compiled on Lighthouse 443) is because I put a link
named libtiff.so.3 that links to libtiff.so.4 which
is found in Ubuntu (and Lucid Puppy as well).

This link screws up your Puppy installation if you install it
in such Puppies as Slacko or Racy. Do an uninstall to fix the Puppy.

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Official Dog Handler

Joined: 04 May 2005
Posts: 11462
Location: Arizona USA

PostPosted: Fri 30 Dec 2011, 15:58    Post_subject:  

I know it wasn't for my Puppy, I just wanted to see what happened when I installed a Debian package.

No harm done, as my multisession Puppy runs entirely in RAM and I didn't save to the DVD when I shut down. Smile
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Joined: 10 Mar 2010
Posts: 3778
Location: Ontario

PostPosted: Sat 31 Dec 2011, 12:29    Post_subject: version 3.40 debin version available from Dimitry  

version 3.40 debian version available from Dimitry

Dimitry has just made a debian version of mtpaint
(the first time???) Here's his message.

I made one too. :-)
This was created without using any Debian/Ubuntu specific tools, but
does install and work OK on Ubuntu Natty & Oneiric (not tested on
other versions; linked against libs from Natty).


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Joined: 20 May 2005
Posts: 2357
Location: near Woof (Germany) :-) Acer Laptop emachines 2 GB RAM AMD64. franco-/germanophone, +/- anglophone

PostPosted: Fri 13 Jan 2012, 11:59    Post_subject:  

is there an account about the new functions implemented in 3.40 somewhere?
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Joined: 10 Mar 2010
Posts: 3778
Location: Ontario

PostPosted: Sat 14 Jan 2012, 16:22    Post_subject:  

Dymitry has renamed his manual available at his mtpaint website
to 3.40 so he must have changed something in it. I haven't had
time to read it yet. Embarassed
Frankly I've only seen a couple of new options.

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Joined: 10 Mar 2010
Posts: 3778
Location: Ontario

PostPosted: Sat 14 Jan 2012, 16:59    Post_subject:  

I looked at the the manual and it has been changed quite a bit.
I need to sit down and read it again.
But arrowheads still aren't explained very well. Crying or Very sad



December 2011 - Edition 3.40 (by Dmitry Groshev)

Updates to sections 3.2.7, 3.3.1, 3.3.2, 3.3.8, 3.5.4, 3.5.6, 3.5.7, 4, 4.1, 5.3, 5.6, 6.5, 6.6.5, 7.1, 7.1.1, 9, 9.1, 9.3.3, A.4.1, A.5, A.6.3, A.6.4, A.7.
Rewrite of sections 4.1, A.1.
Sections 2.4.5, 3.3.9, 3.3.10, 5.7, 6.10, 6.10.1 added.
Sections A.1.1, A.1.2 removed.

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Joined: 10 Mar 2010
Posts: 3778
Location: Ontario

PostPosted: Sat 14 Jan 2012, 17:04    Post_subject:  

This is a complete list of everything Dmitry has done
over the past couple of years.

3.40   2011-12-30

   * Tagalog translation added by Anjelo delCarmen
   * Hungarian translation added by Ur Balazs
   * Czech translation updated by Roman Hornik
   * German translation updated by B. Clausius
   * Italian translation updated by Angelo Gemmi
   * Japanese translation updated by Norihiro YONEDA
   * Swedish translation updated by Daniel Eriksson
   * Spanish translation updated by Adolfo Jayme
   * Brazilian Portuguese translation updated by Valter Nazianzeno
   * Chinese (Simplified) translation updated by Cecc
   * Russian translation updated
   * Eliminated flicker when positioning line, polygon side, or gradient in Windows version
   * Scrolling made more smooth in Windows version
   * Dock area now holds settings toolbar and layers dialog when their windows are closed
   * Main toolbar and tools toolbar now rearrange themselves to fit in window
   * Preferences window now has scrollbars when screen is too small to display it whole
   * The preview button on the colour selectors is now a toggle to enable interactive previews
   * Line tool now displays geometry info on the status bar
   * Gaussian blur effect now faster by 20-35%
   * Image scaling now faster by 10-35%
   * "Protect details" toggle added to Kuwahara-Nagao blur
   * Image scaling, Gaussian blur, Unsharp mask and Difference of Gaussians effects now use multithreading to utilize all available CPU cores
   * Moving the pointer with the arrow keys now scrolls the canvas when moving beyond the viewport
   * Dragging selection frame in canvas window, layer in view window, or colour in palette window, beyond the viewport now scrolls the window
   * "View->Snap To Tile Grid" restricts the positions of tools to tile grid points - B key toggles on/off
   * sRGB colour scale generation added to palette editor
   * sRGB gradients added
   * Line tool now uses stroke gradient when no gradient placement exists
   * "Palette->Pick Gradient" approximates an A->B gradient using colours from current palette (see handbook section 3.3.9)
   * New palette sort mode added - Brightness
   * "Image->Segment" added : See handbook section 6.10 for details
   * Colour chooser popup added - press 'E' to open
   * Posterize function in Transform Colour window now has 3 types - Bitwise, Truncated, Rounded
   * Toggle to transform RGB clipboard image added to Transform Colour window
   * The Convert To Indexed window now remembers the previous settings in that mtPaint session
   * Text pasting tools now support multiline text (use Ctrl+Enter to insert line breaks)
   * "~/.fonts" directory added to default font paths for FreeType text tool on Linux
   * Animated GIF and multipage TIFF files now can be loaded into layers (one frame/page per layer)
   * GIF animation file exploding is now done internally in mtPaint, not Gifsicle
   * "Explode Frames" can now save frames in any suitable supported file format
   * File actions can now specify file format conversion : See handbook section A.7 for details
   * Netpbm file formats (PBM/PGM/PPM/PAM) save/load added
   * PCX file format save/load added
   * SVG file format import added (using librsvg; requires GTK+ 2.4 or later)
   * Better support for loading CMYK TIFF files as RGB/RGBA
   * ICC colour profiles embedded in PNG, JPEG and TIFF images now can be applied on load (using LittleCMS)
   * JPEG2000 file format support now can be compiled with either JasPer or OpenJPEG library
   * GIF loader made more tolerant to truncated or malformed GIF files
   * PNG and TGA loaders now convert palette-based alpha into an alpha channel
   * "Palette->Open" now can extract palette from indexed images in any supported file format
   * "Scale Canvas" now has 3 boundary extension modes - Mirror, Tile, Void
   * Filename and modified status now part of undo system
   * Transparent colour now part of undo system
   * Palette sorting, dragging a colour, or removing duplicate colours now do not lose transparent colour
   * New keyboard shortcuts added - J for lasso tool, D for line tool, F for flood fill tool
   * Toolbar and menu icons are now themeable (Preferences->Paths->Default Theme)
   * Command line globbing now possible using -w option, e.g. mtpaint -w "*.jpg"
   * Loading default settings from /etc/mtpaint/mtpaintrc is now supported in Windows version
   * Name and location of user settings file is now configurable : See handbook section A.6.4 for details
   * "Smart grid" and gamma correction are now enabled by default
   * "Selective error propagation" for dithering is now at 85% by default
   * Drawing and fill tools now are 2-3 times faster
   * Support for compiling with libpng 1.4, libjpeg 8a, and zlib 1.2.5 added
   * Configure script rewritten, now understands standard variables and options for installation paths and (cross-)compilation settings
   * Minimum required GTK+2 version now can be specified as configure option (e.g., "./configure gtk2.8")
   * Workaround for bug in GTK+ versions 2.14.0 - 2.14.2, 2.16.0, 2.16.1 added (spin buttons had wrong max values)
   * Workaround for unknown problem in GTK+ version 2.24.4 added (program locked up when trying to save a file when layers list is active)
   * BUGFIX - Problems with editing large images at high zoom levels are now eliminated
   * BUGFIX - Titlebar now displays new image's filename after loading layers file, as it should
   * BUGFIX - Layers list now correctly displays selected layer after loading layers file
   * BUGFIX - Layers window now correctly displays transparent colour after it has been modified elsewhere
   * BUGFIX - Other layers shown on canvas are now redrawn properly when current layer is moved
   * BUGFIX - Loading TIFF files with X or Y mirroring doesn't cause crash
   * BUGFIX - Planar TIFF files with alpha now load properly
   * BUGFIX - Transparency in indexed TGA files is now read properly
   * BUGFIX - Failed operations now do not flag image as modified
   * BUGFIX - Gradient colours are now properly updated after converting indexed image to RGB
   * BUGFIX - Cut operation in gradient mode when no placement exists now draws shapeburst gradient as it should
   * BUGFIX - Drawing arrowheads with tablet enabled now works properly
   * BUGFIX - Drawing arrowheads now doesn't produce corrupted undo frames
   * BUGFIX - Builtin file selector now properly handles manual edits in directory box
   * BUGFIX - Problem with FreeType text dialog occasionally hiding behind main window is now eliminated
   * BUGFIX - Lists in FreeType text dialog now don't fail to update or scroll
   * BUGFIX - FreeType text renderer now can handle PCF bitmap fonts
   * BUGFIX - FreeType text renderer now properly handles TTF fonts with embedded bitmaps
   * BUGFIX - FreeType text renderer now doesn't mistake some Unicode fonts for non-Unicode
   * BUGFIX - ":unscaled" font paths in xorg.conf are now parsed properly
   * BUGFIX - Redraw lag when moving a dialog over main window in Windows is now greatly reduced (fixed in GTK+)
   * BUGFIX - Ctrl+T key now draws selection outline as it should - keyboard shortcut for text tool is now Shift+T
   * BUGFIX - Handbook installed into a path with spaces in it no longer fails to open in nondefault browser on Windows
   * BUGFIX - Internationalization no longer fails on Windows when the current directory is not the installation directory
   * BUGFIX - Redraw glitches in builtin file selector on Windows are now eliminated
   * BUGFIX - Drag 'n' drop of files with non ASCII characters in names now works on Windows
   * "Distance to A+B" palette sort mode removed due to utter uselessness
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